Build your own tiny house with the Shell Plus kit and make your dreams come true

Jun 18, 2020

Tiny House is a growing trend, it’s affordable and can be built on a foundation and a trailer to make it mobile. A lot of people are showing interest in building tiny homes; it fits the budget easily and serves the purpose entirely. You can build a tiny house yourself using kits, and a tiny house shell can make the task easier.

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A few months ago, Daisy decided to open up her Salsa studio. She is a passionate dancer who wanted to live her dreams. She lived in an apartment, and now she was looking for additional space. Now, she had certain budget constraints, so she could not afford to rent a considerable space immediately. She discussed it with her friends and was desperately looking for a suggestion. Finally, after collecting various opinions, she decided to get a tiny house solution. She started searching the internet for different tiny house manufacturers and she stopped by BOSS Tiny House. Daisy spent time browsing the website and tried to understand our products, and now she wanted to have a consultation with the BOSS experts. 

Daisy opened up about her financial constraint and the purpose of owning a tiny house. We offered her the most modern solution, our newest invention, The Shell Plus kit. This is the most affordable and DIY transformable kit available in the market. We told her that installing our kit is very simple; she could install it in just 3 days if she could help. Yes, you can either install the Shell Plus kit by yourself or hire a contractor for built-on-site service. 

She mentioned that she did not have much cash, but her passion for opening up her Salsa zone was the only thing pushing her to invest in a tiny house. We are happy to get such ambitious and passionate clients, and we also have a financing service. We offered her the BOSS tiny House Loan; it took just 5 minutes for approval. If you are looking for a tiny house and do not have enough budget, reach us for financial aid. We ensure you qualify for it, and once approved, you are done. There is a business form on our website, fill it up. We perform all necessary checks and verification to ensure the eligibility and the fact that we are offering it to the right customer.

The Shell Plus kit comes in two sizes, 8.5’’ x 20’’available at $9999 and 8.5’’ x 26’’ for $ 12995. Daisy was content with the financing aid and she immediately invested in the latter one. You can choose the size based on your purpose and convenience. The Shell Plus comes with a spacious interior with insulated outer and inner walls, high roof and secured doors and windows. We have already installed the electrical and plumbing system in it; this saves cost and time. 


Daisy is running her Salsa classes, and she shared the pictures of her new tiny house in the yard. Like Daisy, are you interested and you wish to buy tiny house shells? BOSS makes sure the Shell Plus kit is transported and delivered to your doorstep in wooden crates for safety. You do not need to pay any shipping charges.

BOSS is reputed in California for offering innovative and best value tiny home solutions. Our kits are very affordable, so that you can build a tiny house whenever you need it. Apart from a studio, we offer kits that help you to build a home office, cabin, in-law suite, play space, etc. We are the largest tiny house manufacturers in the US, offering tiny house shells for sale. Request us for a quote.

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