Build an ADU in the yard buy Affordable Tiny House kits from BOSS

Oct 26, 2020

Are you planning to extend your family and move into a bigger apartment? New homes are very expensive, and you are staying in a house, you might not feel comfortable shifting to an apartment. The property prices have soared high, and most cannot even think of renting a new home. Most homes have a yard attached, and you can make good use of it. Have you heard of tiny houses and wish to know more in detail? 


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BOSS Shell Plus kit – the most recent invention:

BOSS is the biggest manufacturer of tiny house kits, and we have earned an immense reputation in a very short span of time. We are here to solve all your space problems; we understand that owning a space requires intense planning and a big investment. We have offered tiny homes to plenty of clients; we try to offer solutions within a budget. We customize kits according to your requirements. Recently we have introduced shell kits so that you can hassle tiny home construction. A shell makes the work lot easier; more than half of the work is done. This saves time, labor, cost, and effort, and you can focus on other areas.


BOSS Shell Plus – A DIY transformable kit:

BOSS has introduced the newest Shell Plus kit, a DIY transformable kit. We are offering a 3 years warranty on this new kit. With this, you can build an ADU, a home office, an in-law suite, play space, and more. Installation is very simple; it takes the least time; only 2 people can install it in only 3 days. BOSS kits have easy instructions to install easily, but they can build it onsite if you are hiring a contractor. Most renowned contractors love installing BOSS ADU kits; this kit can be installed on a trailer and a foundation. 


Ready to build an ADU with the BOSS Shell Plus kit? 

The kit comes with plumbing and electrical systems already installed. This saves you from the hassle and additional expense. Also, the interior walls are vinyl-coated; the exterior walls are insulated and made of steel. The interior is very spacious, with a master room, kitchen, dining space, a bathroom, a storage space, and an optional loft. The roof and the walls are well insulated; the doors and windows have secure locks. 


Are you planning to order an ADU kit?

A lot of clients have already installed their tiny units and are extremely satisfied. Our kits are affordable, and we offer the best value kits. We aim to offer a tiny house solution to all our clients. Yes, if you have a budget constraint and feel that you cannot invest in a tiny house, make consultation a priority. We have the BOSS Tiny House Loan that gets approved in a few minutes once you are eligible for it. A lot of customers have benefitted from this; we have helped many set up dwelling units. 


FInal words: 

Please book a consultation with the BOSS experts; we would offer a solution. Choose BOSS if you intend to buy affordable tiny house kits. Please visit our website for more information, request a quote.


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