Building a cabin all by yourself can save costs – Invest in DIY tiny cabin kits

Mar 30, 2021

Owning a cabin could be a great way to disconnect yourself from the busy life. You can also relocate or travel from one location to another for your professional requirement. A cabin is not a luxury for many, so you can save costs by building it all by yourself. Recently, the social and financing circumstances are extremely trying, so it’s not beneficial to buy/rent or lease a space. Tiny homes are a very common solution to meeting the space requirements that are very common these days. 

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BOSS manufacturers built on site systems

BOSS Tiny House is one of the leading companies in the USA, catering to your necessities. A lot of people have suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic as homeowners denied them space. BOSS manufactures tiny home kits so that you can build your cabin, home office, studio, in-law suite, ADU, and other tiny structures. We are now the biggest manufacturer of affordable DIY tiny house kits in the USA.

BOSS promotes DIY tiny house building. We encourage clients to assemble the structures by themselves. We design built-on-site systems; our kits are available with easy instructions so that assembling is easier. In case you cannot do the assembling by yourself, hire experienced contractors for the installation. 

The BOSS Shell Plus is a DIY transformable kit. We offer a 3-year warranty on it. The interior highlights a high and vaulted roof, pre-cut frames for quicker establishment, an insulated rooftop, the outside wall is made of steel, and the inside wall is made of soft vinyl and is insulated. The doors and windows have a secure locking system. The installation takes only 3 days when 2 people are doing the installation. 

The BOSS Tiny House Loan

Are you worried about financing while you are planning to invest in DIY tiny cabin kits? BOSS has introduced the BOSS Tiny House Loan for the clients. This is good news for you. We have likewise gotten better adaptability in our financing procedure. The loan gets less than 5 minutes for the approval process once we have checked the eligibility criteria. We ask our clients to come and have a consultation with us on the pre-requisites. 

Bigger size tiny cabin kits

A tiny cabin will not be any smaller because we have now introduced bigger size shell kits. Now you can build a spacious cabin of measurements 16’’x 40’’ and 24’’x80’’ and enjoy living inside. You can also customize the measurement, bigger or smaller according to your requirements. BOSS brings to you shells for easier assembling. Most of the fittings are pre-installed, which includes plumbing and electricals. 

Build your own cabin

Build a portable cabin of your choice and have a weekend by the lakeside or in the woods. You can enjoy nature and continue working from inside the cabin. This is the benefit when you build a cabin on a trailer. Apart from that, you can also assemble a large cabin in your yard. If a tiny cabin is on your mind, talk to the BOSS experts. Please explore our website for tiny home kits for sale. Please request a quote.

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