Build a Tiny Playroom for Kids in Your Backyard – They Deserve Their Space!

Aug 29, 2019

Space is a major problem for growing families. It is impossible to work or even catch a breath with children constantly running around the house, creating a ruckus. It also hinders kids from finding a space of their own where they can engage in playful activities.

Of course, you can send your kids for playdates or to the playschool, but that is only for a few hours and not a permanent solution. However, as a parent, you would want to give your kids space while keeping them close. BOSS’ affordable tiny house kits are the solution for you.

Design Yours

Our tiny house kits are all-inclusive, complete with plumbing and electrical facilities. The kits come with an easy-to-understand manual that you can follow to assemble the parts and quickly build a playroom for your kids in your background. You can also watch a couple of YouTube videos on how to assemble tiny house kits. However, if a DIY project does not get your excited, our team can help you with the installation and even the interior design.

If you plan to convert the playroom into a vacation rental or granny pod once the kids grow up, it is best to keep the playroom design simple. Set up the basic structure and avoid decorating it with too many furniture as kids need space to play. You can have a couple of cabinets and shelves to store different types of board and card games. Since our tiny house kits already come with electrical systems, you can simply get an Xbox or any other video game kit and plug it in.

In case you wish to use the kids’ playroom as your man/woman cave when the kids are away at school, you can install a fridge and fill it up with beverages, and get some games that you enjoy. Maybe a mini snooker table or foosball table.

Since you are building a playroom for kids, you do not necessarily have to put a ladder and divide the space unless you wish to host slumber parties for kids, and want them to be away from your earshot. After all, nobody wants a bunch of noisy kids disturbing their sleep!

Once your kids grow up and move out, you can re-decorate the tiny house playroom and convert it into a vacation rental, granny pod, yoga retreat, home office or a man/woman cave. Our tiny houses are multifunctional and they can serve myriad purposes.

So, this is a basic idea to help you get started with building a playroom for your kids. If you want more ideas, you can reach out to us. As a tiny house manufacturer, we deliver high-quality kits that are resistant to fire and mold. The side and roof panels are pre-insulated and sound-proof.

BOSS’ tiny house assistance plan has helped many people fulfill their need for extra space. If you are interested, our team will provide you a complete breakdown of our assistance plan so that you can make an informed decision.

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