BOSS launches under $20,000 Tiny House Solutions

BOSS launches under $20,000 TinyHouse Solutions


People with lower budgets can now save by building their own tiny house from a kit in 4 days.

Welcome to BOSS Tiny House. Here you will find great tiny house kits at various stages of build to match your needs. We offer tiny house shells which come with the bare essentials: foundation, walls, roofing, windows, and doors. What is unique about BOSS is that we leverage our international business network of raw materials to provide you the highest quality parts at factory direct prices. Building off that, we also offer complete solutions from that come with pre-designed power and water so you have everything you need to live comfortably in your tiny house.

For those that want to fully customize their tinyhouse down to the wallpaper, check out our BOSS Configurator. Click here to design your own.

Have questions? Contact our tiny house expert today 650-487-8698!

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