Susanne and Tim has plans of expanding their family and this is why they are making prior arrangements by installing an ADU using the BOSS Shell Plus

small house kits for sale

Welcome their second one. Meanwhile, Tim’s mom is not keeping very well and now wishes to stay with her son. They already have an apartment that is not so spacious and meeting the space requirement is something Susanne is very much concerned about. They were looking for small house kits for sale as they were planning to have an Accessory Dwelling Unit.

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When they spoke to the BOSS consultants for the first time they mentioned that one of their very close friends did inform them about BOSS Tiny House. We are reputed for being the solution provider to all tiny house requirements, designing tiny house kits. BOSS has introduced the new and the very advanced Shell Plus, a DIY transformable kit that you can install fast and simple. You need two people to install, Susanne and Tim built their ADU together and they completed the installation in only three days. ADU is a secondary house which is built next to your primary building, the space for the building could be your yard or driveway. An ADU is very essential to keep your kids or old parents secure and it also gives much-needed privacy. 

The new Shell Plus kit is engineered for a DIY project, you can build your own tiny house and the kit is very simple to install. You do not need to hire any professional builder or contractor; you can assemble it yourself using the manual. Unlike this sporty couple, if you are not very confident about the DIY approach, you can hire a contractor. Once installed it’s ready to move in.

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They were very happy to discover that this kit comes with unique livable ideas, just perfect for residing. It has a bedroom planned, a spacious kitchen, a dining area, a proper-sized bathroom, an optional loft, utility space and more. The roof is made of steel, insulated and snow load tested, the walls have soft vinyl texture also insulated, there is enough security because the windows are double-pane and lockable and the steel doors have deadbolt locks.


The kit is available in two sizes and the price varies as well, you can choose the smaller one 8.5’x 20’’ or the slightly bigger one 8.5’x 26, the prices are $9995 and $12995 respectively. Tim and his wife decided to get the smaller one as that would suffice their space requirement. This kit can be used to build a tiny house on a foundation and on wheels. 

BOSS is happy to help many families that need a secondary home, our Shell Plus kit is successful in making dreams come true. You can build your dream cabin, ADU, home studio, play space or office. BOSS is the leader in designing Built-on-site systems and committed to designing the best value small house kits for sale. We would like to hear from you, get in touch with our sales team for queries. Request us for a quote and we will send it within one day.

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