Build a new cabin for this Christmas with BOSS Shell Plus kit

Nov 12, 2020

Christmas is knocking at the door, and you are planning to have a small cabin of your own? We know that budget is a big issue and even more in 2020 due to the global pandemic. So, what if we suggest an affordable option so that you can have a better Christmas? Owning a cabin is no more a challenging task when you can build it yourself. BOSS Tiny House in California offers complete tiny home solutions so that you can use the yard space to erect your cabin within a couple of days. 

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BOSS manufacturing tiny home kits: 

We offer portable, as well as non-portable cabin solutions to clients across the USA. BOSS is the biggest manufacturer of tiny house kits, offering superior-quality, affordable, and easy to install tiny house on trailer kits ideal for building cabins. We understand that buying or renting a space is not at all easy. We are trying to spread the news that tiny homes are an excellent solution to solving the space crunch. Talking about cabins, many people are taking an interest in investing in cabin kits as they might have to keep themselves isolated due to the COVID infection. 

Build yourself or your family a cozy cabin with the Shell Plus kit. It’s a DIY transformable kit having a 3 years warranty. The kit takes only 3 days to be installed if 2 people are completing the installation process. You can set up the cabin with the help of your friend, partner, kids, or any other family member. Our kits are available in two sizes, 8.5’x 20’ and 8.5’x26’; you need to spend $9,995 for the smaller one and $12,995 for the larger one. Also, the most significant benefit is that the kits come with pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities. This saves labor, time, and additional costs. We manufacture various kits, and our solutions are customized. 

Some of the amazing features of the Shell Plus kit:

The Shell Plus kit comes with other amazing features, ideal for building a cabin. Are you worried because you are a novice, you did not ever build or see anyone building a tiny house? Stop worrying because our kits come with easy instructions making the building process easier. If a cabin is not your requirement, you can also build a home office, ADU, play space, in-law suite, etc. BOSS designs various kits, so tell us about your requirements, and we would suggest a kit for you. 

The interior has a vaulted and a very high ceiling; there are pre-cut frames for simpler installation, the roof is well-insulated, the outer part is made of steel and has adequate insulation, the interior walls are vinyl-coated and insulated. The doors and windows have proper locking systems. 

Apply for the Tiny House Loan:

BOSS offers the best value kits to the customers. Our kits are affordable, but if you still lack funds, we are there to help. BOSS offers The Tiny House Loan that gets approved in less than 5 minutes. Our kits are ideal for building a tiny house on a foundation or trailer. So, this Christmas and New Year set up your cabin and have a good time with your friends and family. Buy Affordable Tiny House kits from BOSS Tiny House.

Please discuss your requirements with our expert team and request a quote. 

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