Buy affordable tiny house kits rather than the traditional stick-built homes

Jul 27, 2022

Did you know BOSS offers affordable tiny home kits at 30% of the cost of alternative housing? While traditional housing solutions are expensive, tiny homes are affordable and durable, lasting for years with minimal maintenance. BOSS Tiny House provides the best tiny house kits that are durable, strong, well-insulated, and cost-effective. The experts at BOSS build customized tiny house kits on wheels and a foundation to offer a comfortable lifestyle without the pocket pinch. Although tiny homes are popular, the stick-built ones are giving tough competition. Nevertheless, tiny homes and stick-built homes are extremely different from one another. Consider investing in tiny homes rather than stick-built houses, and here are the reasons why.


Quick tiny home installation 

The affordable tiny home kits from BOSS come in DIY packages with a 3-year warranty. The tiny home installation is a quick process that takes only 3 days. BOSS home kits come with a user-friendly installation manual, and only 2 laborers are needed for the setup. On the other hand, stick-built homes have a slow conventional installation process. Installing the stick-built home is a laborious job that takes days and requires more labor.

Low maintenance tiny homes 

The best tiny house kits from BOSS have durable steel roofs and walls. The BOSS home kits have pre-painted waterproofing interior and exterior walls that are resistant to molding and rotting. The tiny homes are resistant to mildew, termites, and fire. The BOSS tiny homes have a Class 1 fire-rated resistivity and are made from self-extinguishing building materials.

On the other hand, stick-built homes have wooden structures that absorb moisture and need painting and waterproofing. The wooden structures are highly susceptible to rotting, molding, attracting termites, and bowing. The stick-built homes are not fire-resistant as the wooden structures are combustible and ignite easily. Stick-built homes are high-maintenance and an expensive choice for the long haul. Rather consider investing in BOSS tiny houses that require minimal upkeep and offer sustainable living.

Insulated and energy-efficient tiny homes 

Tiny house kits on wheels have PIR insulation to control the temperature inside the home. The tiny homes can be built on any flat surface, from dirt to cement. The spacious tiny home interiors have high 9 to 10-foot vaulted ceilings, and the 2” walls meet Title 24 certification. On the other hand, the stick-built houses offer poor insulation, and the 4” walls barely meet Title 24 Certification. The BOSS tiny homes are not only well-insulated but offer excellent energy efficiency that reduces the utility bills. In addition, BOSS homes have a low carbon footprint as we use 30% recycled materials to build the structures. In contrast, stick-built homes have a high carbon footprint and are not ideal for the environment.

CustomFin financing solution 

If you are facing a cash crunch and looking for a loan to buy tiny homes, come to BOSS. We have joined with CustomFin to offer our customers flexible payment options and loan schemes with interest rates as low as 3.99%. BOSS home kits come at standard sizes and can be customized in smaller or larger units based on specifications.

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