Jenny is a lawyer and she built a tiny house using the Shell Plus kit and built her own law firm

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Read the story of how Jenny, a lawyer and a single mother, managed to be a young entrepreneur. Are you looking for a solution because you wish to set up your own office and you do not have enough funds or do not wish to invest a huge amount into that? You can be motivated and that’s all we want, we want you to own a tiny house shell at the time when you need it. This is why BOSS offers flexible financing on the products based on the eligibility. As soon as Jenny shared her dreams with us, we offered her financing right away and she happily invested in the BOSS Shell Plus kit.

Design Yours

Jenny lives in a small house, she is a single mother but she has her parents visiting her house most of the time which is really good. Since she is a lawyer and wishes to have her own space to talk to clients and focus on her work, she built a tiny house in her yard using the 8.5’x20’ Shell Plus kit. She built the tiny house shell on her own using this super transformable DIY kit. She called her friends to help her out because we told her that two of them can install a Tiny House in three days. She managed to set it up in just 2 days and she has her own office for practicing law. In case you are not comfortable building your own tiny space, you can hire contractors and pay for the charges to get it built on site. We do a lot of research and put immense effort in designing Built-on-Site systems which are easy to install.

Design Yours

The Shell Plus kit is full of advantages, the main one being the electrical and plumbing system already installed. This saves time, hassle and money for hiring a contractor. Using this Shell Plus kit you can also build your own office, play space, cabin and a studio. This BOSS Shell Plus kit is customizable and extremely affordable, mainly because we want everyone to own a tiny house when they require and we helped Jenny do the same.

The roof is made of steel roof, well-insulated and snow load tested, the interior walls are vinyl coated and insulated, the windows are lockable and double-paned, the doors are made of steel with deadbolt locks and the ceiling is high, vaulted and insulated. The kit has a master bedroom, a big dining area, a bathroom, a loft and an in-built utility room.

BOSS is committed to offer the best value solutions, DIY transformable kits that are affordable and easy to install. The Shell Plus comes with a 3 years limited warranty which is a pretty good one. The most amazing thing is that we have a ‘Design Yours’ option which allows room for serious customization. Get in touch with BOSS for a tiny house shell for sale. Please visit our website and get in touch with the sales team for more details. Request for a quote and you receive it within one day.

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