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Apr 30, 2019

A professional is experienced enough to build a tiny house from scratch; he has immediate plans, clear concept and the time to construct a home for you. But a layman is not adept as a professional, and this is why companies have come up with kits. These are houses that come with some work already done.

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Kits and shells – the difference in brief

You might have heard of shells too, so it is essential to understand both the concept. We specialize in designing affordable tiny house kits, these contain all the components needed to assemble a tiny house successfully. If you are building a house yourself, its key to invest in kits having all quality components. With a proper kit, the whole process of building a tiny house gets simplified, and you get to know what it is to make a tiny house. On the other hand, shells are more expensive structures because you get roofing, walls, flooring, windows all delivered on-site, and you can manage your own decorating and finishing.  Incase you do not wish to do it on your own, we customize it for you. BOSS Tiny House has a complete kits ideal for your DIY project, even those who have no clue about which side of the hammer to hold.

Tiny homes – a way to better living

Tiny houses have renewed the entire housing concept in real estate. It’s after many decades of building larger homes that people have become aware of the enormous cost involved, the mortgages they have to bear and how large homes are affecting the environment. Miniature homes offer more freedom, big alternative usual homes. When people hear of tiny houses, it’s a concept that many do not accept in the first instance but then how is the popularity rising? People are keeping emotions under control and choosing a feasible solution so that they can save money for a better living.

Enjoy geographical freedom with tiny homes

Can anyone imagine a house offering geographic freedom? Some so many people commute a long distance and travel frequently. People commute that far because they cannot afford a second home away from home. Tiny houses take very little land and are portable as well, offering freedom of movement in a trailer. At BOSS we have customers who complain of deterioration of health because they have to drive for hours.

Limit your expenses with tiny homes

Limited space is equal to limited loans, and people also tend to cut down on possessions; they do not require much and curtail the habit of having more than needed. We offer homes with interiors or even encourage you to customize a well designed and flexible home with amazing interiors. Developing a minimalistic mindset is, and this is why tiny homes are now preferred. You can still have a tiny house and boast of a home that has wealth, status and success.
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Come to BOSS tiny house for kits

People come to us seeking a solution whether they could have a tiny house within their budget. We have consultants who consider all the factors and offer the best deal. We have a small tiny house on wheels that lower the relocation expenses. We suggest you assemble homes on your own for more savings because we have the best value small house kits for sale. You can rely on BOSS because we have a build-on-site system; we use sturdy materials like certified steel panels, numerous design choices, upgrade features and houses with complete electrical and plumbing. We are the leading tiny house manufacturer on a global basis, trust us because we are the experts.







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