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Dec 20, 2022

Home architecture and design should reflect a person’s lifestyle, portray intent and belief system, and represent their safe haven. Unfortunately, traditional homes with exorbitant sizes are clustered with possessions, messy, and generate a huge amount of waste. On the other hand, urban centers are densely populated, and land is an ever-shrinking resource, which has escalated the cost of living rapidly. Investing in DIY tiny house kits and prebuilt homes is essential. The micro-living units are unique and arrive customized to meet your specific needs. BOSS Tiny House offers high-quality prebuilt homes for a simple and sustainable lifestyle. The following features make our best tiny house kits and prefab structures an ideal choice. 

Standout features of BOSS homes

The tiny homes are durable and strong as they are manufactured with galvanized steel and non-corrosive panels. The modern and clean aesthetics give the space an ethereal look. Experienced and creative design consultants give the walls and ceilings a perfect finish. The precise fabrication adds to the aesthetic appeal, and the patented designs make your tiny home stand out from all others. You can build the DIY tiny house kits on any flat surface. The foundation can be placed on dirt or a cement surface. The kits and prefab structures have PIR insulation and offer excellent climatic control. The interiors are spacious, with 9-to-10-foot vaulted ceilings. BOSS tiny homes come customized and are available in different shapes, sizes and layouts. 


Permit procedure for tiny houses

Even the very best tiny house kits need a permit before installation. Although some tiny homes are small and get installed without requiring a permit, such things depend largely on the building codes and local laws. Acquiring a permit for your tiny house gets easy when you buy a BOSS permit package. Our procedure is simple. We give you a site plan that adheres to the local laws and building codes from the Department of Building and Safety. The site plan has engineer-stamp structural drawings and a foundation plan fully customized to suit your needs.

Moreover, you get the Title 24 Energy Certification and the FM Approval Certification. Finally, the (whole package) site plan and the structural drawings, foundation plan, and certifications are sent to the Department of Building and Safety for permit approval. It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to get the permit approval, and at times the duration gets longer depending on your locale and city. 

Get financing for the tiny house 

If you are skeptical about paying upfront for the tiny house, then BOSS has partnered with CustomFin to offer you flexible financing options. Over 300 moneylenders are willing to pay you home loans to purchase tiny homes with a low-interest rate. The lowest interest rate is 3.99%, and the flexible financing solutions fit every budget. CustomFin moneylenders offer hundreds of financing options to get the tiny abode of your dreams built to perfection. You get the home customized and delivered to your location within 4 to 6 weeks. The tiny houses are durable and strong and come with a 3-year warranty. 

Final Notes 

BOSS tiny home structures are fire-resistant, earthquake-proof, and affordable, coming at factory-direct rates. The homes are liveable units with preinstalled electrical and plumbing systems. BOSS offers all-inclusive and turn-key solutions. Request a quote now. Book a consultation today to learn more.







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