Zumba Fitness Passionates Building a DIY Tiny House – Get Your Kits from BOSS

tiny house on foundation

Owning a tiny house can be a goal, why not when you know that it’s a solution that will keep you free from loans and mortgages. Why not start something today rather than not reaching your goal at all? It’s not that bad if you start small, do not invest much and make it big gradually. A tiny house can help you build relationships, establish yourself in terms of earning money, you can spend time close to nature and have an amazing experience without spending a fortune. There are still so many people who are looking for spaces within a budget for living or for any other uses so we want to help them out. Please read the blog and you can share information with your friends, colleagues because you never know who is looking for such a solution. You can always build a DIY tiny house and get rid of any sort of space crunch.

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 At BOSS we came across a Zumba fitness enthusiast, Chris and his partner and they wanted to practice Zumba hard which was not possible staying in their apartment. Usually people invest for reaping benefits but we remember that this couple was exclusive because they simply wanted a space to practice and this motivated us to a great extent. As they spoke to our team about their budget, we assisted them with our financing options and this brought much relief. Yes, we have easy financing options for customers who are eligible for it. They wanted a tiny house close to nature; they wanted to have it built in the yard itself near to their garden so that the right ambience is created. They opted for a consultation with us and we suggested them to build a tiny home on wheels so that they can carry it with them when they move out for work or if they wish to practice Zumba closer to nature. We motivated them to build a DIY tiny home and they could thank us later. They took some time to plan it and then came to BOSS for proper kits only after deciding for what they are going to use the tiny house and how it would be. Chris called upon his friend to help him and the installation was complete and we offered them kits with easy instructions. So now they are teaching Zumba to a few local kids for free and conducting workshops too and trying to promote fitness. Emma is an avid writer so she now has her own website on Zumba, after practice and after office she spends time in they tiny house to write and create awareness about this form of fitness. Now that they have their own space, there are no distractions and they did the interior themselves according to their passion. We also customize your interiors including the electrical and plumbing systems.

Chris and Emma will always be one of our elite clients because they trusted us and we were amazed by their motivation. Soon they would be making their workshop big and they would try to generate some money from this so that they can donate to the cancer patients. If you are looking for tiny houses near me, choose BOSS Tiny House.

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