Tiny House Shell Kit – Live Life King Size!

This pandemic has spoiled all the plans of going on a vacation with your family and friends.

This pandemic has spoiled all the plans of going on a vacation with your family and friends. Even the kids do not have a safe place to play. The scare of the virus has wreaked havoc and no place seems like a safe place. The new viral strain has made things all the scarier. But staying indoors is driving kids’ nuts. The fear is logical, but that shouldn’t be the reason why you should not venture out and have fun. Tiny house shell kit is the best option for you and your family to venture out and stay safe; even during these trying times.  

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But again you must be wondering how these simple and affordable tiny house kits can serve your purpose. Read on and get to know how you can turn things around and live the best days of your life.

Play House on Wheels:

Wouldn’t it be great if your kids get the real fun of a PlayStation on wheels? The playground is an ideal place, no doubts on that. But for indoor games and stuff you do need more space and definitely a clean and safe one. The tiny home kits are a great alternative and can make the best play stations for your kids. Children thrive on cognitive play things. They love things that would interest them and make them curious. When the lockdown drains the child of this cognitive thinking spark, then a tiny house shell is the place for your child and his friends to take refuge.

A shell to shield your child:

The tiny house shell is surely the best thing that you might have discovered in 2021. It’s a shell to shield your child from the virus and also to protect the kid from unwanted elements. All this happens, without disrupting the playtime. Sounds great, right! With a durable steel roof and the capacity to take snow loads of 30lbs, the home kit comes with a 3 year warranty. The vertical paned windows and the upper windows ensure that the kids get a view of the outside world, without fear of jumping off the window. There are only single windows and all the windows are at the upper plane. 

Design your child’s very own playground:

Yes, you read it right! At Boss you are the Boss and you get the chance to design your child’s very own playground. You can pick the horizontal slide window or the vertical slide window. Some parents are fond of the loft windows, which again is possible, thanks to the DIY feature of our affordable tiny house kits. The interiors can also be designed as per your choice. Whether you are asking for a ‘natural walnut’ or a ‘dark walnut’ – the interiors look ridiculously awesome with the premium quality material provided.

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Complete Plumbing and Electrical Systems:

Lastly, the best part of tiny homes is that the electrical and plumbing systems are updated and the look is clean and plush. The setup is a complete one and there is simply no room for complaints and slip-ups. With the best design choices and upgraded features the DIY tiny homes are the best resort for your family and the kids to have a gala time together. 

Still thinking? Then, think no more. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to design your child’s happy zone.

Stay like a BOSS – Get your affordable tiny house kits on wheels

Covid-19 has hit the world hard and working from home can be really exhausting.

Covid-19 has hit the world hard and working from home can be really exhausting. With kids and family members making a lot of noise, it’s so difficult to concentrate, not to forget the Zoom meetings can be really embarrassing at times!

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The best solution to this problem would be to get tiny house kits on wheels. Yes, that’s one of the best things that can happen to you and working from home can be a real fun thing. With the Boss Tiny House kits, you will have a small space that you can call your very own and stay their day and night, whenever you like – just like a true boss!

Thinking what’s so special about the affordable tiny house kits? Well, firstly they are affordable and to know the rest you need to keep reading.

Three-year warranty:

Purchase the best tiny house kits and you will get a warranty of 3 years coming along with it. Warranty means that if there is any damage or any faulty issues that are detectable, then it would be immediately replaced without you having to incur any costs. Warranty promises that you don’t need to run errands to get your tiny home fixed, which most of the time happen when you purchase the so-called affordable stuff. Tiny houses are affordable, but with the warranty papers with you, there is just no reason to worry. Get your home today and make merry, cherishing your privacy.

Strong Steel Door:

Worried about intruders and unwanted guests? Your door is strong enough to protect you from any intruder who’s planning to inflict some harm on you. The doors of the affordable tiny house kits are strong and made out of steel, which means that you are protected as long as you keep them closed. Unwanted guests like rats, cats and animals won’t be able to enter and litter around, all thanks to the metal steel that is used to make the doors. With guaranteed privacy, you can have your own alone time without people peaking and small animals entering and squeaking.

Sturdy Foundation:

Most people are under the impression that tiny house kits on wheels are not sturdy enough. Well, that’s absolutely a wrong notion and needs to be dismissed. If that was the case, then you won’t have been reading this blog and tiny homes wouldn’t have become this famous. It’s called tiny, as it’s comparatively smaller than your regular homes and it’s lightweight, which means these homes are mobile and on wheels. But that doesn’t stop these tiny homes to be sturdy. With a durable steel roof and a strong foundation kit, these homes cannot be damaged or broken easily.

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Easy assembling:

Last and also the most important thought that might come across your mind – how to assemble tiny homes on wheelsWell, that’s simple. Either you read the manual and try out the DIY method. Or else, get people to do the assembling for you. It would take some time, but the assembling is simple enough to do it all by yourself. Just a little bit of reading the brochure and a little strength and tact here and there would help you assemble your tiny dream home.

So, why are you still waiting? Get your tiny dream home on wheels today!


Build your own tiny house with the Shell Plus kit and make your dreams come true

Tiny House is a growing trend, it’s affordable and can be built on a foundation and a trailer to make it mobile. A lot of people are showing interest in building tiny homes; it fits the budget easily and serves the purpose entirely. You can build a tiny house yourself using kits, and a tiny house shell can make the task easier.

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A few months ago, Daisy decided to open up her Salsa studio. She is a passionate dancer who wanted to live her dreams. She lived in an apartment, and now she was looking for additional space. Now, she had certain budget constraints, so she could not afford to rent a considerable space immediately. She discussed it with her friends and was desperately looking for a suggestion. Finally, after collecting various opinions, she decided to get a tiny house solution. She started searching the internet for different tiny house manufacturers and she stopped by BOSS Tiny House. Daisy spent time browsing the website and tried to understand our products, and now she wanted to have a consultation with the BOSS experts. 

Daisy opened up about her financial constraint and the purpose of owning a tiny house. We offered her the most modern solution, our newest invention, The Shell Plus kit. This is the most affordable and DIY transformable kit available in the market. We told her that installing our kit is very simple; she could install it in just 3 days if she could help. Yes, you can either install the Shell Plus kit by yourself or hire a contractor for built-on-site service. 

She mentioned that she did not have much cash, but her passion for opening up her Salsa zone was the only thing pushing her to invest in a tiny house. We are happy to get such ambitious and passionate clients, and we also have a financing service. We offered her the BOSS tiny House Loan; it took just 5 minutes for approval. If you are looking for a tiny house and do not have enough budget, reach us for financial aid. We ensure you qualify for it, and once approved, you are done. There is a business form on our website, fill it up. We perform all necessary checks and verification to ensure the eligibility and the fact that we are offering it to the right customer.

The Shell Plus kit comes in two sizes, 8.5’’ x 20’’available at $9999 and 8.5’’ x 26’’ for $ 12995. Daisy was content with the financing aid and she immediately invested in the latter one. You can choose the size based on your purpose and convenience. The Shell Plus comes with a spacious interior with insulated outer and inner walls, high roof and secured doors and windows. We have already installed the electrical and plumbing system in it; this saves cost and time. 


Daisy is running her Salsa classes, and she shared the pictures of her new tiny house in the yard. Like Daisy, are you interested and you wish to buy tiny house shells? BOSS makes sure the Shell Plus kit is transported and delivered to your doorstep in wooden crates for safety. You do not need to pay any shipping charges.

BOSS is reputed in California for offering innovative and best value tiny home solutions. Our kits are very affordable, so that you can build a tiny house whenever you need it. Apart from a studio, we offer kits that help you to build a home office, cabin, in-law suite, play space, etc. We are the largest tiny house manufacturers in the US, offering tiny house shells for sale. Request us for a quote.

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Sophia built an ADU for her ill mother all because she wanted the old lady to stay with the family

Sophia was bringing her mom back and now she decided to keep her mom in Sophia’s house. This was indeed a great idea because now her mom is not keeping well but she worried that her house is really small and she has kids who are extremely naughty. Thinking that apart from enjoying the grandchildren, the old lady would also like to rest and have her own space.

Sophia was bringing her mom back and now she decided to keep her mom in Sophia’s house. This was indeed a great idea because now her mom is not keeping well but she worried that her house is really small and she has kids who are extremely naughty. Thinking that apart from enjoying the grandchildren, the old lady would also like to rest and have her own space. Now, she was a single mother and managing the expenses she could not afford to get an apartment of her own and it was not even possible to shift her mother to any other place which would be far from Sophia’s home.  Discussing with a friend who already chose a tiny house solution from BOSS, she called us for the same. We have experts here to take care of your requirements, looking into the matter we suggested she build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) attached to her existing house.

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Well, she considered it as a pretty cost-saving solution and she could keep her mom beside her and when she would go to work the mother would not feel very lonely because the kids would be back from school and the kids would be home during holidays. We suggested Sophia to invest in the most modern BOSS invention, the Tiny House Shell Plus kit. We are the leading suppliers of tiny house kits in the US and we manufacture various types of kits and offer according to your requirements. This new kit is manufactured after a lot of research implementing newer technologies.

So, Sophia invested in Shell Plus, she took the help of her son who is already a teenager to install the kit and the entire process took on 3 days so now you know how less time it takes to install a modern tiny house shell kit. The kit is available in two sizes, 8.5’ x 20’ and 8.5’ x 26’ and the prices are $9995 and $12995 respectively. Sophia always had a budget constraint but this time she happily invested in the bigger one, also because we were ready to offer a financing aid for it. She was amazed to receive the facility and BOSS kits are also quite affordable and we care for your requirements and we try to ensure that anyone who needs a tiny house would be able to get it immediately and you can pay us in installments without any interest. Now, she implemented her ideas and wanted us to customize the ADU so that the space is ideal for her mother, she can live and relax.

The kit was of much help because it came with an already existing plumbing and electrical systems. The kit after installation creates a spacious ADU and all amenities exist which makes it ideal for living. The ceiling is vaulted and well-insulated, the roof is insulated as well and snow load tested. It has pre-cut walls and frames which make installation easier, the walls are vinyl coated.  Sophia was very content with the security factor, the Shell Plus kit has steel doors with deadbolt locks and double-pane windows that are lockable.

Now like Sophia if you also wish to have your own ADU, cabin, home office or play space for kids, choose tiny house shells for sale. The Shell Plus kit is very easy to install, it’s one of the most preferred DIY transformable kits. Our tiny house shell kits are of the highest value and we are known for offering the most affordable yet effective tiny house shell kit. We are very careful when shipping is concerned; all our kits are shipped in wooden crates to ensure the kit reaches in proper condition without damage. Request BOSS for a quote.
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Tiny House Play Space For The Working Adult To Unwind And Relax

Do not allow work pressure to get over you. Create a relaxation space for yourself where you can rejuvenate and forget about the stresses of the day.

Do not allow work pressure to get over you. Create a relaxation space for yourself where you can rejuvenate and forget about the stresses of the day. At BOSS, we provide tiny house shells for sale that can help you build a play space within 3 days or maximum 4, if you like to take the building process slow.

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Yes even adults can have their kind of play space, a corner to enjoy some entertainment, unwind and relax. The play space can be a man or woman cave, or if you are married, it can be you and your spouse’s hideout where you will be away from the kids and all the pressures of life. If you have been feeling a bit of lost love with your spouse, a DIY play space building project might be just the thing you two need to reconnect and have fun.

BOSS shell plus kit is delivered in a wooden crate. When you open the crate, you will find that the panels and frames are already pre-cut. We have done this for you so that installing and assembling the parts together will not be a problem. You can think of it like solving a jigsaw puzzle and it is so much fun doing it alone or with someone.

The shell plus kits come with pre-cut frames, the exterior and interior walls, ceiling and panels of our shell plus product is insulated. So, building an environment-friendly relaxation space is possible and it is also possible to save on your energy bills. With our shell plus kit, your play space will have a comfortable temperature and there’s no need to spend extra on installing heating or cooling systems.

As for the doors and windows, our kit comes with lockable windows and doors so that you are safe inside. You can also build your play space on the foundation in your backyard or on wheels by using a new or used trailer.  Last, but not the least, our kit comes with plumbing and electrical packages. You just have to tell us where your supply line will be placed and we will personalize the kit for you.

To put it simply, our shell plus kit will give you the structure that you need to create a play space within 3 days if two people are installing it. Once you have got all the parts together and built the play space, the next step is to decorate the space. You can decorate it your way and include a small dinette area, a small kitchen and a functional bathroom. If you plan to sleep over sometimes, you can even roll in a bed, but remember it will take up space. We would suggest a sofa-cum-bed if you are not planning to use the play space as a living area, but just somewhere to chill. Make sure to leave space to bring in your foosball table, PlayStation, a big wall-mounted TV to watch games and a mini-fridge filled with cold beverages.

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If you are looking to build a spacious play space, we would suggest that you get our 8.5’x26’ shell plus kit. However, if there is not enough space in your backyard, you can opt for our 8.5’x20’ shell plus kit, this one is slightly smaller.

At BOSS, we not just provide tiny house shell kit, but also creative design ideas. So, do not hesitate to reach out and discuss your play space project. Request us for a quote.

Heather’s interior design consultancy firm is now a reality – All thanks to BOSS’ DIY shell plus kit

Not everyone is cut out for the 9 to 5 desk job, not everyone likes to have a boss or travel to the office daily.

Not everyone is cut out for the 9 to 5 desk job, not everyone likes to have a boss or travel to the office daily. One fine example is Heather, a lady who was passionate about starting her own studio. 

Heather was going to be made partner in a well-known interior design firm in New York, but she thought that she had enough. She wanted to come back to California and start a design firm of her own. Unfortunately, however, fancy her job position was, the pay wasn’t enough to rent out a high-end office space and start her business. But, she had already turned in her resignation and there was no turning back. 

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Once back home in California, she started searching for office spaces to rent. She hit a dead end every time she liked a property, either due to the high monthly rental or because of the distance from her home. When she was on the verge of giving up, her friend suggested BOSS. We were extremely happy to get a call from her and walked her through our tiny house shell plus kit.

Our shell plus product comes in two sizes and she chose the 8.5’x26’ variant over the 8.5’x20’ one as she wanted a spacious office. She told us that she was particularly happy about how environment-friendly our shell plus kits were. If you are wondering why, it is because our kit comes with insulated panels and walls. So, when the exterior and the interior walls and panels are insulated, you can save on energy bills. The insulated walls will keep you comfortable throughout the year. 

Heather was a bit concerned about the robustness of the roof before she committed to buy a tiny house shell from us, but we assured her that the roof of our shell plus kit has gone through rigorous testing. We have put it through the snow load test to make sure that the roof is strong enough to handle adverse weather conditions. Our tests have revealed that the roof can withstand 30 lbs/sq ft of snow. 

Another interesting fact about our DIY shell plus kit is the high ceiling. Very few tiny house providers can offer you that. The high ceiling can accommodate two to three tall people and as she plans to hire some associates to work under her, this arrangement seemed perfect to her. 

So, Heather went through our tiny house shell for sale and ordered herself a kit, which we shipped out to her immediately in a wooden crate. The shell plus kit arrived in one piece and as she opened the crate, she found that the frames and panels were already pre-cut. We do this so that the installation process becomes hassle-free. 

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Heather took 3 days to assemble our tiny house shell plus kit and she made use of her creativity to breathe life into her workspace, which has a small dinette area, a dedicated space to entertain her clients and a fully functional bathroom. As she is an interior designer and this space was going to be her workplace, she designed it beautifully so that clients will be impressed with what she has done. Heather also mentioned to the BOSS professionals exactly where she needed the electrical and plumbing supply line, and we customized it for her. 

If you also want to create something like Heather, contact BOSS. 


Susanne and Tim has plans of expanding their family and this is why they are making prior arrangements by installing an ADU using the BOSS Shell Plus

Welcome their second one. Meanwhile, Tim’s mom is not keeping very well and now wishes to stay with her son.

Welcome their second one. Meanwhile, Tim’s mom is not keeping very well and now wishes to stay with her son. They already have an apartment that is not so spacious and meeting the space requirement is something Susanne is very much concerned about. They were looking for small house kits for sale as they were planning to have an Accessory Dwelling Unit.

Design Yours

When they spoke to the BOSS consultants for the first time they mentioned that one of their very close friends did inform them about BOSS Tiny House. We are reputed for being the solution provider to all tiny house requirements, designing tiny house kits. BOSS has introduced the new and the very advanced Shell Plus, a DIY transformable kit that you can install fast and simple. You need two people to install, Susanne and Tim built their ADU together and they completed the installation in only three days. ADU is a secondary house which is built next to your primary building, the space for the building could be your yard or driveway. An ADU is very essential to keep your kids or old parents secure and it also gives much-needed privacy. 

The new Shell Plus kit is engineered for a DIY project, you can build your own tiny house and the kit is very simple to install. You do not need to hire any professional builder or contractor; you can assemble it yourself using the manual. Unlike this sporty couple, if you are not very confident about the DIY approach, you can hire a contractor. Once installed it’s ready to move in.

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They were very happy to discover that this kit comes with unique livable ideas, just perfect for residing. It has a bedroom planned, a spacious kitchen, a dining area, a proper-sized bathroom, an optional loft, utility space and more. The roof is made of steel, insulated and snow load tested, the walls have soft vinyl texture also insulated, there is enough security because the windows are double-pane and lockable and the steel doors have deadbolt locks.


The kit is available in two sizes and the price varies as well, you can choose the smaller one 8.5’x 20’’ or the slightly bigger one 8.5’x 26, the prices are $9995 and $12995 respectively. Tim and his wife decided to get the smaller one as that would suffice their space requirement. This kit can be used to build a tiny house on a foundation and on wheels. 

BOSS is happy to help many families that need a secondary home, our Shell Plus kit is successful in making dreams come true. You can build your dream cabin, ADU, home studio, play space or office. BOSS is the leader in designing Built-on-site systems and committed to designing the best value small house kits for sale. We would like to hear from you, get in touch with our sales team for queries. Request us for a quote and we will send it within one day.

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MobileTiny House- Your Ultimate Solution For Compact Living

Are you looking for a portable housing option because you are a frequent traveler? Tiny houses on wheels are the best idea one can implement in recent times.

Are you looking for a portable housing option because you are a frequent traveler? Tiny houses on wheels are the best idea one can implement in recent times. Getting a free house was never this easy; people always knew about usual static homes and even static tiny homes was introduced. But now, you also have moving tiny houses, and many are following this trend. With the change of times, people are rushing more into moveable housing systems, and the demand for such homes is rapidly increasing.

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Why Choose Tiny Houses Over Anything Else?

The advantages are plenty when you are the owner of a tiny home, especially a portable one. Not only do these houses come in versatile designs and types, but they are pretty compact and portable as well. You have the freedom to choose whether you invest in a static or mobile home. You can never build a usual brick house by yourself, but for tiny houses, you can assemble it on your own using small house kits for sale. Choose a kit that is all-inclusive, comes with all necessary building components. If you are not willing to do it yourself, some professionals are always ready to help you out with the on-site construction.They do not charge you a fortune because it takes the least time to assemble a tiny house.

Things Included In The Tiny House Plans

You need to take note of some factors while building tiny houses. Those who hire professionals don’t need to worry about the tiny house plans. The professional plans are a combination of eco-friendliness and modern facilities which increases the appeal and makes your property environment-friendly. For those who want to save some of the cost, the tiny house shells can be beneficial. These shells help in doing the base work of the tiny homes, thus keeping you from the trouble of hiring professionals. Once you have the shells ready, you can choose to add interiors of your choice. All plans are not the same. Therefore you need to decide which plan you are looking for.  

Materials play an important role

Planning is most important, but you cannot ignore the use of quality materials. Another chief factor to consider would be the materials used. You always need to use the best quality materials for the construction of tiny houses. The exterior and interior of these homes have equal importance. Apart from that, another big part of planning is the proper positioning of the elements in the house can ensure that there is free space to move in.

Building The Tiny House By Yourself

Most people would pretty much enjoy constructing their own tiny house on wheels. Explore BOSS Tiny House as we are the leading manufacturer tiny house kits. With affordable tiny home kits, give shape your dreams of building a home within budget.

What BOSS suggests

Regardless of the size of your family, you can reside in tiny houses that fit your requirements. Naturally, mobile dwellings tend to be more compact because you have to move with it and it has to fit in a trailer. So, given the advancement of modern homes, investing in a DIY tiny house project might be a suitable option if you wish to put your hands in building your dream house. Planning is very important while building tiny house, so your plans ready before you dive into the project.

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Tips for Building a Tiny House – Hire the Experts at BOSS Tiny House

As property pricing is soaring high every year, recently tiny house has become a trendy concept. Tiny houses are a very flexible mode of living; it could be an off-the-grid retreat or an abode to dwell very economically.

As property pricing is soaring high every year, recently tiny house has become a trendy concept. Tiny houses are a very flexible mode of living; it could be an off-the-grid retreat or an abode to dwell very economically. The tiny house movement aims that every family or individual can afford a home. Among so many companies, BOSS Tiny House California has earned immense reputation in manufacturing premium small home kits and complete homes as well. The company is also well known for offering valuable tips for building a tiny house.

So, here are the six best tips you need to remember while building and designing a tiny house:

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A structured plan ensures a well-planned structure

The plan is the most critical part of any building, be it a huge or a small one. A tiny house is nothing without a structured plan because of every square foot of space matters. If you plan your space well, you can enjoy comfortable living in a compact area. For instance, you can use sliding doors to save space and also do not install unnecessary doors. You can also maximize window space also keeping in mind the insulation. We are not selling plans though; you can have a discussion with us and look for plans online or create a unique plan. You can also plan to bring in the natural light and get some outdoor view, and you won’t feel claustrophobic.

Did you check the local codes and laws before designing?

Tiny houses are mostly built on trailers, and you do not need to gather building permits. Many people prefer a tiny house on wheels because it’s a portable solution and not just a small house. The local laws vary from one locality to the other, so you should check the laws before you start designing. It will help you better in deciding the size of a tiny house and stay updated about the regulations.

Do not forget the roof and foundation

The foundation is a significant factor while designing a tiny house. The first decision you need to make is whether you want a static home or a portable one? Tiny houses can also be built on concrete foundations, stilts, beam, and skids. Decide which foundation you would be using for your tiny home, the roof design is also fundamental, mainly if you live in an area that receives the right amount of snowfall.

The weight matters

When building and designing a tiny house, the weight plays an important role. If you are planning a transportable home, BOSS uses excellent quality light-weight materials. If your home is built on a trailer, do consider the ‘tongue weight,’ which is the load in front of the trailer as well as at the back.  At BOSS we have experts who keep the weight in mind and design the best for you. This is why you need to take expert advice or hire only professionals.

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You can also buy tiny house shells

If you do not wish to build a tiny house, you can also choose from the range of entire homes. We also offer tiny house shells for sale; these are individual units that come with doors, windows, roofing, and flooring. We also customize the interiors and provide an electrical and plumbing system. In case you are interested in only buying the four walls and a roof; you can always do that for cost-cutting and do the interiors yourself.

BOSS offers customized of tiny houses

Living in a tiny house does not mean you are leading a tiny life; in fact, you have an experience full of freedom. Have a tiny house of your dreams; live happily in your dream home. For tiny house related queries, consult the BOSS experts, and we assure you an affordable solution.

Why choose a professional for building a compact tiny house

The concept of tiny houses is getting popular with time, a lot of people are following this new trend. It saves space, saves your pocket, therefore a smarter idea than paying someone else’s mortgage.

The concept of tiny houses is getting popular with time, a lot of people are following this new trend. It saves space, saves your pocket, therefore a smarter idea than paying someone else’s mortgage. Why rent a house if does not attribute to your future? Why go hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to pay off a house for the next few decades? This is why many people these days decide to buy tiny house kits; it is an affordable and realistic solution.

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However, tiny houses in current markets are pre-built and luxurious, which is counterintuitive to the affordability model. It is a good deal to build one from scratch. Not only is it less expensive, but you get to choose your designs, and there are other benefits as well. You are probably not a building expert, better leave it to the professionals because mistakes can be costly. That is why tiny house kits are the solution, they provide the customization you want but allow an expert to build.

Are you still in doubt whether to hire professionals or you can manage it yourself? There are a handful of reasons as to why you could hire professionals for building tiny houses. In case you don’t have background with electricity or plumbing, you might want to build the tiny house on your own, and have an electrician and plumber do the utilities. There are many tiny house shells for sale at the BossTinyHouse store where you can build the structure and add utilities separately. So, here are the top reasons to seek a pro.

Professionals Have Experience

One of the most important arguments that we have here for you is that the professionals might have more experience than you do in building the tiny houses. The main reason to hire a professional is because the job may be dangerous. With years of dealing with building, they have a clear idea of what people want, they will take less time in completing the project, and do a safer job.

Professionals Have More Tools

If you choose to build a house on your own, then you need to get the small home kits containing a set of tools and materials that you might require. However, sometimes limited tools might not be sufficient, and you would need to buy expensive tools you hardly use! The professionals have different types of advanced tools, and they know how to use each one of them.

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You Could Make Mistakes

Well, since it is your DIY project to build a tiny house, it natural that you could be making individual mistakes and it takes a lot to rebuild. Why choose this pain? When you hire professionals, they handle your project responsibly without errors.

Final words

Well, now you know the reasons to hire professionals for the tiny house building process. Visit Boss Tiny House, and we are here to take care of all your issues and give you the affordable high-quality home you are looking for.