Build your home office with the BOSS Tiny House Shell Plus kit

Sep 29, 2020

Working from home is the new trend, especially during the COVID 19 pandemic, and this trend would be on the rise. Many young enthusiasts do not have sufficient funds to rent space for their office, so they create a home office. In all, modern home office solutions are growing and are here to stay. These days everything is online and based on cloud technology, so it hardly matters where you are working. So, are you also planning to set up a home office and have the required space? It is excellent if you have empty yard space. 


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Easy-to-assemble tiny home solutions: 

Heard of tiny homes? It is not as tiny as you think because BOSS Tiny Homes have made dreams come true; we have helped many entrepreneurs live their dream. BOSS Tiny House, we are based in California, and we are the largest manufacturer of affordable tiny house kits. Our kits are easy-to-assemble, and come with lucid instructions. We manufacture various types of kits ideal for building tiny homes for different purposes. Please consult with our experts, discuss your requirements with us, and suggest the ideal kit.


DIY transformable kit from BOSS:

If building a home office is on your mind, nothing would be better than the Shell Plus kit. This is the latest and the most modern tiny house kit that we recommend to our clients. This is a DIY transformable kit and is extremely affordable. Our kit is based on a 3 years warranty as well. Our kits are made from the highest quality and certified steel; it’s used to build a tiny home on foundation and trailer. 


The BOSS Tiny House Loan:

At BOSS, we have and are still catering to so many customers to be very familiar with the issues. One such is the budget constraint, and BOSS helps you to overcome this challenge. We have introduced the BOSS Tiny House Loan ideal for those who cannot afford the cash to own tiny home kits for sale. We help you own a tiny house when you need it, and this is why clients prefer BOSS. Clients are our priority, and we will never let you down. Utilize your yard space by investing in our kits; we offer easy financing solutions. We run an eligibility check to ensure that you are eligible for the financing, and the loan gets approved in less than 5 minutes. So, apply for it and take home the kit.


Shell Plus kit available in two different sizes:

The installation process is easy; it takes only 3 days to install the kit if two people are doing it together. If you cannot initiate DIY, hire a reputed local contractor for building onsite. The Shell Plus kit is available in two sizes: 8.5’x 20’ for $9995, and the bigger one is 8.5’ x 26’ for $12995. It also comes with electricals and plumbing facilities pre-installed. 


Request for a quote:

BOSS is reputed for manufacturing and supplying best value kits; one such is the tiny house shell kit. We also boast of an interactive customer care team attending all your queries. Talk to the BOSS experts, request for a quote.

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