Building a Tiny House on Wheels for Your Home Office or Small Business – How BOSS Helps with Portable Tiny House Solutions

Sep 03, 2019

Are you looking to build a small workspace so that you can run your office work from any location or establish your own small business? It’s an expensive affair to rent a space and it’s even more if you are just a startup. If you have a specific budget in mind and still looking ahead to do something on your own, you can start from a smaller space. At BOSS we manufacture a variety of tiny house kits, you can choose from those or we can customize for you. Firstly you need to decide how and for what you plan to use a tiny house, whether it’s a tiny house on wheels or on foundation that you need, it depends on your plan and more. It’s easy to build a tiny  house, you do not even have to hire any labor and if you have prior experience while helping someone build, you know it’s a pretty easy task.

Design Yours

We met two DIY enthusiasts who were very keen on building a portable tiny house. Basically they are a couple, they both had the guts to quit their full-time job and now they would be spending much time to build up their business. They stay in a small apartment where it’s literally not possible to run a business and sometimes they also have guests visiting. We offered them customized kits so that they could build a tiny house on wheels and move from one location to another for boosting business. They had limited funds and it’s not possible for them to spend luxurious nights while business tours within the country. We felt their spirits so full of hopes and they wanted to take baby steps initially. Looking into their funds, we agreed to offer them our financing options so that things are easier for them. At BOSS we value startups; those who have limited funds yet have high hopes. We remember also doing their interiors finely so that there is a feeling of enough professionalism. This is what they wanted because working from any other place demands a professional ambience. But again we also designed it in a way so that type have some space to relax and feel a bit cozy because while travelling they would be staying inside that space.

We realize that it’s not easy to plan a new start; we try to help every client who aims to have a startup of their own. Our tiny house kits are extremely affordable so that each one can afford a space as per requirement. We design kits of different sizes and you also choose to customize it based on your requirement and budget. Incase you are not that much of a DIY enthusiast, do not worry because we have a team to build tiny homes for you, we do not assemble homes in the factory campus but prefer doing it on-site.  Our kits are available at factory direct prices; we design quality and best value kits that are easy to assemble as per our instructions because we are leading in this industry.

If you are planning to build your own tiny house, please come and meet our team for a consultation. You can get inspiration and ideas from our website, and design yours too.

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