Sim and Joe built an ADU and attached it to their house before welcoming their newborn

Sim and Joe were then would-be parents for the first time who were looking for a new home. Sim stopped working; the income of the family went down to some extent.

Sim and Joe were then would-be parents for the first time who were looking for a new home. Sim stopped working; the income of the family went down to some extent. Joe was under pressure, just before he was about to welcome a new baby, he had to accumulate enough funds. He was looking for a solution; he discussed his requirements with his colleagues and friends. Finally, Joe got an answer, building a tiny house. Joe had to search for companies that manufacture tiny house kits. He took the help of the internet to search for tiny house kit suppliers and finally came across BOSS. Joe discussed the plan with Sim, and she agreed to build one.

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Do you know what an ADU is? It is known as an accessory dwelling unit that you can add to your existing home. If you live in an apartment, it is not possible to add this unit, but if it is your own home, you can always invest in an ADU instead of renting a new home. This is one of the most cost-saving options we suggested to the couple. He reached BOSS for a consultation, and we showed them the unique and modern Shell Plus kit. This is the most affordable and DIY transformable kit that any layman can install. We are offering a 3 years limited warranty along with it. The couple wanted to build an ADU because they had all plans of adding extra room for a nanny and Sim’s mom, also having some additional space is a good thing when a newborn arrives. They could also use it as a guest room when they would have more family members for specific occasions. 

After they received the kit, it took both of them just 3 days to complete the installation. But if you are not capable of installing a tiny house, you can choose to hire a contractor who would do it onsite and charge very low. Hire a contractor who is an expert in installing tiny home kits

Post-installation they discovered the benefits, the ADU has a high ceiling, the interior walls are soft, vinyl-coated and insulated, the exterior walls are made of galvanized steel and also insulated, the roof is insulated and snow-load tested has been done before installation, there are pre-cut frames for easy installation. The kit has a spacious room, a decent bathroom, a proper dining area, a kitchen, a utility and storage space, and an optional loft. Safety is one of the biggest concerns, and the BOSS has taken this seriously. The doors are made of steel with deadbolt locks, the windows are double-paned and have a proper locking mechanism. Sim and Joe installed this ADU close to their house in the yard, but you can also choose to install in your driveway so that supervision is possible. This kit is ideal for building on the foundation and trailers. The kits are available in two sizes, 8.5’’ x 20’’and 8.5’’ x 26’’.

Get financing solution from BOSS, you can apply for the BOSS Tiny House loan, and if you are eligible for it, the loan gets approved in the least time. Now you can build your cabin, home office, in-law suites, play area, etc. using the Shell Plus kit. Its time to give wings to your dream by investing DIY tiny house kits. Request us for a quote, and we will send it within one day. 


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William built an in-law suite in his yard space for his mother with the BOSS Shell Plus kit

BOSS has helped many families to unite; we also feel that the aged people should get their family beside them when they need the most.

BOSS has helped many families to unite; we also feel that the aged people should get their family beside them when they need the most. This is the story of William, who wanted to bring back his mother after his father’s death. He realized that it was getting difficult for the older person to lead a life alone, so he was desperately looking for a solution. At times when he was planning to buy a new house, he realized that his budget was not permitted; the rents are so huge now that he could not afford to rent a spacious apartment. He was living in a compact home, which is not very big, but he had a yard space that could be used. His best friend suggested he build a tiny house, as William did not have any idea, he started researching the internet. While looking for companies that offer tiny house kits for sale in California, he found BOSS Tiny House. He booked a consultation with our team and shared his concerns. We suggested he build an in-law suite in the yard, which would be the most feasible solution. 

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William was overwhelmed to see our range of products, considering his requirements, we suggested the Shell Plus kit. It’s a DIY transformable kit that is very affordable, and we are also offering a three-year warranty on the product. William could easily install this kit in his yard, so he immediately agreed to invest. Realizing that he does not have sufficient funds, we offered him our financing option, the BOSS Tiny House Loan. Considering and verifying all essential documents, he qualified for the loan, and now William could take the kit come and pay us in instalments. We are offering this privilege to our customers, and this has helped so many to own a tiny house at the right time. 

William and his wife both took only three days to install the kit; they were amazed to discover the amount of space, the interior, the exterior, which is so ideal for living. This incredible tiny house shell kit is available in two different sizes: 8.5×20’’ available for $9995 and 8.5×26’’, which is available for $12995. Shell Plus has some fantastic features, which include: 

  • Steel construction is durable and insulated 
  • Very spacious interior ideal for living 
  • Can be installed in 3 days by two people
  • Suitable for building on trailer and foundation
  • Comes with electrical and plumbing

The interior of the Shell Plus kit is excellent; the ceiling is tall and vaulted, the roof is installed only after it has passed the snow-load test, it has pre-cut frames and walls for easy installation, the walls are coated with vinyl, the doors are made of steel and have deadbolt locks, the windows are double-paned and lockable. So, William and his family were pleased with the features and the security this kit offered. The interior is worth living; space can accommodate a full-size room, a dining area with a full-size kitchen, a bathroom, a built-in utility room, and a loft or storage space. 

We have got positive reviews from many clients for offering the best value kits. We could bring a smile on their face; we could unite a family. You can browse through our website to know more about tiny house shells for sale. The shipping is done in wooden crates to ensure that the kit reaches your doorstep in good conditions—request BOSS for a quote.

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Start The New Year At Your Own Personal Tiny House

Maybe you have planned a lot of things in the new year but are you going to start this year at your old house?

Maybe you have planned a lot of things in the new year but are you going to start this year at your old house? Why don’t you plan something super-cool this year, like a new home or a creative place to set free your inner artist or yoga guru or just want an exciting work-place? Tiny House Kits can be at your assistance to build your place of salvation.

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Very recently, BOSS has brought in a new type of material for their iconic Tiny Home Kits. This unique material is called Shell-Plus. It is much lighter yet stronger than the previous versions of the main component of Tiny House Kits

Just a few days ago, BOSS launched two new models of Tiny Home Kits. One is 8.5’x20,’ and the other one is 8.5’x26’. Both of the models are exceptionally well suited for foundation mode and trailer mode. If you buy one tiny house kit, you can quickly assemble it in just 3days. BOSS always sends their remarkable tiny home kits packaged inside sturdy wooden crates. Besides, BOSS Tiny House Kits are covered in a 3-year long warranty.

The new material Shell-Plus has gone through many tests and experiments to ensure your BOOS Tiny House Kit should withstand extreme weather conditions. For example, the roofs of every BOSS Tiny Home Kits are tested under 30 lbs/sq ft heavy snow. 

No matter where you live in the USA, the Tiny House Kit manufacturers will provide you the best available tiny house kits.

In these new models, the extremely durable ribbed galvanized steel exterior walls surface and soft textured vinyl coated insulated interior walls will keep you safe from extreme temperature conditions. The Shell Plus material is also used in insulation of the vaulted roofs of each tiny house to enhance the durability.

Every BOSS, tiny house kits are available with electricity and sanitation facilities. Both the 8.5’x20’ and 8.5’x26’ come with a dedicated full-sized rest-rooms. Besides that, you will have enough space for a full-size kitchen cabinet along with a mid-size fridge and a dedicated dining area.

Moreover, the tiny house is spacious enough; it can comfortably accommodate 2-3 people. Tiny houses can also be used as a refuge for your growing kids. Apart from that, you can also ask for extra storage space included in your tiny home kits. It will increase the storage facility of your personal abode. 

Now, if you are concerned about security, let me inform you that every tiny house kits are equipped with steel doors and deadbolt lock mechanism.

If you want to know more about your personal tiny home kits, you can have it here. BOSS is offering double pane lockable sliding windows to ensure you get enough sunlight with security.

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The Built-On Site System of BOSS Tiny House Kits are highly customizable, and you can alter the interior designs as per your choice. The new BOSS line of transformable DIY kits is made of Shell Plus material, which will ensure the longevity of your tiny personal house. With a one-time investment in a BOSS DIY Tiny House Kit, you can enjoy a lifetime of solitude. As the BOSS tiny house kits are made of Shell Plus material, which is light yet extremely sturdy in nature. Besides that, you can also ask for almost infinite customization for your tiny personal house.

Trust BOSS’s affordable shell plus kits when you need an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)

If you are thinking of expanding your family or asking your parents to come live with you, you need to consider building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

If you are thinking of expanding your family or asking your parents to come live with you, you need to consider building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). ADU will be a secondary house sharing the building a lot of your primary house. It can be built in your driveway or the backyard. This will give you the privacy you need while knowing that your children or parents are safe and sound in the secondary house. 

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When it comes to building an ADU, you can check out BOSS’ tiny house kits for sale. Our shell plus kits are specifically designed and engineered to be perfect for DIY projects. You do not need a contractor or professional builder to help you assemble the parts of our shell plus kit. You can assemble them yourself with the help from your wife or friends. However, if a DIY approach is not your cup of tea, we can always connect you to professional contractors who will come out to your building site and complete the job. Typically, our shell plus kit takes 3 days to be assembled and ready to move in. 

Our shell plus kits are made available in 8.5’ X 20’ and also 8.5’ X 26’ specifications. You can make your choice depending on your specific requirements. Also, our shell plus kits are suitable for foundation or it can be on wheels. You can use your old trailer to install a tiny house on wheels. 

BOSS’ shell plus kits have helped several families in need of building an accessory dwelling unit to be used as a secondary house. Recently, we delivered our shell plus kit to the Manson family in California and they used this secondary place as a guest house since their primary home lacked space. They were particularly happy about the insulated exterior and interior walls, and insulated roof that our tiny house shell plus kits provide. As they are concerned about the environment and this way they get to save a lot of energy, they highly recommended our kits to their friends as well. 

But, that’s not all. We also tested the roof against snow load. So, you can rest easy knowing that the roof is robust and it can stand tall against the elements of weather. Also, we have kept the ceiling-high so that tall people do not have to crouch or bend. More features that our shell plus kits come with include deadbolt locks on steel doors and double-pane windows that can be locked. For the ease of DIY enthusiasts, we have pre-cut the walls and frames so that they can be assembled without any hassle. 

With our shell plus kits, you will have enough space for a full-size bedroom, bathroom, and even a kitchen area. You can also have a dining area, but maybe not full-size. Complete with all the plumbing and electrical fixtures, you just have to assemble our kit and decorate it the way you want. 

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Do you want more information about our tiny home kits for sale? Contact BOSS


Fulfill your need of more space with easy-to-assemble tiny house shell kit from BOSS

No need to tamper with the sanctity of your main residence when you feel the need for having more space.

No need to tamper with the sanctity of your main residence when you feel the need for having more space. Turn to BOSS. Our transformable and easy-to-assemble tiny house shell kit can be installed in your backyard and can function as a weekend cabin, home studio, home-office and so on. Our BOSS shell plus kits come with a 3-year warranty and is the most affordable way to get more space to fulfill your dreams. In this blog, we have discussed some of the standout features of our tiny house shell plus kit so that you can make an informed decision.
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BOSS’ shell plus kits are available in two sizes

Keeping in mind that a cabin, workspace or home studio needs space, we have designed our shell plus DIY kits in two specifications – 8.5’ X 20’ and 8.5’ X 26’. Both of these sizes are available in foundation and on wheels. If you choose our shell kit on wheels, you would need to have a trailer. In case you do not have a trailer, we can provide you with a list of trailer suppliers near you.

Our shell kit is equipped with exterior and interior features

BOSS’ team has carefully engineered and designed the shell plus DIY kit range. We have ensured that the kits come with all the robust essentials, such as:

  •         Deadbolt locks steel door and lockable double-pane windows.
  •         Insulated wall panels that help to save energy.
  •         The walls and frames are pre-cut so that they can be installed without any hassle.
  •         The interior walls are soft textured and vinyl-coated.
  •         The steel roof is double insulated and we have also conducted a snow load test to make sure that the roof can stand the onslaught of the weather elements.
  •         The shell kits come with high ceilings that are insulated and vaulted.
  •         The steel exterior wall surface is ribbed galvanized and highly durable.
  •         Built-in utility room.
  •         Electrical and plumbing systems.

As our DIY shell kits are spacious and come with high ceilings, you will have space to install a full-size kitchen and bathroom. Thanks to the high ceiling, two to three tall people can be accommodated easily. You can even have an elevated area to accommodate a full-size bed and there will still be space left for a dinette area. If you are building a tiny home office, you can include two or three chairs, along with a full-size work desk that will have your computer, fax machine and other items of necessity.

So, check out our tiny house shells for sale and talk to us if you have any questions. Ideally, our shell plus kits get assembled within 3 days and you can do it yourself. If you need assistance, we can help you with the planning process. We can help you with the contractor, confirm the location and the position of water, drainage and electric supply line hook-ups. From the preparation stage to the buildout process, you can count on our unwavering support.

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Henry got his tiny house ready by using BOSS tiny home kits – A space where he can play melodious piano

Music and solace goes hand in hand, you cannot practice music in a chaotic environment because it’s an art that needs much concentration. Henry is a musician, a pianist and he was looking for a separate space for practicing music and spending some time. He chose to build a tiny house because he was already aware of the budget.

Music and solace goes hand in hand, you cannot practice music in a chaotic environment because it’s an art that needs much concentration. Henry is a musician, a pianist and he was looking for a separate space for practicing music and spending some time. He chose to build a tiny house because he was already aware of the budget. He lived in a small house along with his kids and pets; you can well imagine the amount of noise they make. He was desperately looking for space also for taking the practice sessions.

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While he was searching the internet for tiny home manufacturers in California, he came across many suppliers. He started researching, asking his friends and came across BOSS Tiny House. He also noticed that BOSS ranked top among all other tiny house kits manufacturers. He reached our office to discuss his requirements and he was impressed by the consultation he had with our team. So, here is the story of this pianist, hope it would inspire you that a tiny house can be so much useful. We suggested him to buy our premium and best value tiny house kits; we offered him kits based on his requirements.

All kits are not equal so it very important that you tell us clearly about your requirements. We supply kits based on what type of tiny house you want and for what purpose. Henry was aiming to   build a tiny house in his yard, a spacious one. He wanted to have much open space and not much clutter, he wanted to have a piano and a few chairs in the master room and that’s it. Yes, the house had all basic amenities and he built it next to the greens. He found it so easy to build a tiny house, our kits are easy to assemble, and we give clear and lucid instructions about how to install and build a tiny house. He planned the interior and we tried to help him, he called upon our experts to offer him a customized interior so that the essence of music echoes from inside. He tried to portray a calm interior and once the room was ready he appreciated us and he also wrote such positive remarks about BOSS on social media too.

To be honest, we also had clients who came to us and offered us Henry’s reference. Like Henry, we offer tiny house solutions to so many people every day and you are glad our clients love it. Building a tiny house is a passion, we wish our clients love to build tiny homes just the way they like it. We specialize in offering customized tiny house kits but if you are still ready to pay for the labor charges and looking for a builder, get in touch with the BOSS team.

This tiny house that Henry built was is unique and absolutely modern, he did join two separate spaces with the help of a single deck that runs through the garden and leads him to the roads, so communicating is easier. Henry loves the tiny house, he can also call over a few of his friends there for a musical session, his students can now learn music, and the space is more than perfect.  We also arranged or proper insulation inside, it’s very important for the winters. He kept the house really simple, minimalistic because it’s a space for music only and in future he has plans of customizing it to a modern music studio.

BOSS is one of the biggest suppliers of tiny house kits on a global basis; discuss with us your tiny house requirements. We help with financing options, if you qualify for it. So, owning a tiny house is no more hassle when the BOSS is there for you.

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