BOSS Tiny House – Yoga Teacher Builds an 8.5X20 Tiny Home Zen Haven

Jul 02, 2019

Recently, BOSS’ team had the opportunity to help a yoga teacher custom-build a meditative 8.5X20 DIY tiny home haven. For most parts, we played a consulting role, especially when it came to the design of the yoga space. Since our tiny homes are all-inclusive kits, she did not have an issue assembling her Zen room. Our designers lent her a creative hand to help her set up an affordable marvel of craftsmanship that exudes comfort and invites powerful meditation.

Design Yours

Our designers worked with her chosen carpenter to build the tiny home. The tiny yoga room sits quietly on the lush green backyard of the yoga teacher. It even has a curved porch covered with an awning so that plenty of sunshine pours in while the rain stays out.

As per her design desires and want of free space, the home does not contain much furniture. The tiny home is spacious with less furniture so that she can move around easily. We have helped her design a tiny yoga studio where she can even invite her students and have a noise-free, calm, and meditative yoga session. Comfortably, 3 more people excluding the yoga teacher can be accommodated within the space.

The living room features a minimalist design, a wood stove and plenty of space for yoga practice. Bench seating has been installed into the walls so that there is plenty of seating area without the benches taking up a lot of floor space. The kitchen features a compact design and includes a single burner, sink and there is a wooden countertop that comes with a detachable leaf to maximize the dining space. The room gets a modern flair from the personalized stone backsplash. As for the bathroom, we have designed it with the essentials as the yoga teacher prefers simplicity.

The tiny yoga place features large windows, which is the highlight of the entire tiny home. The large windows ensure that a lot of sunshine is entering as she practices yoga early in the morning. Also, she can gaze at the peaceful scenery outside and connect with her inner Zen.

If you also lack the space to find a corner where you can simply meditate and connect with your inner self, you can check out the BOSS store. Our DIY tiny house is the ultimate solution to your space problems. As the largest manufacturers, we deliver tiny home kits complete with insulation, electricity, and sound-proof walls. Our tiny house is mold-proof and free of termites. You can set it up in any way that you want. Our designers can also lend you a hand when it comes to decorating the tiny home as we did with the yoga teacher.

Contact us and tell us your specific requirements and design ideas. Our experienced designers will help you at every step of the way. You can schedule a consultation to get an idea of how we can help you build a custom yoga space within your budget.

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