Boss Update #1 – 3-Step BOSS Window Installation

Jul 11, 2019

US Polymers is always working on new improvements to make our products more affordable, convenient, and efficient. This week, we have been polishing the fine details of our BOSS tiny house division. Our Built On Site System provides a quick and affordable housing option for everyone. These inexpensive houses can be built in just a few short days with an easy-to-follow installation process. Below, our lead engineer shows the simple three-step process for installing windows into your new tiny house!

First, he works from the inside, trimming the wooden wallpaper after it has dried. Using a sharp tool such as a pocket knife, he cuts the outline of the back window. There are a total of five windows, with three front windows and two back windows. This provides great natural lighting from outside in addition to ample lighting found inside the house. Whether you choose white walls or wood wallpaper, the light from the windows illuminates the house while giving it a natural look. Be careful when cutting near the edges of the window to ensure that the cut will not penetrate into the wall itself. For the easiest and most efficient way to cut, start with an X in the middle of the square and then proceed to cut the perimeter of the square. This first step is only necessary for houses with the wood wallpaper feature. For the original white walls look, only two steps are required!

Second, after the interior wallpaper has been applied and cut, you can add the window frame on both sides. Our lead engineer is shown working from the outside, applying the window to the back wall. All he does is easily clip the frame in and screw it on to finish. We provide simple steps in our installation manual for you to follow to make this process run smoothly and efficiently. 

Third, drill the window frame into both the interior and the exterior. Our lead engineer is shown using a yellow power drill to spin the screw into the wall. When doing this, be sure to hold the frame with your hand in order to keep it steady. We also suggest using bright lighting to help see where you are drilling into. The last step is to install the vinyl siding to complete your new BOSS tiny house window.

Our website includes extensive resources to make the installation process of your tiny house simple and quick. We have manuals for both the shell option and the complete option with electrical and plumbing. If you are looking for a quick visual resource, we also provide a clear and concise video of the installation process as a whole. These resources are available to allow you to both see the big picture and delve into the details so that you can build your house in no time! Visit to see all our available manuals and videos.

We are more than happy to help you during this exciting process! Call our tiny house expert with any questions today at 650-487-8698!







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