Build a tiny house in your yard to get rid of the space crunch – Read how Lily built a guest room

Nov 07, 2019

Now you do not have to worry when you have guests visiting your place. You also feel relaxed if your mother-in-law decides to come and stay with you for a long time. We all love to be surrounded by people, but space is a serious issue these days.

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A tiny house could be small but if you have one in your yard, it gives a sense of ownership and you feel so sorted.

Today we shall share the story of one such client who was very much worried about space. She manages two kids at home, she has her pets and she also has guests visiting her frequently. Lily is a traveler and due to this passion, she has made many friends from across the globe. Now her apartment is a standard-size one and when it’s filled with guests, she feels there is no space to walk. In a situation like this, even the guest feels so uncomfortable, but Lily’s warm welcome wipes away all inconveniences. Now that her kids are growing up and as we mentioned earlier that she has pets too, she feels that she much has another space close to her apartment where her guests could come and stay as long as they wish. She reached BOSS Tiny House and we were overwhelmed when she told us that she needed a customized tiny house solution.

Our tiny homes come in the form of kits, made of engineered metal; our kits are of premium quality and these some with easy instructions. We always prefer our customers building their own tiny house because in this process they can save a considerable amount of money-saving the labor charges. So, Lily got a friend’s help to build a tiny house. It’s easy because she mentioned the kind of home she needed and the purpose of it, we provided kits so that she can build an ideal guest room. Her ideas were utterly unique, she wanted the interior to be such that, it should look like a traveler’s home. We collected her unique items, souvenirs that she dolled in the process of traveling and used in decorating the interiors. This is why at BOSS, we boast of a team that can help in offering customized solutions to our clients. As one of the reputed tiny home builders, we make proper use of space; also help with installing the electrical and plumbing systems. She loved the way we did the area for her, and her kids now use the room to spend some time because they love the décor. Another benefit is that she now has a space for her mother-in-law in case she visits Lily’s place. Lily can now give some peace to the older woman, who needs it much.

When you have a BOSS Tiny House in your yard, you can use it the way you feel. We give you financing options in case you think you are running out of cash, and we ensure you have a tiny house when you need one. With so many positive responses and love pouring from our clients and with so many new customers reaching us, we can claim to be one of the best tiny home builders. You can visit our website for more ideas and inspiration about the homes we design and match it with your requirements or get ideas. Get in touch with us for more information; get in touch with the BOSS experts. We are selling 8.5 x 20-foot homes at $6700; please request us for a quote.

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