BOSS Shell Plus Kit is amazing – Now sit is easy to build your own ADU

Dec 14, 2020

An accessory dwelling unit can be a secondary dwelling unit for old parents or your kids. Most homeowners complain of not having sufficient space inside their home, especially after their family expands. So, consider yourself lucky if you have a house with a yard. Rents are very high, and it’s not easy to find a desirable property within your budget. So, there is a quick and feasible solution for you. Here’s what Lewis did so that you know why you should come to BOSS Tiny House for a solution:

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Lewis was searching for a new home because his parents were planning to move in with them; they already have kids and a pet. So, you can imagine the space crunch and the chaos. Most of his friends and colleagues suggested building an ADU in his yard. While looking for a company that manufactures tiny house kits in the USA, they suggested BOSS Tiny House. We are extremely popular now and have a huge number of clients who have relied on our solutions. 

BOSS promotes DIY tiny house building; we are the biggest manufacturer of tiny home kits. We urge all our customers to save costs and build a tiny DIY space. All our kits come with easy instructions so that it’s easier for any layman to build. Lewis chose to have an online consultation with the BOSS, and he thanked us for the advice we rendered. Our kits are the best value, ideal for looking for a space within the budget. 

We have various kits, and now it’s been a while that we have come up with the Shell Plus kit. A shell kit is extremely helpful for the homeowners because the work is almost over half; you only have to do the assembling. This is an amazing one among all the ADU kits we have designed so far. We explained to Lewis that the kit is a DIY transformable kit; we are also offering a 3 years warranty. Also, the kit can be installed in 3days if 2 people are managing it together. He immediately called upon his friend for the assembling. It was done successfully, and he shared photos with us. We feel content when we see our clients happy and satisfied. 

Our ADU kits are designed for DIY enthusiasts; these are pre-assembled panel frame kits that are shipped as pre-cut panels. This is done so that the roofs, ceiling, walls, and all other parts can be shipped separately but again assembled easily on-site. Our kits can be assembled onsite, we promote DIY, but you can also hire an experienced local contractor. The kits come with a secure door and window locks, soft vinyl coated interior walls, steel insulated outside walls, spacious and well-planned interior, etc. 

Offering our kits, we have seen many dreams coming true; there are various uses of these shell kits. The Shell Plus is available in two different sizes; you can choose the size according to your requirements.

Are you looking for tiny home kits for sale? Choose BOSS Tiny House for a solution. 


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