BOSS Tiny House – Fulfill your dreams of owning a tiny studio home

Mar 07, 2023

Are you planning for entrepreneurship? You can have your studio in the backyard and start your venture. This is ideal for those who have a tight budget. So, there is no worry anymore if you do not have the possibility of shifting to a new property. Use the yard space to have a new studio tiny home.

Tiny homes have become very popular in the USA as their demand has hugely escalated. These additional spaces include your ADU, studio, cabin, and play space. Property prices are skyrocketing, so tiny homes have been a savior for most in the USA. The concept of tiny homes started with a motive to eradicate homelessness, but later it has become a well-accepted concept in the country. 

BOSS homes are available at a factory-direct price

BOSS’s cutting-edge technology brings affordable spacing to your doorstep. We have our manufacturing unit, so the transportation cost is not very huge. Our tiny structures and kits are available at factory-direct prices. We have maintained consistent quality by implementing a fully-automated assembly line. We use premium and commercial-grade building materials in our studio tiny homes


BOSS – offering tiny homes for more than 40 years 

Why should you choose BOSS for your studio tiny home requirements? BOSS has been renowned in the USA for manufacturing tiny spaces for over 20 years. We are one of the top manufacturers of tiny home kits. We offer modern and customized tiny homes with preinstalled plumbing and electrical facilities. You can choose from our tiny prefabricated homes and be interested in easy-to-assemble kits. Our structures are available in different layouts, designs and sizes. Some of the standout features include:

  • Commercial-grade roof insulation
  • Commercial-grade wall construction
  • An impressive layout with 190-290 sq ft
  • Plywood or cement subflooring with vinyl-finished floors
  • Solid glass doors and windows for insulation

BOSS studio homes – meeting international building codes

All our tiny homes meet International Building Codes and adhere to California Building Codes. We are also offering a 3-year warranty on our tiny structures. Now we give you a chance to design your own tiny house. Please visit the BOSS configurator page for design ideas and we give you ample customization options. Investing in BOSS tiny homes is exploring living off the grid. We ship our tiny homes to your site directly, so it reduces the project cost and time. 

Enjoy financing from CustomFin

Are you looking for an affordable studio house kit? BOSS offers without needing to pay any upfront. BOSS in association with CustomFin, offers interesting financing plans. We offer you a scope to access more than 300 money lenders with incredibly low-interest rates starting from 3.99%. 

Final thoughts – BOSS offering sustainable solutions

We would love it if you have your studio near your home or you could have one on wheels and carry it along. Living in a tiny house means aiming toward sustainability. These spaces consume low energy bills which means long-term savings. We care for our environment, so we have developed sustainable solutions. We offer eco-friendly construction with almost 35% recycled plastic. Our homes are green and energy efficient. Please discuss your project with us and request a quote.








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