Grace Embraced the Remote Working Culture With a BOSS Tiny Home on Wheels

Grace had a high-paying job in the city, but she couldn’t handle the high rent, the pressures of modern living and the high-paced life.

Grace had a high-paying job in the city, but she couldn’t handle the high rent, the pressures of modern living and the high-paced life. So, she decided to move back with her parents in the countryside of California and be closer to the two things she loved – her parents and nature. Thankfully, the company she works for allows for remote working and as long as there was working Internet and the possibility of video conferencing, her managers and bosses had no problem with her working out of her home.

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But, being away and staying alone for so long, Grace couldn’t bear the thought of having to stay under the same roof and be a burden to her parents. She needed her own space nearby and that’s where she connected with BOSS. She enquired about our tiny homes, and took a fancy to our small trailer homes, which are built on wheels and can be parked in nearby areas or easily towed to a different area than where it is built.

As she was not interested in a DIY approach to building her tiny home remote office in the backyard, our team offered on-site installation. So, we shipped our tiny house on wheels kit and sent out a team of 2 people to help build the tiny home in her backyard. Our team finished the installation within 4 days and her 8.5 X 20 ft tiny home remote office was ready.

Since she also planned to stay there, BOSS’ team divided the space and provided Grace with a loft kit. The loft area was designed to be her bedroom with a mattress, a couple of bean bags and a cupboard. She wanted to keep the space clean and tidy. As for her working space, we gave it a professional look because she wanted to look professional when she would be video conferencing with her bosses. Even though our tiny house runs on 110 V AC power, she wanted to have an electric generator in place as she could not risk being offline.

Our tiny house on wheels kit comes with electrical and plumbing lines, and we helped connect it with her existing sewer line. She also insisted on the installation of a compost toilet that she had purchased.

BOSS not just helped Grace with building her remote office, but we also provide her with flexible financing options as she did not have the funds ready. As her credit and financial history were reliable, we worked with several lenders to make sure that she got her dream tiny house.

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After about a week of settling in, Grace sent us pictures of how she spruced up her working space a bit more with the addition of a workstation where she organized her laptop, fax machine and printer. She thanked us for our help and told us how much her family and friends appreciated her tiny home.

So, if you are also looking for tiny house trailer for sale, call BOSS. Request for quote. 


Tiny House Office – A Popular Trend in The Work-From-Home Culture

A lot of people are choosing to work from home or want to be entrepreneurs. Thanks to the advances in technology and a comfortable home office set-up,

A lot of people are choosing to work from home or want to be entrepreneurs. Thanks to the advances in technology and a comfortable home office set-up, the number of people opting to work-from-home is steadily and dramatically on the rise.

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Along with this, the tiny house office trend is also projecting an upward trajectory, and BOSS has been serving the community well by supplying high-quality, all-inclusive kits made of metal to tiny home builders. Affordability is the key because people who live on a budget are deciding to have tiny houses rather than regular spaces. BOSS is unique, loved by clients because we also promise factory-direct prices for our kits. 

 Over the years, we have noticed that tiny house offices are not just being used by employed workers who have the flexibility of working out of their homes, but also by freelancers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. This is because a tiny home office can be easily set-up in the backyard or the garden, separated from their primary properties. This ensures complete privacy and a quiet environment to work. At BOSS, we encourage our clients to build a tiny house. Our tiny houses come in various sizes and shapes and different styles. Also, you can fully customize it to match your style. Our tiny house provides people the ideal alternative workspace that they are looking for while maintaining the privacy of their primary residence. 

BOSS Tiny house office sounds like a fantastic idea, and the following are some of the benefits that make this trend appealing to smart workers. 

  • With BOSS’ tiny house kit, you can have an office within a week. 
  • The most significant advantage of a BOSS tiny house office is that the workspace is right outside your primary residence and allows you to entirely focus on your client’s work without sacrificing the privacy of your living space. As it is a separate building, it will enable you to seamlessly switch between business and personal life, even though you do not have to leave your property. 
  • Our tiny house kit for your office is an inexpensive alternative to a conventional office space. You only have to pay for it once, when you place it or build it. You do not have to pay any rent or any mortgage. Also, you can easily make your tiny house office energy-efficient by making it run on solar power. 
  • With BOSS kits, you get to enjoy your own space at an affordable price. You do not have to force yourself to rent a co-working space, but get the flexibility of running your small office the way you want to. You even have control over the design of the area. 
  • Our tiny house can be placed anywhere. This means that you can pick the most aesthetically appealing and convenient location for your office. Also, we have our tiny house kits on wheels that you can move around in your backyard or garden to enjoy the different views.

    Do you know the best part of a BOSS tiny house office? Space does not always have to remain in your office. If you retire or your small business idea expands, and you get a big office space with 50 employees. You can always redecorate the tiny house to turn it into a man/woman cave, playroom, and yoga retreat or rent it out as a vacation rental. We are now one of the most reputed tiny houses on wheels builders in California. Check out our selection of tiny house kits and get in touch with us. 

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