Building a cabin, yourself could be fun – Invest in DIY cabin kits

Oct 12, 2020

Are you looking for a new cabin? Want to build it yourself as it would offer you savings? A cabin is a pretty expensive affair; to be precise, owning a space is not easy. But BOSS has made it simple for you; we are getting calls from so many customers who are willing to own a cabin during this pandemic. You could be looking forward to having a cabin right in your yard or invest in a portable one so that you can carry it with you. BOSS is the biggest manufacturer of high-quality and affordable DIY cabin kits. Why would you have to pay huge rents when you can set up your cabin? You never know when you need a compact cabin for isolation during this global pandemic. 


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The DIY Transformable Shell Plus kit:

BOSS introduces you to the Shell Plus kit, a DIY transformable kit that offers a 3-year warranty. Our Shell Plus kit has some great features. Shell Plus is affordable and very easy to assemble. Our kits are available in two sizes 8.5’x 20’ and 8.5’x26’; you need to spend $9,995 for the smaller one and $12,995 for the larger one. Using this Shell Plus, you can also build an ADU, a home office, in-law suite, and play space. We manufacture different types of kits that are also customizable. 

Apart from a cabin, you can also build your own home office, ADU, play space, in-law suite, etc. We have experts in designing various types of kits; we even offer customization. 

The BOSS Tiny House Loan:

We understand if you need to build a cabin urgently, do not worry if you cannot arrange for funds. You can apply for the BOSS Tiny House Loan so that you can buy affordable tiny house kits whenever you want. A lot of clients worry about funds, and BOSS understands your requirements. Our financing is extremely flexible; if you are eligible for the loan, apply it, and get approved in less than 5 minutes. Our clients prioritize; we ensure that you can avail of the best value kits from BOSS. 


Easy and quick installation:

So, setting up your cabin does not seem to be very tough or highly expensive. Also, it takes 3 days for two people to assemble the kit. This is a DIY kit; all the instructions are very lucid and mentioned. You can assemble the Shell Plus kit yourself without paying for a contractor. We promote DIY tiny house building, and our clients are satisfied with the kind of kit we offer to them. But if you do not have the time or cannot afford to do it on your own, hire a renowned contractor within your budget. 


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Pre-installed plumbing and electrical:

The Shell Plus kit has pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities. The inside has a high and vaulted ceiling, pre-cut frames for easy installation, a roof insulated, the exterior wall made of steel, and the interior wall is vinyl-coated and insulated. The doors and windows have adequate locking mechanisms. 


Final words:

This kit is ideal for building a tiny cabin on foundation or considering it as a tiny house on a trailer kit. We design innovative kits; we customize for you. Please discuss your requirements with our expert team and request a quote. 


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