Building a Tiny House for Your Teenager – Buy Kits from BOSS Tiny House

Aug 06, 2019

Do you have a teenager at home who loves to make noise? It’s their age and no matter how much you tell, they won’t keep their voices down. Who would want teenagers in the bedroom and near to granny’s room? It’s great if you can build a separate space for them somewhere far from your apartment. A lot of parents come to us for a consultation and plan to set up games room and most of them live in small houses without any basement. Building a tiny house using affordable tiny house kits is the ideal option.

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You do not have to worry about the interior, you can choose to customize your tiny house and our kits are already equipped with insulation and electrical systems.  When you are designing your teen’s games room, make sure it has a private kitchen and a compact bathroom. After playing games and having some fun, the restroom should be easily accessible. You can keep a small microwave and a little fridge stacked up with beverages. It’s great if you design a comfortable loft area with a sturdy ladder attached, it could serve as a comfortable sleeping area.  The sleeping area is prior because your smart teenager would definitely be tired after playing games.

The game room is the most important part; do not clutter the space with any sort of heavy furnishings. Now inside you can place small-size billiards, an X-box, a ping-pong table, carom or any other indoor game of your choice.

A lot of teenagers find interest in board games; these games are easy to install anywhere. Also, your teenager could be interested in witty card games. So, building a shelf on any of the walls only dedicated to card and board games is a good idea, these sorts of games are very effective in improving the level of personal interaction. They can call their friends, make teams or even play individually. When you are building a game room for your ward, the exterior must also have the same kind of look and feel. A tiny house is basically not suitable for any kind of bal games but you can still add a basketball hoop right on the outer wall and they can have fun shooting the ball, they would also get a bit of outdoor sun and air.

You would probably agree that as your kids are growing up, their choices change and the best way to bond with them is to help them in achieving what they love. Having set up separate games room could also possibly keep them away from mobile phones. Yes, you have to monitor a bit that they must play games and enjoy with friends and not get addicted to mobile content. The best thing you can do for additional entertainment is add a television for leisure time.

So, these were only ideas that you can implement and at BOSS we help you top do that. Now if you are looking for tiny house kits, get in touch with BOSS because we are one of the largest tiny house manufacturers. We design various types of kits as we encourage our customers to save labor costs but building a tiny house using our all-inclusive kits. Our kits come with an easy to implement set of instructions so that you can build it like a pro. If you are not building it by yourself, we customize your tiny house, build it for you on-site and you don’t have to worry about it at all. Who knows that the game room that you build could give you more time to bond with your kids, yes it’s a place where you can come and play billiards with your child. We have financing options, do not worry about finances.

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