Quick rundown of the Tiny Fest with U.S Polymer’s

This week we will go into a brief summary of our experience at the Tiny Fest for those who may have missed it this time around. First and foremost, I would like to proudly say that we received a tremendous amount of new contacts and prospect clients at this year’s show. Approximately 600 people entered our drawing and left contact details for us. We thought a drawing, with a possible chance to win one of our Tiny Houses, would be enticing in bringing on new partnerships. Hoping we have one of those in our audience today!

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 The crowd at the Tiny Fest was very interactive and our audience seemed quit curious about our product. We had people lined up outside our post to get a look inside the U.S Polymers Tiny House. Overall I would say the Tiny Fest was a success and it was a great way to gain exposure and bring fourth new customers. If you missed the Tiny Fest this year, don’t worry you can catch us there again very soon. Stay tuned to see what other conventions we will attend in the upcoming months.