BOSS Tiny House Shell kit is ideal for building your own home office

Home offices are now extremely popular, there is no traveling hassle, and you can dedicate quality time into your work.

Home offices are now extremely popular, there is no traveling hassle, and you can dedicate quality time into your work. Some so many entrepreneurs have their home offices and professional spaces that look like offices. But recently, working from home is a global trend mainly due to this COVID 19 pandemic. So, now both employers and employees everyone has started working from home, and this trend is here to stay. 

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As demand is tremendous, the budget has become a significant factor. More and more people are using their yard spaces to turn it into a home office. BOSS is showing the way; we have so far supplied uncountable tiny home kits for sale. We are the largest supplier of tiny house kits; we are here to understand and fulfill your requirements. We have introduced the BOSS Tiny House Loan because we get calls from plenty of customers who have budget constraints. Since all have the urgency to own a tiny house, we offer secure financing solutions. We are working on aiming that all customers have a tiny house at the time they require. 

It is incredible if you want to set up your own home office and have a spacious yard. BOSS has the very modern and advanced Shell Plus kit, the most recent invention. This kit comes with a 3 years warranty, an easy-to-install DIY transformable solution from BOSS. We would at the first request you get in touch with us for a consultation, visit our office for a discussion about your requirements. We have experts who listen to your requirements and offer the right kind of kit, we also customize. The kit takes only 3 days to install if 2 people are doing the installation. The process is straightforward; you also get a manual to follow the steps; therefore, clients can do it themselves. If you cannot install it yourself due to any reason, you can always hire an expert contractor who can install the kit on-site. This is an advantage of investing in a built-on-site system. Another feature of the kit is that it comes with pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems. You do not have to spend time, money, and effort in getting those installed by another contractor. 

In the new era of social distancing, tiny homes are gaining more and more importance. But BOSS has done everything possible to help many young aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business by supplying home office kits. The Shell Plus kit comes in two sizes 8.5’’ x 26’ and 8.5’’ x 20’; affordability is our key. Now take a look at some of the salient features of this kit:

  • Steel construction and insulated
  • Very spacious interiors 
  • Comes with electrical and plumbing facilities
  • Super easy and simple installation
  • Can build a tiny house on a foundation and the trailer
  • Off-grid choices with extra water-tanks
  • Pre-cut wall and frames for easy installation

In all, your home office would be a comfortable space for 3-4 people working together. Call us and talk to the experts for a home office solution; we know that there are many types of business, and the requirements would vary. We are the best tiny home builders in the US, offering tiny home solutions that are affordable yet unique. Request for a quote.

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Davis is an avid dancer, and he built his first-ever studio himself with the Shell Plus kit

Davis is a western dancer, and now he wishes to start his studio. He lives in a small house with his family, and now he is looking for a space that he can rent within his budget.

Davis is a western dancer, and now he wishes to start his studio. He lives in a small house with his family, and now he is looking for a space that he can rent within his budget. Dance is an art, and it needs peace of mind and space where people can be more creative. 

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He was looking for another option because he was not getting a space within his budget; he felt that the rents are very high. Finally, he had in mind tiny homes because he had one of his friends who built his own home office. Davis called up Popsy and came to know that she got kits from BOSS Tiny House. He immediately browsed the BOSS website for affordable tiny house kits and was impressed. 

BOSS has now introduced the new and very modern Shell Plus kit. This kit is a DIY transformable kit that is easy to assemble and comes with a three-year warranty. We offer various types of tiny home kits for sale, talk to us about your requirements, and choose the right kind of kit. 

We asked Davis how big he wanted his dance studio to be? The Shell Plus kit comes in two sizes, 8.5’x 20’ and 8.5’x26’, available at $9995 and $12995 respectively. He chose the bigger one; some more space would be suitable for a dance studio. Now Davis thanked us for the aid, he immediately got a chance to own a dance studio. The installation takes only three days for two people, so Davis and his wife did it together. If you are planning to own a tiny house and feel that you cannot build it yourself, hire a contractor to make it. Apart from a studio, you can use this kit to build an ADU, home office, in-law suite, cabin, and play space for kids.      

Post-installation, Davis shared a picture of his dance studio, and it was more than perfect. Now he is expanding his venture, which once started with his tiny studio. The interior is very spacious, having a master room; there is a bathroom, dining space, a loft, and a kitchen. The doors and windows are very secure with proper locking mechanisms. The ceiling is vaulted, insulated, and is snow-load tested. The interior wall is vinyl-coated and soft white; the exterior wall is made of galvanized steel; both are insulated. The kit comes with plumbing and electricals already installed.                                                            

BOSS is happy and proud to have so many successful clients, we help make dreams come true. We are the most experienced manufacturers offering affordable small house kits for sale. Now we are renowned for providing the best value tiny house kits. We are providing customized kits to so many customers. If you have something in mind, get in touch with our experts for a discussion, and we also have a sales team that responds fast. BOSS is offering unparalleled customer support. Build a tiny house, order your kit today. Request us for a quote.

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You can build a smart cabin using the BOSS Shell Plus kit – Get a custom quote in a few minutes

You can own a smart, robust cabin within your budget and build it yourself in the yard.

You can own a smart, robust cabin within your budget and build it yourself in the yard. BOSS has manufactured the most affordable DIY transformable Shell Plus kit. This is one of the most modern and advanced small house kits with plumbing and electrical installed. This kit is the easiest to assemble and has an on-site built system. We are the experts in designing tiny home kits for sale for various uses. 

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The Shell Plus comes in two sizes for you, 8.5x 20’’, which is for $9995 and the bigger one 8.5×26,” which is available for $12995. You can choose based on how big you want your cabin to be. Both have exciting features like:


  • Easy assembling in 3 days by 2 people
  • Creative living ideas
  • Insulated interior, spacious with a tall ceiling. 
  • The construction is made of steel, thus secure
  • Existing plumbing and electrical
  • Secure doors and windows
  • Mounted on foundation and trailer 

Do you think about the budget and a little worried that your savings would be all gone? At BOSS, we aim to offer small house kits to all those who need it. So, if you need to invest in the Shell Plus kit today, let us know and we shall offer you financing. Once you qualify for the BOSS tiny House Loan, you are just 5 minutes away from completing the process and approval. Clients do have a lot of queries, you can call us for assistance or fill up the financing form on our website and we shall respond. 

If you want more ideas about building your tiny cabin or an ADU, in-law suite, backyard studio, home office, play space, etc., refer to the ‘Inspiration’ page. Here you get design ideas; you can see the various types of exterior and interior the clients have. We give you options to design your own tiny house. You can choose to build a tiny house on a foundation or wheels using this Shell Plus kit, you can have the standard one or one with a loft. 

We are a team of experts supporting your goals and requirements. Being a part of the Tiny House movement, we are in favor of minimalism. This team has ample prior experience, knowledge and can implement the right technology in building tiny houses. We have a client base worth boasting of, so many satisfied clients, and we get so many new callers every day. You can stop thinking anymore and order Shell Plus to have your cabin up in the next three days. Safety is on our mind as well; the kits are shipped in wooden crates to prevent any damage while shipping. The Shell Plus kit has a three years warranty. 

Our kits are specially designed for DIY enthusiasts, for anyone who feels like assembling on their own. Choose BOSS for durable and customizable small house kits for sale because we believe in making the BOSS. We are the largest tiny house kits manufacturer in the world; our kits are within the budget. We are dedicated to designing the best value kits for the customers. Get a custom quote in 5-10 minutes.

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Caroline got the best value Shell Plus kit from BOSS Tiny House to build her music studio

Caroline now has plans to set up her music studio, and before she came to BOSS, she urgently looked for space, but those did not suit her budget.

Caroline now has plans to set up her music studio, and before she came to BOSS, she urgently looked for space, but those did not suit her budget. She lives in a house with her entire family, and she cannot imagine practicing music there. While discussing with her friends, Caroline got to know about tiny homes and BOSS offering DIY tiny house kits

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Before reaching us for tiny home kits, she told us that it was great to find so many clients praising BOSS tiny home solutions. The client got even more inspired and got in touch with our customer support team for a fruitful consultation. We listened to her requirements carefully and suggested that she build a studio in her yard. She was so engrossed in this that she immediately agreed to it, even more, because we assured her that it’s affordable. We listen to our clients very carefully, allow them to discuss the ideas, the budget, the use, etc, freely. Only then we can suggest the right solution. We also get to interact with clients who have just heard of tiny homes; they even need one but have no proper planning; we help them in every way.

At this moment, Caroline could not spend on any lavish studio, so instead of burying her dreams, she could make it big by starting her own this way. We suggested her Shell Plus kit, which is modern, DIY transformable, and easy to install. We suggested she builds it on her own by taking help from someone. Caroline and her husband installed this kit in just three days. She was so happy seeing her studio structure ready, and now she put in her ideas and worked hard to do the interiors. In case you are not able to build your own, you can always hire contractors who can build it for you onsite. 

Do you know that we also offer financing to ease the burden of owning a tiny house? We provided the same to Caroline, but we followed a process where we verified, checked, rechecked, and she qualified for the finance facility. She felt relieved and could order the 8.5’ x 26’, which costs $12995. But if your requirements are even more limited, you can also choose the smaller one measuring 8.5’x 20’ available for $9995. The Shell Plus kit also comes with a three years limited warranty. 

It was beneficial for Caroline that the kit came with the plumbing and electrical system already installed. She did not have to spend time, effort, and money on finding a separate contractor. Now that her tiny studio was ready and she already started practicing music inside. She shared a few pictures of the space and wrote this to us, “Thanks to the entire BOSS team for suggesting this wonderful space, and now I have my studio finally. You have helped me to live my dreams, and I shall suggest this to others who are looking for a solution”. 

This amazing Shell Plus kit has features like an insulated roof that is snow-load tested, high insulated ceiling, soft vinyl-coated inside walls, galvanized steel outside walls, pre-cut frames for easy installation, secure doors, and windows. The interior comes with a spacious master room, a kitchen, dining facility, storage space, and a loft. 

Similar to Caroline, if you wish to give life to your dreams, choose BOSS for best value kits. BOSS Tiny House offers affordable tiny house kits for sale, request for a quote. 

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Jamie built a multipurpose ADU on his backyard with BOSS’ shell plus kit

BOSS’ latest contribution to the tiny house movement is the super sturdy, robust and transformable shell plus kits.

BOSS’ latest contribution to the tiny house movement is the super sturdy, robust and transformable shell plus kits. These small house kits for sale are changing lives one day at a time. We are shipping our kits in hardy wooden crates so that it reaches our customers in one piece, without any damage from transit.

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Recently, we shipped our shell plus kit to Jamie who is a single dad to two adult boys. Jamie is an interior designer and it was his dream to someday start his own business. However, having kids early put a setback to his plans, but once his kids become adults and started taking care of themselves, he wanted to relive his dream. But, he did not just want a home office. He wanted to build a completely private space for himself, which he can use as an extended living area and also his office. He wanted to leave the primary house to his sons to give them their privacy, and he really liked the concept of ADU or accessory dwelling unit.

ADU is like an extended living area in the primary property lot and the unit can be designed as anything. So, he chose our 8.5’x26’ sized affordable tiny house kits as he wanted the place to be spacious and also he has a big backyard.

Once he received the shipment, he and his elder son took about 3 days to assemble all the parts together. He was really glad that our kit came with all the panels and walls that were pre-cut. So, installing and assembling the tiny house seemed like a puzzle. He wrote back to us saying that the DIY project was fun for him and he would recommend it to his friends as well.

The main aspect of our shell plus kit that Jamie liked was the environment-friendliness of our kit. Our panels, walls and ceiling of the kit are well-insulated, which means that Jamie does not have to worry about high energy bills. One heater is good enough to give comfort during the colder seasons. We have also carried out a snow load test on the kit’s ceiling to ensure that the ceiling can withstand the load of the snow and other weather elements.

As for the interior of the ADU, Jamie wanted to show off his interior designing skills. He kept the design minimal, but unique. The office space was quaint and it was designed differently than the rest of the tiny house. He wanted to create that distinction. He wanted to show off his skills, and hence, went all out when it came to decorating the interior and exterior walls of the tiny house ADU.

Jamie wanted the ADU to be portable and he told us that he had an unused trailer lying in his house. Our team helped him with the idea of using that trailer and assembling the parts on it so that his ADU would become on wheels.

Even though he calls it ADU, he plans to use it as a home, home office and maybe even a space to chill with his friends while his kids take care of the main house.

For similar plans, you can check out our tiny home kits for sale. Request us for a quote. 


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Myra has her yoga studio as she invested in the BOSS Shell Plus kit and built it herself

Her dream has come true. Myra is now satisfied with her own yoga space, something she wanted to have for years.

Her dream has come true. Myra is now satisfied with her own yoga space, something she wanted to have for years. She was worried when she was looking for an extra space because she could not afford it when she heard the high prices. Instead of giving up her dream she kept on looking for a solution until she found BOSS Tiny House. She reached our office to share her dreams and how much she could afford to make it come true. We as a team assure our customers that anyone who needs a tiny house can have a tiny house within their budget. BOSS designs various types of DIY tiny house kits but recently we have come up with our latest Shell Plus kit.


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Myra called her friend to help her in building her tiny house; it took her just 3 days to complete the process. Installation is very simple, does not require any special experience but if you do not care to install yourself pay a little more and hire a contractor to do it for you. Myra lives in an apartment and she thought of using her yard to set up her own yoga space. This kit is very well-suited for foundation and trailer and with this transformable DIY kit; you can build cabins, play space, ADUs, and workspace. Myra would be practicing alone and probably she could bring her little daughter with her so she did not require a very big space, she chose to invest $9995 for the 8.5’x20’ but the Shell Plus kit is also available in a bigger size 8.5’x26’ which costs $12995.

The Shell Plus comes with outstanding features which include a steel roof which is insulated and also snow load tested successfully, the ceiling is vaulted with proper insulation, the interior walls are vinyl coated, soft textured and well insulated. The windows are lockable and double-paned; the doors are made of steel and have deadbolt locks. The exterior wall is made of steel and galvanized, we offer pre-cut frames for easy installation. Myra was so happy and satisfied to discover such amazing features and the amount of security. We are also offering a 3 years limited warranty on Shell Plus.

The Kit also offers amazing livable ideas, it has a king-size bedroom, a spacious dining area, a nice kitchen space, a bathroom that is big enough, an additional loft, an in-built utility room. Myra was relieved that this Shell Plus comes with an electrical and plumbing facility, it’s almost ready to use. Our Shell Plus kit is customizable and has reached a new level in terms of quality and affordability. BOSS is renowned for offering the most modern DIY tiny house kits.

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If you refer to our website, you can take a look at the Shell Plus kit in a detailed manner, see the front view, side view, back and the rooftop view, you can also take a look at the interior. We as a team, work towards designing DIY transformable kits. Come to BOSS when looking for tiny house kits for sale. Request us for a quote, we send it to you within a day. 

Kim built her own tiny house for some recreation, A space for practicing drama

Tiny homes are used for various purposes, a very affordable solution for those who are looking for extra space for some or the other reason. One such use of tiny house is for recreation, a lot of people find some space for practicing their hobby or spending some time with their near ones.

Tiny homes are used for various purposes, a very affordable solution for those who are looking for extra space for some or the other reason. One such use of tiny house is for recreation, a lot of people find some space for practicing their hobby or spending some time with their near ones. When you invest in a tiny house, you need not worry about huge loans or getting drowned in debts.

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This time BOSS met Kim, a young woman who is a passionate drama artist and she is very serious about having her own unit. There was no better way to start than planning for a tiny house. She lives in a compact apartment and there is ample yard space. She did have some monetary issues even after she came to know of this affordable solution. BOSS stood by her to offer financing solutions so that she could own a tiny house and put it to use. She immediately agreed upon building a tiny house herself, this ensured some more savings because she did not have to pay the labor charges. She was going to build a tiny house for the first time but knowing that it’s easy when you have BOSS tiny house kits. We are one of the most reputed tiny house builders but we encourage our clients to build a tiny house. We design kits that are easy to assemble, our kits come with easy instructions and we also have a team to help whenever needed. Kim saw many videos on Youtube, she called upon a friend to help her and her tiny house way ready. She is also very good at planning the interior, but we helped her and the final outcome was a ready tiny house that has a spacious room for practice, a washroom, a small space for snacks and coffee and a loft upstairs. We had to do the electrical installation very cautiously because she wanted proper arrangement of lights, sound system etc. She got her own posters, prizes and mementos and put it for display; we arranged racks for the purpose. We also installed the plumbing system efficiently.

This was something she did just before Christmas, a gift to herself and the members in her small drama school. We have rarely seen people investing all they have for chasing their passion. Drama is her passion and her recreation, she has bigger dreams but now she would walk baby steps to gradually fulfill her desires. She thanked us for the financing aid we offered and she was impressed by our team. She also uses the tiny house as a space for keeping her granny when she is in town. This old woman, who hunted for some solace, now has one. Granny visits her occasionally and this is the time when she can put the tiny house to other use also.

We are one of the best tiny home builders, we assemble homes onsite and not inside the factory. Yes, we build tiny home for you, no assembling is done inside the factory, and we do it onsite. Invest in our kits, once you order, we soon do the shipping and you have the kit within just a few weeks. Kim took a total of 9-10 days to do the entire installation, and she took some more time because she has a fetish for impressive interiors.

If you have anything similar in mind, talk to us, we have experts who can guide you about owning the right type of tiny house.

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