BOSS Tiny Home Builders Created A Tiny Backyard Reading Retreat For this Bibliophile

Christopher is a bibliophile and that’s what he has been all his life. But, after his twin kids were born, he found it harder and harder to find a quiet space in his apartment to concentrate on reading books. It was also becoming difficult for him to host book club sessions in his house with the kids running around. He started feeling a little frustrated and that’s when he decided he needed to build a backyard reading retreat. He reached out to BOSS for that purpose and we told him about our all-inclusive tiny house kit made of premium quality steel. Since BOSS kits are affordable but offer the highest value, he was immediately sold on the idea of a tiny reading retreat in his garden. 

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 Initially, he was enthusiastic about taking the DIY route but realized that he didn’t have time to build it himself with having to balance work and the kids as his wife was away for a month. Our BOSS experts are always ready to offer onsite assistance on building tiny homes at your preferred location. Our experienced team of tiny house builders arrived on his property at the decided time and date and helped him set-up the tiny reading retreat within a week. As we do not ship large pre-built houses, Christopher was glad to save some money there. He didn’t need to hire a crane to unload our tiny house kit!

We ship in the form of kits, either you assemble it yourself or we do it for you.

 Once we assembled the parts and completed the on-site installation, we helped Christopher personalize the space according to his design aesthetics and requirement. He wanted something very simple – a space where he can read in peace. BOSS is very reputed for offering customized tiny house kits. On his request, we customized the tiny house to include several racks on the walls so that he can easily display his collection of books. We included a kitchen with just the necessary items like, an oven, a fridge and a sink. He later added an instant coffee machine. Also, we installed a small washroom, and we worked on the plumbing and installing electrical systems, so there wasn’t much work that needed to be done. 

 BOSS never runs out of ideas so we tried to do something unique. Considering the design and layout of the house, we created an elevated space and connected it to the ground with a ladder. He wanted that space because he could fall asleep reading, or his friends wanted to crash. We kept the sleeping space tiny and just provided it with a mattress so that it serves the purpose. 

 In the main reading area, we threw around a couple of bean bags and cushions so that his book club friends could comfortably sit around and enjoy reading. He wanted to be eco-friendly so he used solar panels for electricity. 

 Now, whenever he wants some quiet time with his books, he hides in his backyard retreat. Helping Christopher build his reading retreat was fun for us too. He knew his requirements pretty well. At BOSS, we have an expert team, so the most amazing thing is that we were able to finish the entire tiny house building job within a week. Also, he loved the fact that our steel structure panels were soundproof. 

Do you have a tiny house project like this in mind? Contact BOSS. We have the best tiny house builders for you. 


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You can build a Multi-functional Tiny House Measuring 8.5’X20’or more – BOSS Offers Affordable Tiny House Kits

BOSS lives and breathes tiny houses, and we know what it takes to create a successful small housing dwelling life.

BOSS lives and breathes tiny houses, and we know what it takes to create a successful small housing dwelling life. A couple of months back, we got a fascinating project on our hands – a task to help build a multi-functional tiny house. Our client was a young entrepreneur who decided to move back to her parents’ house, but wanted a separate space for herself. This is where our affordable tiny house kits helped her out. She did not want a DIY approach and engaged our team in setting up the place based on her specific instructions and preferences.

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As she was a budding entrepreneur, she not only wanted a tiny house to live independently on her parents’ backyard, but also wanted the tiny house to be divided into a separate office space from where she can conduct business. We designed her a flexible, multi-functional tiny house on wheels so that she can be portable. Our team incorporated green technologies like, SIPs and solar wall paneling because she is an ardent environmentalist.

The tiny house that we built is perfect as an inspiring, calm and beautiful workspace. The space is divided into her office area that leads to an open space with a view of the backyard, a small living/drawing room area where there are a sofa, a few chairs and an attached kitchen area with just the basics. We have kept the bathroom minimal with only the basics because she wanted more space to be dedicated to her office area.

Furthermore, we have divided the space into an upper section with a connecting ladder. The upper section is designed as the sleeping area where she retires for the night. It was a mattress bed and a couple of bean bags that give the space a very chilled out vibe.

Our designers have created raised platforms and designed plenty of shelves and cabinets throughout the tiny house so that she can have maximum storage space. These storage spaces can accommodate all of the ‘extras’ that usually come with an office.

The most fascinating part about this tiny house that we have created is that the entrance leads into the office area and her clients will not know that there is also a kitchenette and a sleeping area. The office space has a sophisticated appeal with a desk, cabinets and chairs. There is ample space for all her digital devices, fax machine and printer. As our tiny house comes equipped with electrical systems, we did not have to work much on setting up her Wi-Fi, router and other such connections.

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So, if you also want a tiny house that will double up as your office and living space, reach out to BOSS. Check out our tiny house for sale and talk to our team to discuss your design aspirations and tiny house life needs. Regardless of whether you want a tiny house on a foundation or wheels, we have the right kit for you. You can set it up yourself or our team can help you with on-site installation and design.



Here are a Few Amazing Ways You Can Use BOSS Tiny Houses

Call them a tiny house, mini houses, or micro-homes, and they are rapidly growing in popularity for those who want to minimize and downsize their environmental footprint.

Call them a tiny house, mini houses, or micro-homes, and they are rapidly growing in popularity for those who want to minimize and downsize their environmental footprint. Also, they are turning out to be the most viable and affordable living option for homeless people and those who cannot afford to purchase regular sized spaces.

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The tiny houses near me reap dividends beyond just being able to cut utility bills down to size and get mortgage-free. It is also about being able to live minimally within your budget. Since they are small in size, they do not require much money, time or resources to build a tiny house that can easily fit in your vacation property or backyard and can be put to use as a space for relaxation, work or family obligations. The best part is that you can use BOSS tiny house kits for a range of uses other than living in them full-time. Take a look below at some of the great ideas to use a tiny house.

As an office

If you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, self-employed, or someone who works out of their house, buying or building a tiny house for an office makes much sense. Having your own little space to work that offers peace, quiet, and privacy might be the magic sauce that you require to focus better on your work. In case you choose BOSS tiny house on wheels, you can even opt to work parked alongside a beautiful lake or overlooking a mountain.

As a workshop or studio

If you are a writer, an artist, a hairdresser, a massage therapist, or have a thriving career on those lines of the profession, a tiny house could be the solution for you. It can perfectly fit the bill and give you a dedicated space where you can channel your inner creativity and reach out to your potential customers. Also, by building a BOSS tiny house, you can forget about having to worry about coming up with rent each month. Our tiny house kits come equipped with all the necessary facilities, including plumbing and electrical installation. You can read up or watch some DIY house building videos and get started.

As a tech-free zone for recreation

If you are seeking refuge from technology and want to desperately get away from the blinking lights of your gadgets, the humming hard drive, the beckoning keyboard or the ringing of the phone, building a tiny house is probably the answer. You can choose our tiny house on wheels or foundation and have it set up on your backyard. You can use this place as a tech-free zone for recreation where you can meditate, engage in intimate conversations, and just hideout from the chaos of modern lifestyle. You can even put in a few board games so that you can have a wonderful family time together.

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Benefit from BOSS tiny houses for sale

BOSS is the largest manufacturer of tiny house kits. Our kits come with simple and easy instructions for DIY enthusiasts. Alternatively, we have a team who can help you with building your tiny house on the location of your choice. We carry out the assembly on-site, and it does not take long. Our kits are quite affordable, and we also provide secure financing options. However, if you are still looking for a better deal, check out our tiny house for sale.