Build a DIY rustic cabin on foundation or a trailer – Invest in a Shell kit

Mar 23, 2021

Do you wish to have a cabin of your own that would possess the rustic simplicity and the woody vibe? A cabin having liberal porticos can also allow simple indoor-outdoor living. Now you can build your own cabin on a foundation or trailer and reduce the cost. These rugged structures come in various styles and configurations. So, this time you can use tiny DIY cabin kits and build one out of insulated ASTM-certified steel. 

Study the internet to select some interesting designs and tiny home experts can help you choose the kit. Cabin house plans are very simple footprints and modest house forms. These are inexpensive to build and also easier to maintain. If you have a yard, you do not need to hunt for a space to establish your cabin. The popularity of tiny homes is increasing because it’s a budget option compared to renting cabins or buying luxurious ones. 

Affordable tiny house kits

BOSS is one of the most renowned companies that designs affordable tiny house kits. Our kits are shipped to your doorstep safely with simple instructions. During the pandemic, we have helped many own a tiny space. That was the time when money mattered the most, and people had to live an isolated life. So, we are glad that we could help the residents and migrants during this time. 

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Get bigger tiny cabins/homes

BOSS makes your tasks easiest by introducing tiny house shell kits. When you have a ready shell, it means the entire structure is ready, and more than half of the work is done. Also, now tiny cabins won’t be very tiny as BOSS in the USA brings to you kits of sizes 24’’x 80’’ and 16’’ x 40’’. You can also invest in smaller size kits, and there is enough room for customization. 

The salient features of the BOSS kit 

If you depend on us for selecting a kit for you, we would recommend the most advanced Shell Plus kit. This is a DIY transformable kit and offers 3 years limited warranty. The installation process is very simple; it could take only 3 days to assemble the cabin if two people are doing it together. BOSS kits are DIY built-on-site systems. But if you do not plan a DIY installation, then hire local contractors who can install BOSS kits. BOSS kits are very simple to install. 

Another advantage of the Shell Plus kit is that the kit comes with pre-installed plumbing and electricals systems. This saves you from the hassle of hiring a separate contractor and can lower your expenses.  

The cabin interior

The Shell features a spacious master bedroom, a kitchen, a dining space, a bathroom, and an optional loft. The outer walls are made of insulated steel; the inner walls are coated with soft vinyl; there are frames for simple installation; the ceiling is pretty high, the doors and windows have secure locks. 

Order a tiny home kit for sale

Build a cabin with entryways in the front and back; this rugged structure would be a perfect fit in your yard or any other scenic location. The kits are shipped carefully in wooden crates to prevent any damage. For financing, apply for the Tiny House Loan, which could get approved in less than 5 minutes. Choose BOSS for ordering tiny home kits for sale. Request for a quote today.

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