Create a Music Studio with Tiny House Shell – Follow Your Artistic Passion

Are you a music lover? Do you like to explore art in a peaceful place? If you are planning to get a music studio for practicing or teaching, you may purchase a tiny house shell.

Are you a music lover? Do you like to explore art in a peaceful place? If you are planning to get a music studio for practicing or teaching, you may purchase a tiny house shell.  Create a music classroom or studio with the help of the house kits.

If you are thinking to design a music studio on a low budget, buying affordable tiny house kits can save the expense of constructing a house, hiring labor, and designing the tiny home. Moreover, you can save your time by choosing the tiny house kits. 

BOSS has introduced various types of tiny house shells and kits for living a simple life in a budget-friendly way. It is also one of the best ways to save energy and other utilities because the tiny house kits have solar panels.

Make Financial Plan 

The team in BOSS provides tiny home kits for sale at a reasonable price. Our company also offers a discount on the house kits. BOSS provides Tiny House Loan if you cannot provide the money at a time. However, our team checks the eligibility of the applicant who applies for the loan. If you are eligible we can approve the loan in a day.

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Look at the Features of Tiny House Shell

BOSS can provide you with both the big and small DIY cabin kits of your choice. You have to purchase the tiny house shell according to your requirement. There are two common sizes of shell plus – 16’x40’ SHELL PLUS and 24’x 40’ SHELL PLUS. 

You will get a spacious interior with a tall ceiling, a spacious room, kitchen, store-room, loft, washroom with a tiny house shell. These shells are easy to assemble within three days. The complete kit includes electrical and plumbing. 

Perfect Set-Up for a Musical Ambience

It is very important to create an ambience for music. You will find affordable tiny house kits from BOSS if you want to create an aesthetic set-up for a music studio. You may need drums, piano, guitar, or other musical instruments for the music studio. Our team helps you assemble the customized shell as per your need.

You will also get a 3-years warranty on the kits, so do not worry about the quality of the tiny house shells and kits. 

Summing Up

You can decorate the music studio with DIY cabin kits or shells. BOSS provides various sizes of tiny house kits and shells as per your need. Would you like to grab the affordable offer? If yes, then contact our team at 310-350-3352. You may also visit our website to know more about our plans and services. Feel free to know the details about our products and facilities. 

We are ready to help you with various ideas. Do not worry, we assure 100% guarantee on the tiny house shells and kits. Make your world musical with our tiny house kits.

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Fitness Studio on Wheels – Hit Your Private Gym in Tiny House on Trailer Kit

The rapid spread of Coronavirus has devastated our lives in a few years. Neither can we go out, nor can we enjoy our social life during lockdown.

The rapid spread of Coronavirus has devastated our lives in a few years. Neither can we go out, nor can we enjoy our social life during lockdown. In this condition, would you like to compromise your fitness regime? If not, then you can invest on a tiny house on trailer kit to design a home gym. This can be the best move to start an active life and maintain your fitness schedule.

Create Perfect Ambience to Hit Your Private Gym

If you are thinking that investing in a tiny house gym can be expensive, you are wrong! You can connect with BOSS to buy affordable tiny house kits to build a compact fitness hub.

Social life or hangouts can be compromised, but ignoring your health needs is not a good idea. Moreover, in your private gym, you don’t have to be in touch with outsiders. There won’t be any chances of virus attack.

There will be a petite investment if you want to purchase some fitness equipment and appliances for workouts. But the idea of a house on trailer kit can be rocking because it can create a perfect ambience to accomplish your fitness target alone or with your loved ones.

ASTM-Certified DIY Cabin Kits

To create a home gym, you have to purchase some gadgets such as elliptical machines, treadmills, cycling machines, dumbbells, etc. Therefore, the high-quality cabin kits should be durable for designing a perfect private fitness studio.

You would need two men to build the tiny home gym in three days. Building the gym house yourself helps to save money by hiring contractors.

BOSS professional team provides ASTM-certified steel to manufacture the tiny house kits. The doors and windows are securely built for the security of the fitness gadgets. BOSS uses high-quality steel and a lock system for your private home gym.

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Personalized Ambience of Gym in a Tiny House on Trailer Kit

While boosting up energy and hitting a gym, ambience plays a great role. BOSS understands your requirements. The professional engineers in the team try to provide customized tiny house on trailer kits for your gym.

The professionals can help you in choosing the perfect colours, layouts, and other necessary strategies for a customized home gym. You can design your gym with a custom-made option as per your choice.

Turn Your Private Gym into a Business

If you are a fitness freak, you can turn your habit into a business by starting a fitness club in the tiny house. You can buy affordable tiny house kits to start your fitness club.

For the consultation, you can contact the professionals at BOSS. You may start small but dream big to accomplish your targets. The free consultation session from BOSS with a no-obligation quote can help you to start the business if you need our help.

Final Thoughts

As a fitness enthusiast, you can start a home gym business with the help of tiny house kits. If you want to get the house kits at a reasonable price, you can contact BOSS at 310-350-3352.

You can go through our website to know more about us.

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Get Tiny House Kits on Wheels for Enjoying Remote Work

Working from home can be exhausting because you don’t get the professional ambience in your home. The idea of choosing tiny house kits on wheels sounds great if you want to create a professional environment during work.

After the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become a part of our lifestyle. Working from home can be exhausting because you don’t get the professional ambience in your home. The idea of choosing tiny house kits on wheels sounds great if you want to create a professional environment during work.

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Noisy kids and other household work may distract you sometimes. Due to those problems, you might get disturbed in Zoom meetings, online seminars, etc. BOSS can solve your problem by providing affordable tiny house kits for building a tiny house that is needed for official purposes. Two men are needed to build a tiny house on wheels in three days. You may also purchase DIY home kits to assemble the tiny house yourself. 

Long-Lasting and Affordable Tiny House Kits on Wheels

If you buy certified tiny house kits, they can last long. It’s one of the great cost-saving ways because the cost of the kits starts from $10,000. Moreover, the kits are eco-friendly because the roofing is done with solar panels. Therefore, it can save electricity. Would you like to choose these affordable tiny house kits?

BOSS helps you build a customized tiny house as per your choice. 

Foundation with Base

Many people think the tiny house kits are inexpensive, which can be the reason for less durability. BOSS provides a sturdy foundation kit. You will get durable and insulated steel roofs and walls. Also, the doors and windows are insulated and made of strong steel. Don’t worry, living/working alone can’t be a problem because intruders cannot attack or harm you because of the steel door and windows.

If you are talking about unwanted guests like cats, rats, don’t worry because you won’t find any gaps under the doors and windows. No animals can squeak or enter your house if you buy the best tiny house kits provided by our company.

Enjoy the Warranty with Affordability

Are you thinking to find out the best tiny house kits to create a good work from home ambience? BOSS gives you three years warranty on the kits. According to the warranty, our team will check faulty parts and replace them with new house kits. 

You don’t have to struggle hard to get the free service. During the warranty period, you don’t have to pay money for fixing the issues. You can check the warranty papers and certification of the company while purchasing the house kits. Your smart choice can provide you with peaceful remote work.

Final Words

Remote work-life is necessary during the pandemic because maintaining social distancing is important to prevent COVID-19. If you get the right professional ambience, why don’t you opt for that? 

BOSS can provide you with customized tiny house kits on wheels as per your choice. You may check our website to know more about us. Feel free to contact us at 310-350-3352. We hope the tiny house will be an ideal choice to work from home.

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What are the Benefits of Buying Tiny House Kits?

The tiny home kits or shells from BOSS are designed for the do-it-yourself enthusiasts who want to get a dwelling place within budget. You can buy the tiny house kits to build the tiny house yourself and save money.

Are you planning to build a tiny house? It may take adequate time to build tiny house kits from scratch unless you are a professional contractor. However, the tiny home kits or shells from BOSS are designed for the do-it-yourself enthusiasts who want to get a dwelling place within budget. You can buy the tiny house kits to build the tiny house yourself and save money.

You don’t have to bear the hassles of finding professional labors and constructors. Try to connect with BOSS to get rid of delays and high costs. Our company helps you get the tiny house kits and shells which are easy to design, set, and assemble within three days.

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The tiny house kits help to create a house for a social and architectural change. They also act as a peaceful place to live with comfort.

Things Available in Tiny House Kits

The tiny home kits for sale are available with the BOSS team where you can get necessary items in a kit for assembling a tiny home. The kits include doors, windows, screws, flooring materials, roofing materials, etc. The Shell Plus kit offers a spacious master room, kitchen, washroom, vaulted ceiling, optional loft,  secure doors and windows.

You get plumbing and electrical set up with the kits. If you need any additional facilities, BOSS is ready to help you. The house kits range approximately from $2,000 to $35,000.

Get ADU Kits

Accessory Dwelling Units or ADU kits are used to construct an independent and small residential unit that is located in the same place attached to the main house. If you desire for a bigger delling space, purchase ADU kits from BOSS.

Advantages of Purchasing Tiny Home Kits

Planning for tiny house kits don’t need a high income. BOSS provides tiny home kits for sale at an affordable price. You may apply for a loan to our company if you are facing a financial crisis. Our team will check your eligibility. If you are eligible, we would approve the BOSS tiny house loan within a day. Have a look at some other benefits of purchasing tiny house kits:

Time and Cost Saving

The house construction works such as collection, choosing, and selection of materials usually gets complicated. You may need labor and strategies to construct and design a house. However, BOSS tiny home kits provide you with the complete kit to assemble a tiny house. 

You can save your time on buying goods and finding labors if you choose tiny house kits. You don’t need to spend bucks on every material if you buy a complete house kit.

  • Environment Friendly

Many people choose tiny home kits because they consume less energy and small carbon footprint. The eco-friendly technology involves solar panels, which can help in saving electricity. Moreover, you may also build a house closer to nature in a small town if you are tired of the buzz of urban life.

  • Easy Customization

The tiny house kits are found in various sizes and shapes. You can design and customize the tiny houses in your style. For example, you can design a tiny house like an office, a salon, a classroom, etc.

You may also get additional materials if you purchase the kits. The home kits include necessary materials for building an official cabin, playhouse, tiny house on wheels, guest house, etc. The personalized features make these kits customer-friendly.

Final Note

Don’t you think it is the right time to purchase the tiny home kits? BOSS house kits are used for different purposes. Moreover, you can use the house kits and the home as per your choice. 

If you want to contact our team, you may dial 310-350-3352. You may also visit our website to know about the features and services of the tiny house plans and kits.

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Smart Plans for Building Tiny House with DIY Tiny House Kits

Do you want to fulfill your dream without burning a hole in your pocket? DIY tiny house kits can heland save money as well.

Do you want to fulfill your dream without burning a hole in your pocket? DIY tiny house kits can heland save money as well.
You don’t have to hire a builder or an interior designer. Choose pocket-friendly ideas, and stop listing the materials, choosing photos, making diagram layouts, and arranging blueprints. The tiny house kit is a complete package to build a tiny home and it comes with easy instructions.

Plan Office Cabin with Tiny House

Choosing the best tiny house kits can help you in planning an office cabin in the house. During pandemics, people are working from home. The petite distraction can create trouble in your professional life. In that case, building a DIY cabin with the help of BOSS can be a great plan.

Do not worry about finding the kits or planning the structure in your budget. Contact BOSS to get the best tiny house kits. You don’t have to hire labors because cabin kits or shells get manufactured in a factory, and assembling them is easy. The house kit made of ASTM-certified steel. You get a 3-year warranty on the house kits. Two people can build the tiny house in three days. So, it can save you time.

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Build Kid’s PlayHouse on Wheels

Due to the pandemic, your toddler might feel annoyed because they can’t play with their friends in the playground. However, playhouse or tiny house kits on wheels can be the best idea to create an indoor play station.

Have you read the phrase? “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Therefore, design a playstation on wheels that can make your kids happy. The indoor games can create a spark in the brain of your child. Moreover, you can save your children from boredom by choosing this brainstorming idea.

Design Quartz-Based Tiny House

If you want a durable floor plan for your house, quartz is one of the significant DIY tiny house kits materials. The hard mineral composed of silica is not only durable but can give a chic look to your house.
You may think it is costly, but that’s not true. BOSS provides budget-friendly, heat-resistant, scratch-free, easy to clean, and porous flooring at a reasonable price.
You can use quartz floors or kitchen worktops in your tiny house. You will get quartz flooring materials in the kits if you need them.

Are You Worried about Finance?

Whether you plan tiny house kits on wheel or a cabin for office, a budget plan is the first factor that twigs our mind. BOSS can provide you with budget-friendly plans at an affordable price. You can apply for BOSS Tiny House Loan, the easy financing way for you. Our team needs a couple of minutes to approve the loan by checking your eligibility. If the criteria meet, you will get the loan

Final Words

We hope you liked the above-mentioned plans for the tiny house. You may contact us at 310-350-3352 to buy the house kits from BOSS. To know more about us, you can visit the website of BOSS. You may also check our customer reviews. We would like to help you in every possible way with the budget-friendly DIY tiny house kits with a house plan.

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Building your own cabin is an advantage – Invest in DIY cabin kits

Cost-saving is one of the biggest advantages of owning a tiny home. The total space is a little smaller compared to an average residential or commercial space.

Cost-saving is one of the biggest advantages of owning a tiny home. The total space is a little smaller compared to an average residential or commercial space. You will have lower upkeep costs, lesser electricity bills which allow low monthly payments. A tiny house is an environmentally-friendly option. It takes less material to build, uses less land, and low emissions are produced. When you plan to downsize, it is a great idea because you would have a space free from clutter. Did you ever think that you will have less space to keep clean and tiny? You might probably stop investing in items that you do not require. Build a cabin yourself if you desire a personal space. You could even have a portable cabin solution by investing in an affordable tiny house on a trailer kit. In all, there are plenty of options within your budget. 

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Building your tiny cabin – Select your size

Buy affordable tiny house kits to build yourself a cabin by investing in. BOSS Tiny House offers amazing DIY cabin kits that are available with easy instruction. BOSS Tiny House in California makes your tiny cabin building process by manufacturing shell kits. The kits have already made the assembling simpler and now shells are ready structures that come with all facilities. DIY cabin kits take an assembling time of 3 days if 2 enthusiasts manage the procedure. Our kits can be built on-site and can be customized according to your requirements. 

Now you do not have to worry about the size of your cabin. BOSS DIY cabin kits are not very tiny now. As a result, our kits are receiving huge responses from clients. They come in two sizes: 24’’x 80″ and 16″ x 40″. 

The features of BOSS’s Shell Kit

Buy affordable tiny house kits to build a solid cabin and it could be your personal space. A lot of people take cabins along while working from remote locations. You can also have an additional income by renting out your tiny cabin. A prefab structure is a turnkey solution that is equipped with all amenities. Our kits are available with ready-plumbing and electrical facilities. The cabin-exterior walls are insulated, are made of premium quality ASTM-certified steel. The inside walls are vinyl-coated; there is a lot of space to segregate according to your requirements. The ceiling is vaulted, the doors and windows come with secure locks. The interior is well insulated, which makes a small house ideal for use in all weather conditions.

Final words

Are you looking for a tiny house on a trailer kit from BOSS Tiny House? Cabins are extremely popular, but you can also build a home office, tiny studio, ADU, indoor play space for kids, in-law-suite, and more. Talk to the BOSS experts for a solution. During the Covid-19 crisis, we have offered plenty of DIY tits at a discounted rate. We are glad we could help so many people have a personal space. 

Please visit the BOSS website for more information and ideas. Visit the ‘Inspiration’ section of the BOSS website for ideas—request for a quote. 

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