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May 28, 2019

Do you want to have additional space for your office and you have a strict budget? When you rent a space you can never own that space, instead of renting you can invest a little The most affordable solution you can think of is building a tiny house. AT BOSS we design kits for tiny homes but all kits are not the same,  We have in stock affordable kits for tiny homes that you can use for various purposes. Utilizing a smaller space is actually good, you do not have to live a life full of loans and you are actually saving resources.

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Additional office space – Invest in a tiny house

At BOSS, we cater to many customers who are interested in building a tiny house on their own. We are also specialists in offering building on-site systems, we have professionals to assemble tiny structures for you completely on site at your preferred location. If you have additional office space in your mind, you can invest in building a tiny house on wheels. A portable tiny house can save you from paying high rents if you think of working from a different location, say from another city or town. A tiny house on wheels gives you the opportunity to move your office from one place to another without paying high rents.

Do you have guests coming frequently?

If you have guests coming over to your place and staying back for days, you can attach a tiny in-law suite to your existing property so that they can enjoy their stay, your home won’t feel congested, and your guests can also enjoy a comfortable stay. We suggest customers attach a custom in-law suite to the existing property, a solution within your budget.

You can buy kits or we build a tiny house for you

At BOSS, we manufacturer affordable tiny house kits so that you can build a tiny house on your own, customize it, and save on labor costs as well. Apart from tiny house kits, we are also experts in on-site tiny house building; we have a team of experts who build tiny homes at a location of your choice.


If you are still thinking about why you would come to BOSS Tiny House, we are the largest tiny house manufacturer on a global basis. We have success stories of customers who are happy living in tiny homes that we have designed for them. Our homes are not built inside the factory, we do it on-site, here are BOSS we sell kits at factory direct prices. We know when you reach us for a tiny home solution, you have limited finances and a dire need. We cater to customers by offering sound consultation after analyzing your requirements. Get in touch with us for a consultation and request a quote.

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