Beauty business now on wheels – How to use the tiny house on trailer kit for your business

The beauty business has been hit hard by the pandemic. If you want to change the game, then you need to go to the customers rather than wait for them to come to you.

The beauty business has been hit hard by the pandemic. If you want to change the game, then you need to go to the customers rather than wait for them to come to you. Whether you are selling products or services, investing in a tiny house on trailer kit is a smart move to activate your business. To buy affordable tiny house kits, you need to connect with BOSS professionals to customize the mobile kits and reach out to your customers. In the current cut-throat competition, it’s important to stay ahead and that’s why investing your money in DIY cabin kits is considered a good business investment.

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It’s more affordable 

Operating your business in a shop on wheels is far more affordable than leasing a commercial space. The rent of the commercial space would be enormous and that’s why finding a better alternative is essential. You can buy affordable tiny house kits that come on wheels and get customized as per your specifications. The tiny cabins come with a toilet, sink, air conditioning, lighting, heating, gas fireplace and all other essential amenities you would need. The electrical and plumbing systems are pre-installed and the maintenance is minimal. The porcelain toilet, mirror cabinet, soft textured interior walls and 3-shelved shower stalls ensure an elegant and sophisticated ambiance. The professionals at BOSS customizes the DIY cabin kits to ensure they serve your business purpose without hassles.

Strong, robust, but easy to assemble 

Although the tiny house on trailer kit might look elegant and compact, but they are spacious and extremely sturdy. The DIY kits come with a user-friendly manual and need only 2 people for assistance in setting up the tiny mobile kit. The kit gets assembled within 3 days and comes with a 3-year warranty. The deluxe flooring, steel walls with vinyl siding and a strong steel door ensure good insulation and durability. BOSS has a team of the most experienced engineers to customize the cabins for increased safety and security. The steel used in tiny home kits is ASTM-certified and available with upgraded features and various design choices. The galvanized ribbed steel ensures strong exterior walls, while the vinyl cladding provides a durable interior. The insulated panels are fire-retardant and meet international quality standards.

Build a personal connection

A mobile shop helps you travel from coast to coast. Adopting a mobile strategy is more effective as you can reach out to a wider audience and sell your products and services more effectively. The customized tiny home is like a van equipped with a consultation space that’s stocked with beauty and hair treatments. Elline Surianello, the CEO of New York City-based LeMetric, says that you need to go to the market rather than wait for the market to come to you. Her mobile beauty studio gave her incredible flexibility and helped her business rake huge profits. The trailer kits come in 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’ sizes. However, at BOSS, you can customize and get a bigger and more spacious trailer van.

Time to take an informed decision 

Decide by checking out the range of tiny house kits available at BOSS. Although we design innovative and customized kits, your dreams and specific requirements inspire our ideas. Our engineers offer a free consultation session to help you make an informed decision. Then, request a quote from our experts. Get connected now.
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Fitness first – Get a tiny house shell kit and turn it into a home gym

Why go to the local gym, when you can watch YouTube videos, opt for online yoga classes and get fit at home?


Why go to the local gym, when you can watch YouTube videos, opt for online yoga classes and get fit at home? However, the only challenge here is privacy. One needs a good isolated place to work on the abs and muscles. The tiny house shell kit is an affordable option for your home gym. The pandemic has changed your fitness routine, but that doesn’t mean you should stop challenging your body. Tiny house kits can be custom-made as a gym room with similar facilities to provide you with a gym-like ambiance within the comforts of your home. The most important part is that you can use this tiny house shell as a home gym for your entire family. 

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What’s new about the tiny shell?

The tiny house shell kit is not tiny at all. Since the structures are all prefabricated, the term tiny gets used randomly. The shell kits come in different sizes, colors, layouts, designs and finishes. The prefab structures are easy to assemble and take at most 3 days to complete. You need to get help from at least 2 people to complete the installation of the DIY shell kits. BOSS sends a user-friendly manual for DIY installation. The sturdy foundation kit has a durable steel roof with a strong steel door for optimal security and protection. The shell kits have pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities and vertical pane locked windows. The vinyl siding offers good insulation to the shell kits and they can also carry a snow load of around 30 lbs/sq ft. These kits come with a 3-year warranty and are highly functional to serve you as a home gym. Although the most recommended sizes are 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’, you can get bigger sizes from BOSS by opting for a custom-made tiny house shell.

ASTM-certified steel used for tiny house 

Your home gym would have expensive gadgets like dumbbells, elliptical machines and treadmills. However, if safety and security are a concern, you need to ensure that only ASTM-certified steel gets used for manufacturing tiny house kits. The professionals at BOSS understand the need for security and ensure that the doors and windows have a proper locking system. At the same time, the high-quality steel used is certified for enhanced protection.

Customize and get the gym vibes 

BOSS tiny homes get customized to suit your specific requirements. If you want to get the right vibe, then customize the tiny home to get the right feel. There are plenty of color and layout options available that would suit your personality and motivate you towards fitness. Ask BOSS professionals for custom-made options and design your dream gym space.

Quality within a budget 

Not all tiny homes are the same. BOSS has the most experienced and renowned team of engineers who strive and research to get you the most advanced, contemporary, functional and sleek-looking tiny house kits. High-quality materials get manufactured in factories and galvanized ribbed steel panels get used to ensure strong exterior walls. The vinyl gladding promises a durable interior and the insulated panels are fire-resistant and exceed international quality standards. The most important thing is that all this comes within a budget and is completely customized to satisfy your needs.

Start your home gym and turn it into a business 

Many fitness enthusiasts have invested in a tiny house shell kit and turned the home gym into a fitness club. It’s time to start small and dream big. If you are looking for consultation, then connect with the professionals at BOSS. We provide a free consultation session and also a no-obligation quote to one and all.

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Create a passive income for your family by investing in ADU kits

When you invest in ADU kits, the one thing that comes to mind is its ‘utility.” You might have enough space inside your home and the yard looks great too, but investing in ADU kits is a smart move to create a passive income for your family.

When you invest in ADU kits, the one thing that comes to mind is its ‘utility.” You might have enough space inside your home and the yard looks great too, but investing in ADU kits is a smart move to create a passive income for your family. Considering the climate of the world economy, many of our clients are utilizing the tiny house kits to supplement income. BOSS Tiny Homes is ideal for purchasing the finest tiny home kits for financial stability and independence. In addition, there are localities in the USA where it’s legal to rent out ADU units. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind before installing ADU units as a standalone structure near your property.

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Embrace customization

The tiny home kits get customized by experts to ensure that you get a bigger home within your specific budget. The tiny homes come in a variety of colors, sizes, designs and finishes. BOSS gets the name as our homes have a Built On-Site System in a completely hassle-free manner. We provide a completely customized solution after discussing the ADU plan with you. We have a good team to build the tiny home on your location site without creating a ruckus. The entire process of assembling takes around 3 days and only 2 people need to get hired for help. However, we also provide the customers with a user-friendly step-by-step guide for DIY installation.

DIY Shell Plus kit

Want superior quality tiny house kits? Then go for the new Shell Plus kit. These kits are easy to assemble and ideal for living purposes. We preselect all the kitchen, bathroom and interior furnishing with accessories from renowned industry-leading brands. The tiny house shell kit comes with electrical and plumbing facilities already installed and functioning smoothly. The kits are sturdy and robust with strong steel construction and well-insulated too. Our kits ensure strength, safety and are of the highest quality. The steel used to manufacture the kits is ASTM-Certified with upgraded features and many design choices for aesthetics.

Have a tight budget? Get a tiny home loan from BOSS

Don’t let the financial crunch stop you from getting ADU kits of your choice? BOSS has a home loan to help you get a tiny house kit of your choice. We provide you with financial aid in the form of a loan. The loan gets sanctioned within minutes, only once you clear the eligibility criteria. Many of our clients have applied for this loan scheme and got the ADU unit of their choice without sacrificing their dreams and missing opportunities.

Size does matter

The most preferred tiny homes come at 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’ sizes. However, you can get them bigger and better for a finer lifestyle. Our solutions are handcrafted and customized with collaborative design and creative construction.

Renting it out

ADU kits are affordable and ideal for keeping tenants to generate a passive income for your family. Experts at BOSS offer a free consultation session with potential clients to help them solve their doubts. In addition, our shipping is never late and the kits packed in wooden crates ensure no damages occur during transportation.

Get in touch with our team

Want to make an informed decision before finalizing an order? Get in touch with our professionals. Request a quote and we would revert you within a day.

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Tiny house shell – Your comfortable cocoon and a safe haven

DIY cabin kits were primarily meant for the homeless, but now it’s a thing of the past. However, many people are embracing the concept of a tiny house shell for extra space and a good ambiance.

DIY cabin kits were primarily meant for the homeless, but now it’s a thing of the past. However, many people are embracing the concept of a tiny house shell for extra space and a good ambiance. The affordable tiny house kits get customized in a planned manner to ensure maximum privacy and comfortable living. However, if you have a tight budget, then come to the tiny home kits for sale at BOSS. Since the real estate market is extremely expensive, people prefer to get tiny homes to start a business or use the place for their personal usage. Here are a few reasons why you should plan to invest in tiny homes:

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It’s no longer tiny – Customize your spacious home 

The tiny house shell comes in varied sizes, colors, designs, layout and finishes. The most popular sizes are 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’. However, you can customize the size and opt for larger and more spacious homes that would serve the purpose better. Since you also get to customize the color, designing and layouts, the tiny homes prove to be visually appealing and delightful living spaces without the pocket-pinch. You can go for deluxe flooring options with loft ladder, porcelain toilet and elegant sink – as per your wishful desires. BOSS engineers and manufacturers use innovative ideas and advanced technologies to customize durable tiny homes as per specifications.

Downsize with BOSS 

Traditional construction requires a good amount of time and money. Embrace downsizing and contact BOSS to get the finest tiny home kits for sale that do not involve hiring laborers and indulging in extra investments. The kits get manufactured in the factory and come in DIY kits with a user-friendly assembling manual. The DIY cabin kits need only 2 people to help in the installation. You can get professional help or ask your family and friends to adhere to the DIY manual and get the tiny home assembled and installed. The assembling of the kits is easy and hassle-free as it gets completed within 3 days.

Get a home loan for the tiny house kits

Affordable tiny house kits now come with a home loan opportunity. You don’t have to run errands to get the loan. BOSS home loan is a simple financing system that gives you the opportunity to buy a tiny home of your choice. You just need to apply for the loan and reach the eligibility criteria to get the loan approved. Once the eligibility gets checked, the loan gets approved within minutes. There’s no partiality during the approval process and no legwork required to get the loan approved. Just get in touch with the professionals at BOSS and ask for the tiny home loan.

Get the Shell Plus Kit – the most favorite amongst all 

The Shell Plus kit made from ASTM-certified steel is well insulated and comes with a 3-year warranty. You can get the kit on wheels or get it installed on a strong foundation. The shell kits give you a luxurious lifestyle and get customized within a budget, making them a big favorite in the USA.

Are you interested in tiny house kits? Come to BOSS and request a quote now. We also offer a free consultation to provide innovative ideas and logical solutions for people inquisitive about the DIY cabin kits. Get in touch now.

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Get affordable tiny house kits to pursue your passion for writing

Passionate about writing, then you need a quiet and serene place to churn out some great work that would become a masterpiece someday.

Passionate about writing, then you need a quiet and serene place to churn out some great work that would become a masterpiece someday. The day-to-day life is not the writer’s paradise, as disturbances can restrict the flow of thoughts. One needs peace and seclusion to write a masterpiece. That’s why the best tiny house kits are a huge favorite among aspiring novelists and writers. Come to BOSS, as we provide you with a private haven that’s comfortable, secluded and has all the necessary amenities.

The tiny house shell is mobile and customized 

At times the tiny houses might seem restricted when building over a foundation. So why not get the tiny house kits on wheels. These homes on wheels are mobile and can take you around the town. The tiny houses on wheels come in different sizes, designs, shapes and layouts. The most common tiny homes come in 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’ sizes. However, if you want them bigger and better, get them customized at BOSS Tiny House. Our experts use their expertise, skill, and knowledge and look into your preferences to provide you with a uniquely designed tiny home. These homes are spacious and offer you a fine lifestyle, away from the turbulences occurring outside.

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Affordability – thanks to the Boss Loan Scheme 

Affordable and cost-effective is a generic term. What’s affordable for you, might not be the same for another. That’s why BOSS has a tiny home loan scheme where you can get a loan sanctioned for the tiny house of your choice. As soon as you apply for the loan, your eligibility would be checked. After fulfilling the eligibility criteria, the loan gets sanctioned within minutes and you are instantly connected with the experts for customization of the tiny home. The customization gets done as per your specifications and preferences. The affordable tiny home kits are for everyone as the loan allows one the liberty to design their dream homes without struggling with the finances.

Easy and hassle-free installation of the sturdy tiny homes

The DIY home kits are easy to assemble. The DIY kits come with a user-friendly DIY manual that directs the novices to install the kit. However, the kits are super easy to install and require only 2 people for the job. The installation and assembling of the structures get completed within 3 days and the tiny home is ready for use. However, the DIY kits at BOSS also come with a 3-year warranty and are strong, durable and sturdy. The steel roof and doors offer optimal strength. The steel used is ASTM-certified and the vinyl wall cladding ensures the right insulation.

The writer’s corner 

The writer’s corner needs to be an ideal place with all the necessities. Our tiny house kits have pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities. We preselect the bathroom, living space, study room and kitchen space to ensure that the interior furnishing with accessories comes from leading brands. Accessorizing the tiny homes helps to add the touch of luxurious elegance to your space.

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A writer is a moody person and needs the correct ambiance to deliver the masterpiece. The mood to write gets created in seclusion and at BOSS, we ensure that you get the tiny space of privacy you are longing for – request a quote now. Connect with our team of professionals.
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Get to know how ADU kits can be the perfect space for your ailing mother-in-law

Ailing parents and in-laws need their families at the time of crisis. The problem arises when the small apartments and houses do not have extra room for the ailing patient.

Ailing parents and in-laws need their families at the time of crisis. The problem arises when the small apartments and houses do not have extra room for the ailing patient. Unfortunately, nuclear families have seldom faced the problem of accommodating older adults who need to stay with their families. The solution to this problem is ADU kits. BOSS Tiny House gets you custom-made tiny home kits for sale that is affordable, comfortable and provides your family with the much-needed extra space.

ADU kits are extra spacious than the conventional, tiny homes

BOSS is one of the industry leaders offering custom-made ADU units and tiny house kits that are spacious and large enough to provide your in-laws with a comfortable living space. Generally, these tiny homes come in 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’ sizes, but can get customized according to your requirements. The ADU kits are large enough to accommodate at least 5 people living together like a family. The units have pre-installed plumbing and electrical systems that function smoothly for years. BOSS’s tiny homes come with a 3-year warranty and last for a long time with minimum repair work required. The tiny homes are not tiny, but are definitely strong and durable to enable your family to live in comfort and privacy.

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Privacy and comfortable dwelling 

When you have an ailing in-law who needs proper nursing and care, the ADU unit can provide the seclusion necessary for them to get well. Kids and pets need to be kept away from an ailing family member. The tiny home kits provide the necessary privacy to ensure that children, pets, and other family members stay away from the ailing person. However, with pre-installed plumbing and electrical systems, the ADU units ensure that the patient gets adequate care and proper hygiene gets maintained all throughout the stay. BOSS provides preselect kitchen, bathroom and interior finishing. The steel doors and roof offer optimal strength and durability, as the steel used by BOSS are all ASTM-certified. The upgraded features of the tiny house ensure aesthetics, durability and good living.

Easy assembling within days 

If you are in immediate need of an apartment to shift your ailing in-law, then get the ADU kit from BOSS. Within a few weeks, you will have the DIY kit delivered to you with a user-friendly manual to help in assembling the structures. Then, either get 2 skilled laborers or ask for help from your family and friends to assemble the structures. The prefabricated structures get assembled within 3 days and without much hassles. However, you can either get the tiny home installed over a foundation or order the home on wheels. The tiny homes on wheels are mobile that helps you take the ailing person from one place to another without trouble. So, if you wish to take the ailing in-law to the hospital or the doctor – the mobile home is an ideal choice.

Tiny Home Loan at BOSS

Are you facing a tight budget? The medical expenses are high and this might be a cause of concern for you. Avail of the home loan from BOSS. We check your eligibility and once you get the clearance, we sanction your loan within minutes. Now, you get the loan and start talking with the experts about a customized home plan that would be an ideal fit for your extended family.

Are you interested to know more about tiny home kits and ADU units? Then, get in touch with us. Request a quote now.

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Cut Down Your Budget with Affordable Tiny House Kits

The onset of the pandemic has challenged the way of leaving for many people around the world. Everyone has a yearning for a private room for themselves

The onset of the pandemic has challenged the way of leaving for many people around the world. Everyone has a yearning for a private room for themselves. However, this need might not be fulfilled for many depending on the cost rate involved in setting up a brick-and-mortar room. Ever since the pandemic, more people are getting affected each day and looking for a way to isolate themselves. Well, to your surprise, there is an alternative way to get a place to either isolate or channel your ideas at peace. This alternative is none other than, best tiny house kits.

The BOSS kit and tiny houses are extremely easy to use and handle without any challenge. Now, you might be thinking that assembling it would be a task, right? However, the approximate time required to build an Affordable tiny house kit cabin is about three days maximum for two people. Thereby, there are no issues of several days to wait out.

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Features of tiny house kits on wheels

Let’s discuss the features that you get when you invest in affordable tiny house kits.

Ready? Keep on reading to get an idea.

Easy built system

The BOSS tiny houses come with a very easy DIY kit for the customers. Everything, starting from the detailed instruction to the assembling process, is listed on the kit. Thereby, Customers purchasing it will have easy access to assemble it.

Superior safety and strength

One thing that has become essential in these times of uncertainty is safety. Tiny house kits on wheels provide you with this safety to the utmost level. The entire structure is manufactured through a steel-based panel for better protection with effective ASTM certification. Thereby, you don’t need to think twice about using these cabins during the early hours of the morning or at night.

Customizable design

Do you have a passion for decorating your room and just set the right vibe? If yes, Affordable small house kits are the best option for you. A ton of color options are available for these houses. Customers can choose the color that suits their personality and ask for the details of the same.

Complete package with electrical and plumbing amenities

When you think of a place to rest or spend quality time, the two necessities that pop into your mind are washrooms and electrical facilities. In tiny houses, you get both of these facilities with the proper value. The best thing is that these houses can be easily built at almost any location within a very affordable price range. The two sizes you can opt from including Shell plus of 8.5’*20 and Shell plus 8.5’*26′. You can choose whichever you need and place the order.

The BOSS tiny houses can be easily installed in various locations varying from sonotubes, cement, and dirt. User-friendly techniques of assembling the houses have been a valued advantage among the customers. Once you trust BOSS with their tiny house, it is a sure fact you will not regret it. You can visit to analyze the details of the house too.

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