Brooke the musician built her very own music studio using the BOSS Shell Plus kit

Apr 28, 2020

Brooke is a pop singer, she has also recently started to compose music and now she is planning to have a studio of her own. She is living in a tiny apartment with her family. She is very passionate about music and she feels that it can only be practiced in solitude and a peaceful ambiance. While many suggested her to rent a space, she did not have sufficient budget, this would be a startup and she has a lot of other plans and budget allocated. She was looking for a solution within a narrow budget and after discussing with her colleagues, she came to know about tiny homes.

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While surfing the internet, she came across BOSS Tiny House and once she reached our office we guided her with the most convenient solution. We suggested she buy a tiny house shell, this would prevent any hassle, make the task of assembling a tiny house faster and she would have time to concentrate on her music.

The BOSS experts suggested she get the Shell Plus kit, there are two sizes and the prices vary accordingly, one 8.5’x 20’ which costs $9995 and 8.5’x26’ which costs $12995. She was planning to get the bigger one, she wanted more space. When she spoke to us about the narrow budget, we suggested she choose our financing options. BOSS offers financing options to all the customers who are willing to own a tiny house immediately yet have a budget constraint. We do have a protocol, we check, we verify and only then we let you know whether you are eligible for the option or not. Brooke was eligible and she thanked us for the aid we offered her, she was relieved and immediately ordered her kit. You can order the Shell Plus to build your own home office, play space, ADU, cabin, etc.

Brooke and her best friend installed the Shell Plus together and they took only 3 days to complete the installation. It’s a DIY transformable kit that is easy to install, the best value kit from BOSS. But what if you are not ready to install your kit by yourself? BOSS offers built-on-site systems so you can hire contractors to do the installation on site.

Now that she already installed the tiny studio, she thanked us for what she got. Brooke was happy and she shared pictures of the interior with us. Her new music studio is very spacious with a master room, a decent dining area, a spacious bathroom, a loft space for relaxation; the doors have deadbolt locks and are made of steel, the windows are double-paned and lockable.

Inside the ceiling is insulated and vaulted which gives ample space, the interior is coated with vinyl and is soft-textured, the exterior wall is made of galvanized steel and there are pre-cut panels for faster installation. The kits have a 3 years limited warranty and this amazing kit came with plumbing and electrical systems installed. This did bring relief to Brooke, she did not have to hire a contractor and bear the hassle and cost.

Brooke’s dream of owning a music studio came true, what about yours? BOSS, in California, offers a tiny house shells for sale in the U.S. and now we are gradually emerging as the leaders in supplying best value kits. We offer custom kits that are manufactured by implementing innovative technologies. You can choose to get in touch with our sales team for more information. It’s time to build your own tiny house using our tiny house shell kit and give wings to your dreams. Request us for a quote and we get back within a day.

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