Working From Home is the trend – Now be the BOSS inside the tiny house shell kit

Covid-19 has taught us that working from home (WFH) can still work out. Businesses have reopened, but many offices haven’t.

Covid-19 has taught us that working from home (WFH) can still work out. Businesses have reopened, but many offices haven’t. The pandemic has everyone locked at home and many professionals find it safer to work from their own space. But with children and other family members around, it does get disturbing at times. Do you miss your quiet work environment? You can have that tiny space of your own, where you can “be the boss”. Get a tiny house shell and turn the space into your workstation. You can have that ideal environment for yourself and the best way would be to connect with BOSS Tiny House. At our store you would find a variety of tiny home kits

So, what is the tiny house shell kit?

Building a DIY tiny house is a simple process using BOSS tiny house kits. A lot of entrepreneurs have chosen tiny house shell kits initially to start off with their venture. A BOSS tiny house shell is spacious enough and comes in two sizes: 6’x 40′ and 24’x 80’. 

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Customize your needs

If you require a bigger space, get the 24’x 80’ sized affordable tiny house kits and work from your home at your pace. You can have other clients or employees visiting your home office. 4-5 people together can have a meeting inside. You can also customize the tiny home and create a haven of your very own – comfortable, serene, calm or lively, fun and entertaining – whatever your taste and preference might be. The DIY cabin would give you enough clamless to concentrate on your work. 

3-year warranty with pre-installed electrical and plumbing fittings

BOSS stands for ‘Built on Site System’ and provides you with an easy-to-assemble, DIY space that can be built within 3 days. The DIY kit requires only 2 people to assemble the tiny home kit. These homes come with a 3-year warranty and have pre installed electrical and plumbing fittings. The spacious 16’x 40′ affordable tiny house kits come in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and finishing. You can get them built at your preferred location either on wheels or on foundation. 

Safety and security

The best thing about the tiny house shell is that they are very secure and safe to live in. The steel panel structures come with ASTM engineering certification and ensure the sturdiness of the tiny home. The doors and windows have secure locks that offer complete safety. 

Avail the tiny house loan

We have good news for you! Now avail the Tiny House Loan and become an owner. The loan takes a few minutes to get approved post checking the eligibility. We ship the tiny house kits in wooden crates so that it reaches safely to your site. 

Want to discuss more about BOSS Tiny Homes? Then, get in touch with our professional contractors and start talking about your tiny home.

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Tiny House Shell Kit – Live Life King Size!

This pandemic has spoiled all the plans of going on a vacation with your family and friends.

This pandemic has spoiled all the plans of going on a vacation with your family and friends. Even the kids do not have a safe place to play. The scare of the virus has wreaked havoc and no place seems like a safe place. The new viral strain has made things all the scarier. But staying indoors is driving kids’ nuts. The fear is logical, but that shouldn’t be the reason why you should not venture out and have fun. Tiny house shell kit is the best option for you and your family to venture out and stay safe; even during these trying times.  

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But again you must be wondering how these simple and affordable tiny house kits can serve your purpose. Read on and get to know how you can turn things around and live the best days of your life.

Play House on Wheels:

Wouldn’t it be great if your kids get the real fun of a PlayStation on wheels? The playground is an ideal place, no doubts on that. But for indoor games and stuff you do need more space and definitely a clean and safe one. The tiny home kits are a great alternative and can make the best play stations for your kids. Children thrive on cognitive play things. They love things that would interest them and make them curious. When the lockdown drains the child of this cognitive thinking spark, then a tiny house shell is the place for your child and his friends to take refuge.

A shell to shield your child:

The tiny house shell is surely the best thing that you might have discovered in 2021. It’s a shell to shield your child from the virus and also to protect the kid from unwanted elements. All this happens, without disrupting the playtime. Sounds great, right! With a durable steel roof and the capacity to take snow loads of 30lbs, the home kit comes with a 3 year warranty. The vertical paned windows and the upper windows ensure that the kids get a view of the outside world, without fear of jumping off the window. There are only single windows and all the windows are at the upper plane. 

Design your child’s very own playground:

Yes, you read it right! At Boss you are the Boss and you get the chance to design your child’s very own playground. You can pick the horizontal slide window or the vertical slide window. Some parents are fond of the loft windows, which again is possible, thanks to the DIY feature of our affordable tiny house kits. The interiors can also be designed as per your choice. Whether you are asking for a ‘natural walnut’ or a ‘dark walnut’ – the interiors look ridiculously awesome with the premium quality material provided.

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Complete Plumbing and Electrical Systems:

Lastly, the best part of tiny homes is that the electrical and plumbing systems are updated and the look is clean and plush. The setup is a complete one and there is simply no room for complaints and slip-ups. With the best design choices and upgraded features the DIY tiny homes are the best resort for your family and the kids to have a gala time together. 

Still thinking? Then, think no more. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to design your child’s happy zone.

Diana built a playspace for her kids using the Shell Plus kit

Diana and her family stay in a small home. She has just started working from home.

Diana and her family stay in a small home. She has just started working from home. This is the time when she felt that her home does not have sufficient space. Both her sons were also finding it difficult to play or spend their time with their neighbor’s kids inside the house. 

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The yard is very safe, but she could not allow the kids to play outdoors all the time. So, this year she was thinking of having a separate play space for their kids. She had her work inside the house to not have alone the office set up outside the house. She also asked suggestions from her friends; some suggested she move into a bigger home. But she did not have that big budget. She just started getting back to work again after a few years. 

But most of them told her to look for tiny homes; this is considered an affordable solution in the USA. Tiny homes are extremely popular in the West, and their popularity is increasing everyday. Space is such a constraint, and property prices have soared up very high. Tiny homes are a DIY solution that can help you have a decent amount of space within your budget. 

Affordable DIY tiny house kits:

Now, Diana was convinced that she found us after she researched and asked people to recommend a popular tiny house kit manufacturer. BOSS in the USA manufactures 

DIY tiny house kits that are easy to install. It’s been over a year that we have launched the Shell Plus kit. This kit is easy to install and takes only 3 days for 2 people to complete the installation. Our kits are ideal for building cabins, play space for kids, home offices, in-law suits, etc. The Shell Plus kit is ideal for building tiny house kits on wheels and a foundation. 

The two varying sizes of tiny homes:

Diana and her friend decided to assemble this DIY kit. They completed the installation on time and saved both time and money. But, if you are reluctant to install the kit yourself, you can hire contractors to do it yourself. The Shell Plus kit’s two different sizes are 8.5″ x 20’’available at $9,995, and 8.5″ x 26″ for $12,995. The Shell Plus kits come with plumbing and electrical  systems pre-installed. The interior is also very spacious; it has a vaulted ceiling, a master room, a bathroom, kitchen, dining space, and an optional loft. 

Do you have similar plans like Diana?

We have a huge client base, most of our clients are satisfied with our tiny home kits. You can visit our website to study and get more information. Choose BOSS tiny home kits; we manufacture quality products that ensure long-term use with complete safety. The kits are shipped very carefully in wooden crates so that it reaches your place in proper condition. Make your tiny house dreams come true by investing in BOSS kits; request a quote.

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Build your home office with the BOSS Tiny House Shell Plus kit

Working from home is the new trend, especially during the COVID 19 pandemic, and this trend would be on the rise.

Working from home is the new trend, especially during the COVID 19 pandemic, and this trend would be on the rise. Many young enthusiasts do not have sufficient funds to rent space for their office, so they create a home office. In all, modern home office solutions are growing and are here to stay. These days everything is online and based on cloud technology, so it hardly matters where you are working. So, are you also planning to set up a home office and have the required space? It is excellent if you have empty yard space. 


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Easy-to-assemble tiny home solutions: 

Heard of tiny homes? It is not as tiny as you think because BOSS Tiny Homes have made dreams come true; we have helped many entrepreneurs live their dream. BOSS Tiny House, we are based in California, and we are the largest manufacturer of affordable tiny house kits. Our kits are easy-to-assemble, and come with lucid instructions. We manufacture various types of kits ideal for building tiny homes for different purposes. Please consult with our experts, discuss your requirements with us, and suggest the ideal kit.


DIY transformable kit from BOSS:

If building a home office is on your mind, nothing would be better than the Shell Plus kit. This is the latest and the most modern tiny house kit that we recommend to our clients. This is a DIY transformable kit and is extremely affordable. Our kit is based on a 3 years warranty as well. Our kits are made from the highest quality and certified steel; it’s used to build a tiny home on foundation and trailer. 


The BOSS Tiny House Loan:

At BOSS, we have and are still catering to so many customers to be very familiar with the issues. One such is the budget constraint, and BOSS helps you to overcome this challenge. We have introduced the BOSS Tiny House Loan ideal for those who cannot afford the cash to own tiny home kits for sale. We help you own a tiny house when you need it, and this is why clients prefer BOSS. Clients are our priority, and we will never let you down. Utilize your yard space by investing in our kits; we offer easy financing solutions. We run an eligibility check to ensure that you are eligible for the financing, and the loan gets approved in less than 5 minutes. So, apply for it and take home the kit.


Shell Plus kit available in two different sizes:

The installation process is easy; it takes only 3 days to install the kit if two people are doing it together. If you cannot initiate DIY, hire a reputed local contractor for building onsite. The Shell Plus kit is available in two sizes: 8.5’x 20’ for $9995, and the bigger one is 8.5’ x 26’ for $12995. It also comes with electricals and plumbing facilities pre-installed. 


Request for a quote:

BOSS is reputed for manufacturing and supplying best value kits; one such is the tiny house shell kit. We also boast of an interactive customer care team attending all your queries. Talk to the BOSS experts, request for a quote.

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The new entrepreneur Tim had a smile on his face – He set up his home office by installing BOSS Shell Plus kit

Tim is now just setting up his own business, and he is a struggling entrepreneur. He was planning to rent a space to set up his small office.

Tim is now just setting up his own business, and he is a struggling entrepreneur. He was planning to rent a space to set up his small office. But when he dived into doing that for reality, he realized that the rents do not match his budget. At one point in time, he felt that he would not pursue his venture, but he had already given up on his full-time job and was clueless. One of his close friends suggested he invest in tiny house kits for sale.

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A lot of new entrepreneurs could relate to this situation. Yes, the challenge is a big part of it, but the BOSS helps to initiate the venture by designing home office kits. Here, you do not need to move to any other place; you can operate from home while your small team can also do it from their home or call 2-3 people to your space. We offered a tiny house kit proposal to Tim and tried to calculate the budget as per his requirements. We suggested the very new and modern Shell Plus kit, which he could assemble in his yard. We also showed him success stories of how other clients are doing so well in their business. Some still own a tiny house and are continuing, while some have expanded hugely. We have helped so many entrepreneurs live their dreams by offering tiny house shells for sale. 

BOSS Tiny House is the leading company in the USA that designs and manufactures tiny home kits. If you talk to us about your requirements or show us your plan, we suggest you the ideal kit. It has not been long that we launched the Shell Plus kit with unique beneficial features. Using this kit, you can build not only a home office, but also ADU, studio, in-law suite, play space, cabins, and more. This is a DIY transformable kit that comes with a 3 years warranty. It’s very hassle-free to install, it takes only 3 days for 2 people to do the installation. Tim installed the kit with his best friend, and they shared images where they seemed to have fun doing that. The best thing about this kit is that we have designed it for DIY enthusiasts. We give you sets of straightforward instructions that you can follow and install faster. If you cannot assemble it yourself for any reason, we would ask you to hire a contractor for on-site assembling.

The Shell Plus kit is available in two different sizes, 8.5’’ x 20’ and another a little more spacious 8.5’ x 26’, and the prices are $9995 and $12995, respectively. The kit comes with pre-installed plumbing and electricals installed. The interior is spacious, both the inside walls, roof and the exterior are well insulated. There are many more features that you can discover from our website. 

BOSS Shell Plus kits are transported in wooden crates for utmost safety. We are grateful to all our clients for trusting us, it’s because we get the power to create. Tim was happy as he could kick-start his venture. Even you can be a part of the BOSS family, have a consultation with us and drive away space crunch worries. We offer the best value tiny home kits.

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Simona invested in the BOSS Shell Plus kit to build her own ADU in her yard

Simona wanted to have a bigger space; she could not decide immediately as she did have a limited budget.

Simona wanted to have a bigger space; she could not decide immediately as she did have a limited budget. She shared her concerns with her colleagues, and she came to know about BOSS Tiny House. She immediately started researching the internet for a tiny home, and she could find out that it’s a budget solution, something that she could easily opt for. She visited our BOSS website, saw the various models, and finally called our experts for a consultation. 

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At BOSS, we welcome clients for consultation; we know that you could have various queries. We suggested Sim invest in an ADU, accessory dwelling unit. She was staying in her own home, thus attaching an ADU was the easiest for her. If you are living in an apartment, installing ADU kits is not a feasible option. Now she could use her yard in building that extra shelter. We introduced her to the very modern and innovative Shell Plus kit. Simona was impressed that it’s incredibly affordable and can be installed DIY, which would save some cost. Also, the kit comes with a 3 years warranty. 


Install your ADU kit in only 3 days – have someone to help you

She immediately thought of attaching an ADU, the idea was a super hit, and she wanted to confirm the kit she wanted and the payment process. But now we know that many of you have a budget constraint and good news for the clients. BOSS is offering the Tiny House Loan; it gets approved within a few minutes. It’s a comfortable financing option for the clients so that all can own a tiny house just when they require it. You can order our kits online, and the kits are shipped in wooden crates. Simona was happy to receive the kit in good condition, and it took her 3 days to install the structure with the help of her family. It is very easy to install the kit; any layman can do it within a short time. But in case you have no plans to install it yourself, you can hire a contractor to do it for you. BOSS kits have a built-on-site system, so they install it on your site. 


The salient features of the Shell Kit:

Using the Shell Plus kit, you can build a tiny house of your choice for your purpose. Apart from an ADU, you can erect a studio, home office, play zone for kids, a comfortable cabin, in-law suite, and more. So, here is taking a look at some of the essential features of the kit:

  • The interior is very spacious
  • The steel is well insulated 
  • The kit comes with pre-fitted electrical and plumbing fixtures
  • Built-on-site systems and easy installation in 3 days
  • There are off-grid options that have extra water-tanks. 


We give you size options – our kits are affordable

Simona asked us the cost to build an ADU, so we gave her two choices. She could invest in the bigger size kit that measures 8.5′ x 26 and is available at $12995. Also, we have a smaller size of 8.5′ x 20′ at $9995. You can choose the one that fits your requirements and budget. 

 Do you have an ADU plan ready, we can help you to choose the right ADU kit? BOSS offers the best value kits to the customers.

Refer to the website to know more about the interior and exterior of the Shell Plus it. Request us for a quote.

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Read to know how Morgan has built his own home office with a Shell Plus kit

A few months back, we got a call from Morgan, an aspiring businessman who wanted to have his own office space now. We understand that finance is the biggest constraint for new entrepreneurs. This is why he finally called BOSS for a solution.

A few months back, we got a call from Morgan, an aspiring businessman who wanted to have his own office space now. We understand that finance is the biggest constraint for new entrepreneurs. This is why he finally called BOSS for a solution. He has seen it all that the rents are pretty huge and he can’t spend so much money now. Now to give flight to his dreams, he wanted to discuss the advantages of owning a tiny house. We suggested he invest in the Shell Plus kit to build office space in his yard. BOSS manufactures affordable tiny house shell that can be built on-site. 

Get Financed

Morgan searched the BOSS website; he spent time in researching, he read the testimonials and noted that there is an excellent review from so many customers. BOSS has a dedicated team of experts who continuously research modern-day kits and the prospects. The Shell Plus kit is ideal for building a home office, a cabin, in-law suite, studio, ADU, play space of kids, and more. Using the Shell Plus kit, Morgan could build a home office where 3-4 people could easily work.  

When he discussed the budget with us and how he is planning this start-up, we also suggested that he apply for the BOSS Tiny House home loan. The loan can get approved in just a few minutes; we do an eligibility test; once you are eligible for it, you are entitled to this financing. This facility is for those clients who need a shell kit but have financial constraints. At BOSS, we feel that all those who need a tiny space should be able to own it. Many customers interested in tiny house shells for sale feel relieved due to this aid, and Morgan was no exception.  

Morgan built a compact office space himself; he helped his friend complete the installation. It took both of them just 3 days to complete the assembling. The Shell Plus is impressive, it’s a DIY transformable and high-quality kit that is easy to assemble. In case you feel reluctant about assembling it yourself or do not find anyone to assist you, do not panic. You can always hire contractors within your budget who will build-on-site. 

The kit comes in two sizes, 8.5″ x 20′ and the other, which is slightly bigger, 8.5′ x 26′ available at $9995 and $12995, respectively. Some of the outstanding features of this kit are the insulated interior. Exterior walls, an insulated roof that is tested with snow-load, pre-cut frames for installation, also have a big living space, secure doors and windows, a dining space, a bathroom, a bathroom space, a utility space, and an optional loft. The kit comes with an already installed plumbing and electrical facility. 

Do you have a similar kind of requirement or anything different that you wish to discuss with us? Have a consultation with us; we also offer customized solutions based on your needs. We can suggest a solution that meets your budget and requirement. Buy a tiny house shell kit from BOSS; it comes with a 3 years warranty; there are designs you can choose from. The kits are transported in wooden crates for safety.

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