Enjoy working from a home office – make your dreams come true with BOSS Shells

Working from home is not as easy as it sounds; there are advantages but also inevitable distractions.

Working from home is not as easy as it sounds; there are advantages but also inevitable distractions. While you do not have to waste time traveling and become more productive while working from home. But everyone working from home requires some peace of mind. During this pandemic, working from home is a recent trend, but everyone cannot afford a personal space. Most families have kids, pets, parents, so there is noise, distractions, and nothing you can do about it. Did you believe that you cannot do anything about it? There are possibilities if you have a yard. 


The DIY Shell Plus kit is easy to install:

Renting an office space even close to your home can be very expensive, and you cannot continue working from home due to the chaos. So, why don’t you use the yard for setting a tiny home office? BOSS manufactures different types of kits according to your requirements. Now to make your work faster, you can invest in the Shell Plus kit. A shell can save you from the hassle and make your work faster. The Shell Plus kit comes with easy-to-read instructions so that assembling is easier. This Shell Plus is an almost ready-to-install structure so that you can save time and hassle. We promote the DIY initiative, but you can always hire a contractor and have a tiny house built-on-site. 


The Shell Plus available in two sizes:

The Shell Plus kit is good enough for building a compact home office that can accommodate 2-3 people. The kit comes with plumbing and electricals pre-installed. This saves the cost of hiring a separate contractor and the time. Our Shells have helped so many entrepreneurs to live their dreams because most cannot afford a lavish office space at the very beginning. 


The Shell Plus kit is available in two different sizes: 8.5’’ x 20’ and 8.5’ x 26’, and the prices are $9,995 and $12,995, respectively. Once installed, the interior is extremely spacious; the interior and exterior walls are insulated; the outside walls are made of steel while the interior walls are soft vinyl-coated. The kit features a master room, a spacious dining area, a kitchen, a bathroom, a utility space, and an optional loft. Also, there are plenty of other features that make our Shell Plus kit so unique. This kit is ideal for building tiny house kits on wheels and a foundation as well. We have interacted with and offered solutions to so many clients who were looking for a portable solution. 


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A DIY transformable kit with a limited warranty:

In a concise period, BOSS has gained immense trust and appreciation; we are one of the biggest manufacturers of tiny house kits. We have a good number of clients who have chosen our solutions. We can share success stories of so many entrepreneurs, they started from here, and now they are super successful. The Shell Plus kit is DIY transformable; it is affordable and easy to install. The kit comes with a 3-year limited warranty. You can also build a home office and ADU, studio, in-law suite, play space, cabins, and more using this kit. The installation process is very simple; it takes only 3 days for 2 people to complete the entire installation process. Many of our clients post interesting pictures post-installation. This kit is specially designed for DIY enthusiasts. 


Talk to the BOSS experts: 

BOSS Shell Plus kits are transported to the site in wooden crates; this ensures total safety. BOSS offers tiny home kits for sale; we aim to provide kits to all the customers. Do you have a project in mind? Talk to our experts, and we will have a solution for you. Visit our website for more information. 

 We offer the best tiny house kits in the USA, request for a quote. 

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Setting up an ADU in the yard means more space and more savings

An accessory dwelling unit is a new trend; it has always existed, but now these units are improved, modern, and easier to build than ever before.

An accessory dwelling unit is a new trend; it has always existed, but now these units are improved, modern, and easier to build than ever before. You don’t need to worry anymore if you cannot find a living space according to your budget. BOSS designs ADU kits that are DIY and extremely affordable. When you have a spacious yard and need a bigger home, start utilizing the yard space to build it yourself.

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Are you not a builder and not confident enough? BOSS ADU kits are made for homeowners who did not construct a tiny house themselves. We have recently designed and launched the Shell Plus kit to build your ADU seamlessly. If you invest in tiny home kits, you are closer to your dream of having a spacious home. Dwelling units, as the name suggests, are more than perfect. 


DIY transformable kit – Easy assembling:

BOSS designs affordable tiny home kits, but every client does not have similar requirements. Talk to our experts related to your needs, and we customize kits according to your choice. Our kits come with simple instructions so that it’s easier to install. This kit is affordable and is very easy to assemble. It takes only 3 days for 2 people to assemble the kit. We are also offering 3 years limited warranty on this DIY transformable kit.  


Built-on-site systems – ideal for dwelling: 

BOSS ADU kits have a built-on-site facility; if you do not choose to assemble it yourself, ask a renowned contractor to do it for you. Some qualified contractors can perform flawless assembling. The Shell Plus kit comes with benefits, the kit has electrical and plumbing systems already installed. This saves a lot of time and labor costs. When assembled, the kit offers a very spacious interior, ideal for a living; you can have a master room, a spacious kitchen, a dining space, a storage space, a bathroom, and an optional loft space. We give a lot of importance to insulation; it’s a priority. So, the walls and the roofs are insulated; the doors and windows have secure locks. This kit is ideal for building on the trailer and the foundation. 


The BOSS Tiny House Loan:

Now we shall discuss the most important part, funds. A tiny house is not an option when you are leading a lavish lifestyle. So, we meet clients who seriously have a very tight budget and intend to help them out. BOSS believes in offering tiny house kits to all, mainly when they need one. We have so far never let anyone down, and this is why we have introduced the BOSS Tiny House Loan. This is a fast-approval loan; it takes less than 5 minutes to be approved only if you are eligible for it. We have easy financing, which is one reason why clients love BOSS and trust our product. 


Request for a quote: 

We have plenty of clients who have ordered ADU kits; they are elated that they now have a tiny house. You can visit our website to know about tiny homes and read what clients feel about us, our kits. Are you planning to build a tiny house but cannot make the final decision? Talk to our experts for a consultation, and we have a solution for you. Choose BOSS for tiny house kits.

For more information, please refer to our website, request a quote. 

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Grace Embraced the Remote Working Culture With a BOSS Tiny Home on Wheels

Grace had a high-paying job in the city, but she couldn’t handle the high rent, the pressures of modern living and the high-paced life.

Grace had a high-paying job in the city, but she couldn’t handle the high rent, the pressures of modern living and the high-paced life. So, she decided to move back with her parents in the countryside of California and be closer to the two things she loved – her parents and nature. Thankfully, the company she works for allows for remote working and as long as there was working Internet and the possibility of video conferencing, her managers and bosses had no problem with her working out of her home.

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But, being away and staying alone for so long, Grace couldn’t bear the thought of having to stay under the same roof and be a burden to her parents. She needed her own space nearby and that’s where she connected with BOSS. She enquired about our tiny homes, and took a fancy to our small trailer homes, which are built on wheels and can be parked in nearby areas or easily towed to a different area than where it is built.

As she was not interested in a DIY approach to building her tiny home remote office in the backyard, our team offered on-site installation. So, we shipped our tiny house on wheels kit and sent out a team of 2 people to help build the tiny home in her backyard. Our team finished the installation within 4 days and her 8.5 X 20 ft tiny home remote office was ready.

Since she also planned to stay there, BOSS’ team divided the space and provided Grace with a loft kit. The loft area was designed to be her bedroom with a mattress, a couple of bean bags and a cupboard. She wanted to keep the space clean and tidy. As for her working space, we gave it a professional look because she wanted to look professional when she would be video conferencing with her bosses. Even though our tiny house runs on 110 V AC power, she wanted to have an electric generator in place as she could not risk being offline.

Our tiny house on wheels kit comes with electrical and plumbing lines, and we helped connect it with her existing sewer line. She also insisted on the installation of a compost toilet that she had purchased.

BOSS not just helped Grace with building her remote office, but we also provide her with flexible financing options as she did not have the funds ready. As her credit and financial history were reliable, we worked with several lenders to make sure that she got her dream tiny house.

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After about a week of settling in, Grace sent us pictures of how she spruced up her working space a bit more with the addition of a workstation where she organized her laptop, fax machine and printer. She thanked us for our help and told us how much her family and friends appreciated her tiny home.

So, if you are also looking for tiny house trailer for sale, call BOSS. Request for quote. 


Build a Tiny House in Your Backyard to Use as a Hideout

Everyone has their downtime, irrespective of age. From rebellious teenagers to working parents and stay-at-home dads or moms, there comes a time when break is all you need.

Everyone has their downtime, irrespective of age. From rebellious teenagers to working parents and stay-at-home dads or moms, there comes a time when break is all you need. But, living in a tiny apartment leaves little room to hide away from daily chores. Fortunately, BOSS’ small trailer homes are a perfect solution.

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Our ready-to-assemble tiny house kits can be quickly set-up in the backyard and customized to your specific needs. As our tiny house is made of robust, sound-proof galvanized steel, it can be the quiet hideout that you are hoping for. Also, it can be the place where you get away for the weekend – away from your friends or family!

Of course, you can personalize our tiny house that way you want. But, your focus must be to maximize the available space. For instance, you can divide the tiny house and join the upper section using a ladder. The upper section can be used as a loft, storage room or sleeping area. If you don’t want to divide the space, you can make use of the ceiling by installing rods. You can use the rods to hang items like, cycle on the ceiling if you are using the tiny house as a hideout from where you can go for cycling treks.

Another thing you can do to make use of space is getting cabinets. You can also make use of the wall by installing shelves. If you are planning to get a TV in the tiny house so that you can binge-watch your favorite shows away from the gaze of your noisy children, you can get one of those cabinet cum TV sets that automatically hides itself.

The tiny house hideout can be your personal man/woman cave. It can be a playroom if you are a gaming enthusiast. It can have a mixture of video games, card and board games, small snooker, foosball or pool table. It can be a space where your teenage kids can invite their friends and chill with them away from parents’ stern gaze, but close enough to not do anything illegal.

If hiding out for you means total peace, you can have a minimalist design for our tiny house trailer for sale. You can move with your tiny house to any other location of your choice and enjoy solace. The tiny house can only have the essentials, such as a sleeping area, a small kitchen, a tiny washroom and an open deck. If your backyard has a lot of greenery, you can design the tiny house with large windows that allows you to literally bring the outdoor scene inside your tiny space. You can use this space to unwind, meditate and practice yoga. Every once in a while, you can call your friends for the weekend and do not leave it for the next 48-hours.

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So, if you were waiting to build your personal hideout for a long time, turn to BOSS’ tiny home trailer for sale, a portable option from BOSS. You can build the hideout yourself or seek assistance from our team of experts.

Kathy and Adam’s homecoming with BOSS tiny house

Adam’s parents’ house did not have enough space for them. This was when they contacted us after doing considerable research on BOSS tiny homes. They zeroed in on BOSS and we were glad to help them out. 

Kathy and Adam dreamed of making it big in the ‘Big Apple’ and they did so for a few months. But, it wasn’t long before they realized that in between paying high rent for their one-room apartment and affording to dine at a fancy restaurant once a month, they were stifling their dreams of traveling together. According to them, it didn’t take them a second to decide to quit their jobs and move back to California to live with Adam’s parents. 
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But, alas! Adam’s parents’ house did not have enough space for them. This was when they contacted us after doing considerable research on BOSS tiny homes. They zeroed in on BOSS and we were glad to help them out. 

Sharing Kathy and Adam’s story is a matter of pride for us because these two never built anything in their life, and here they are with their newly-built tiny house. Yes, our team of tiny home builders had to help them out every once in a while via lengthy phone calls and video calls. But, it was their determination that showed results. We delivered them our all-inclusive metal tiny house kit as quickly as possible and they began to work. 

Since Kathy and Adam’s main priority is to devote as much time as possible to travel, they just wanted a simple house with zero clutter. They build their tiny home in the backyard of Adams’ parents’ house. Since they were new to building, it took about two weeks to finish the tiny home. They were thrilled that our tiny house kits were fully customizable and they chose everything, down to the finish, color and size of the house. 

Once they finished assembling the BOSS tiny house kit and designing it, they sent us pictures of their handiwork. We did well up in pride. They kept the structure very basic and fitted the house with just the essentials. Even though our tiny house kits come with pre-installed electrical systems, they wanted to decrease their carbon footprint and installed solar panels. Their house has a small front porch and awnings to protect them from the weather elements when they wish to chill on the porch. The interior of the house was also kept simple, with just the essentials. They had a mattress instead of a bed and bean bags in place of heavy chairs. They also did not have a full-fledged kitchen since they planned to have family dinners to the parents’ house. The available space in their house was filled with traveling gear. 

The last time we heard from them, they were enjoying their travels and loved the fact that they could own this tiny property and did not have to spend on rent. So, they save most of what they earn and plan quarterly trips and outdoor adventures. 

If you also wanted to live carefreely and wanted to own a house of your own, check out a portable tiny house trailer for sale. Our tiny house kits are incredibly affordable and we even have financing options. We are specialized in manufacturing kits and building small trailer homes. Furthermore, we deliver ready-to-assemble kits, which means no expensive shipping charges or the need for you to hire a crane!
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