4+1 valid reasons why you should build an ADU on your property

ADU – an accessory dwelling unit can be an added asset on your property and make your living good and fine.

ADU – an accessory dwelling unit can be an added asset on your property and make your living good and fine. There are several benefits of using tiny house kits and converting them into your ADU space.

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Increase property valuation:

If you have plans to sell off your property and want to make the most of it, then an ADU can be a wonderful addition. If you buy affordable tiny house kits and construct an ADU, then your property value is going to shoot up, unexpectedly. When the resale value goes up with just one addition, then it gets all the more tempting to get this additional space on your property. Go by logic and you will know that this additional separate living space can bring a happy buyer to the table who might be willing to offer a higher price knowing pretty well that they could put the ADU on rent and earn well enough through the ADU.

PG Accommodations:

PG or Private Guests need their personal space and with DIY ADU kits you can give them just what they are looking for. Without separate bathrooms, kitchen spaces and living rooms, the guests get a separate space from the family, yet they would be living together. ADU provides all the privacy the guests could ask for. Guests usually have a unique schedule of their own, which might disturb the family. But when you have ADU on your property, then no one’s personal space or privacy is hampered.

Rental Income:

Want more cash? Then get an ADU kit installed in your home and put it out on rent. The arrangement can be made to generate a short term income plan or even a long term plan if you are in need of money. These homes come to best use when you live in a place that attracts tourists all year round. Vacation destinations are the best places to have ADU homes to help generate income. Airbnb and services alike can help you get the best rents at a premium rate. These rentals are a great source of income and can cover a huge portion of mortgage every month. However, you need to look at the rental programs in your area and then plan out your strategy.

Low-cost Housing:

Have in-laws coming over? Or do you have an adult child who needs some space? Or maybe your older child needs to stay with you until they are financially solvent enough to move out. Whatever might be the scenario in your situation, ADU is the best option for low cost housing. When talking about your mother-in-law coming and staying over, then these tiny houses on wheels can be an asset and can help you secure your privacy- especially if you aren’t comfortable having people move about your space.

When it’s your older child who has faced the pandemic job crisis or just started earning and needs low cost housing just for a few months, then ADU can come to the rescue. The apartment allows a separate space to stay in and gain some independence without having to spend much. 

Work from Home – The +1 Added Asset:

Talking about the pandemic, how can we forget the work from home! Working from home can be fun, but not when kids are yelling around the whole house. Zoom and Skype meetings can be a challenge, but when you have a tiny ADU on your property, then just shift in and put all the noise out.

Isn’t ADU a great idea? Think no more and start shopping for your ADU kit.

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Tiny House Shell Kit – Live Life King Size!

This pandemic has spoiled all the plans of going on a vacation with your family and friends.

This pandemic has spoiled all the plans of going on a vacation with your family and friends. Even the kids do not have a safe place to play. The scare of the virus has wreaked havoc and no place seems like a safe place. The new viral strain has made things all the scarier. But staying indoors is driving kids’ nuts. The fear is logical, but that shouldn’t be the reason why you should not venture out and have fun. Tiny house shell kit is the best option for you and your family to venture out and stay safe; even during these trying times.  

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But again you must be wondering how these simple and affordable tiny house kits can serve your purpose. Read on and get to know how you can turn things around and live the best days of your life.

Play House on Wheels:

Wouldn’t it be great if your kids get the real fun of a PlayStation on wheels? The playground is an ideal place, no doubts on that. But for indoor games and stuff you do need more space and definitely a clean and safe one. The tiny home kits are a great alternative and can make the best play stations for your kids. Children thrive on cognitive play things. They love things that would interest them and make them curious. When the lockdown drains the child of this cognitive thinking spark, then a tiny house shell is the place for your child and his friends to take refuge.

A shell to shield your child:

The tiny house shell is surely the best thing that you might have discovered in 2021. It’s a shell to shield your child from the virus and also to protect the kid from unwanted elements. All this happens, without disrupting the playtime. Sounds great, right! With a durable steel roof and the capacity to take snow loads of 30lbs, the home kit comes with a 3 year warranty. The vertical paned windows and the upper windows ensure that the kids get a view of the outside world, without fear of jumping off the window. There are only single windows and all the windows are at the upper plane. 

Design your child’s very own playground:

Yes, you read it right! At Boss you are the Boss and you get the chance to design your child’s very own playground. You can pick the horizontal slide window or the vertical slide window. Some parents are fond of the loft windows, which again is possible, thanks to the DIY feature of our affordable tiny house kits. The interiors can also be designed as per your choice. Whether you are asking for a ‘natural walnut’ or a ‘dark walnut’ – the interiors look ridiculously awesome with the premium quality material provided.

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Complete Plumbing and Electrical Systems:

Lastly, the best part of tiny homes is that the electrical and plumbing systems are updated and the look is clean and plush. The setup is a complete one and there is simply no room for complaints and slip-ups. With the best design choices and upgraded features the DIY tiny homes are the best resort for your family and the kids to have a gala time together. 

Still thinking? Then, think no more. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to design your child’s happy zone.

Stay like a BOSS – Get your affordable tiny house kits on wheels

Covid-19 has hit the world hard and working from home can be really exhausting.

Covid-19 has hit the world hard and working from home can be really exhausting. With kids and family members making a lot of noise, it’s so difficult to concentrate, not to forget the Zoom meetings can be really embarrassing at times!

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The best solution to this problem would be to get tiny house kits on wheels. Yes, that’s one of the best things that can happen to you and working from home can be a real fun thing. With the Boss Tiny House kits, you will have a small space that you can call your very own and stay their day and night, whenever you like – just like a true boss!

Thinking what’s so special about the affordable tiny house kits? Well, firstly they are affordable and to know the rest you need to keep reading.

Three-year warranty:

Purchase the best tiny house kits and you will get a warranty of 3 years coming along with it. Warranty means that if there is any damage or any faulty issues that are detectable, then it would be immediately replaced without you having to incur any costs. Warranty promises that you don’t need to run errands to get your tiny home fixed, which most of the time happen when you purchase the so-called affordable stuff. Tiny houses are affordable, but with the warranty papers with you, there is just no reason to worry. Get your home today and make merry, cherishing your privacy.

Strong Steel Door:

Worried about intruders and unwanted guests? Your door is strong enough to protect you from any intruder who’s planning to inflict some harm on you. The doors of the affordable tiny house kits are strong and made out of steel, which means that you are protected as long as you keep them closed. Unwanted guests like rats, cats and animals won’t be able to enter and litter around, all thanks to the metal steel that is used to make the doors. With guaranteed privacy, you can have your own alone time without people peaking and small animals entering and squeaking.

Sturdy Foundation:

Most people are under the impression that tiny house kits on wheels are not sturdy enough. Well, that’s absolutely a wrong notion and needs to be dismissed. If that was the case, then you won’t have been reading this blog and tiny homes wouldn’t have become this famous. It’s called tiny, as it’s comparatively smaller than your regular homes and it’s lightweight, which means these homes are mobile and on wheels. But that doesn’t stop these tiny homes to be sturdy. With a durable steel roof and a strong foundation kit, these homes cannot be damaged or broken easily.

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Easy assembling:

Last and also the most important thought that might come across your mind – how to assemble tiny homes on wheelsWell, that’s simple. Either you read the manual and try out the DIY method. Or else, get people to do the assembling for you. It would take some time, but the assembling is simple enough to do it all by yourself. Just a little bit of reading the brochure and a little strength and tact here and there would help you assemble your tiny dream home.

So, why are you still waiting? Get your tiny dream home on wheels today!


An ADU kit can solve the issue of not having sufficient space inside your home

Do you wish to add extra space to your home like an add-on?

Do you wish to add extra space to your home like an add-on? A lot of people these days are opting for this rather than investing in a new property. There are many reasons you could require more space, but people are more concerned about the budget. A tiny house is a very popular solution in the USA. It brings relief to many, especially those with a very tight budget. So, if you have the same problems, it’s best to build your own tiny house next to yours. This can be very much possible if you live in a house and not in an apartment, also have nice yard space. 

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Affordable tiny house kits:

Many companies manufacture tiny house kits all over the USA, but your task is to look for the best one. BOSS in the USA manufactures tiny home kits that are modern and class-apart. BOSS has a huge client base, and we play an active role in the tiny house movement, being one of the biggest manufacturers of tiny house kits. We suggest installing ADU kits to those who require adding more space to their yard. BOSS offers affordable tiny house kits that are easy to install and cost-effective. We have a solution for every client; discuss your budget and requirements with us. 

Customized tiny house kits:

We have a team of experts to help you customize tiny house kits. We offer you suggestions according to your necessities. Read more about the BOSS Shell Plus kit. It’s the most modern kit that comes with plumbing and electrical fittings pre-assembled and lots of other benefits. We strive to offer minimalistic kits, and we have various kits. The Shell Plus kit is designed so that it is easy and simple for you to install DIY. BOSS promotes DIY building to save costs, and our kits come with easy instructions. Shell are almost ready units. They make your task a lot easier. The Shell Plus is one of the most premium kits ever designed by BOSS. 

Easy installation and ideal for trailer or foundation;

The Shell Plus kit is a DIY transformable kit; it takes 3 days for 2 people to complete the installation process. You can ask any of your friends, colleagues, siblings, or relatives to assist. The kits have a 3-year limited warranty. This kit is perfect for installing on the trailer and the foundation. Many clients wish to have a moving cabin, a studio, or a home office. This kit is best for similar purposes. 

Once set up, the inside is extremely spacious, with a master room, kitchen, dining space, a restroom, an extra room, and a discretionary space. The rooftop and the walls are insulated and protected. The doors and windows have secure locks. 

Consult with the experts: 

Are you looking for affordable tiny home kits for sale? The Shell Plus kits are shipped in wooden crates so that the pieces reach safely to your doorstep. Talk to our BOSS specialists for a consultation, and we have a solution for you. Please visit our website for more information, request a quote. 

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A tiny cabin can be ideal for those who wish to have a space of their own

Do you want to have independent space for yourself?

Do you want to have independent space for yourself? You might not have sufficient space in your house to relax or to sit alone and work. A small, simple cabin is the most affordable option for people with a limited budget. There are various types of cabins available in the market at varying prices. But if you are looking for an affordable solution, you can build a cabin yourself. Do you have a yard or wish to build a portable cabin that you can take along with you to save the accommodation expenses? 

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The rising popularity of tiny homes: 

Tiny homes are a very popular solution in the USA; many people are relieved that tiny house kits were invented. Buying or renting a cabin space can be expensive, but you can save cost and time by building one yourself. Are you looking for tiny house manufacturers? There could be many, but BOSS is one of the most popular in the USA. We manufacture modern DIY cabin kits that come with easy and simple instructions. 

The BOSS Tiny House Loan:

We care about your investment and ensure that you can build a cabin just when you need to. This is why we have a financing plan for you. We have the Tiny House Loan that takes only a few minutes to be approved. We check the eligibility and ensure that your loan gets approved within a few minutes. This easy financing has helped many clients own tiny space. If you require discussing the financing, you can discuss our experts with your prerequisites. 

BOSS helps you to own a property of yourself instead of paying rents. Even in this pandemic, we have offered a solution to so many clients. We are a store from where you can buy affordable tiny house kits. Apart from being budget-friendly, our kits are easy to assemble. 

Easy to install the DIY kit:

Invest in the Shell Plus kit if you are looking for prefab cabin kits. This kit is available in two sizes; you can choose the bigger or the small one according to the requirement. The two are 8.5’x 20′ and 8.5’x26′; you need to shell out $9,995 for the more compact one and $12,995 for the bigger size. It’s a DIY transformable kit with a 3 years warranty; also, it is very easy to install. 

Assemble your own tiny cabin:

Setting up your own cabin was never this easy; the installation takes only 3 days if two people are doing it together. Assembling a tiny house is something that no one does it all alone, so it is expected that you always have some assistance. But if you do not have time or do not wish to install it yourself, you can hire a local contractor. The Shell Plus is the best if you are looking for a tiny house on a trailer kit, but you can also build a cabin in your yard on the foundation. 

Final words:

The kit has pre-installed plumbing and electrical systems; this saves you from the hassle of hiring a separate contractor immediately. The kits are shipped carefully in wooden crates to prevent any damage. Request for a quote today. 

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Diana built a playspace for her kids using the Shell Plus kit

Diana and her family stay in a small home. She has just started working from home.

Diana and her family stay in a small home. She has just started working from home. This is the time when she felt that her home does not have sufficient space. Both her sons were also finding it difficult to play or spend their time with their neighbor’s kids inside the house. 

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The yard is very safe, but she could not allow the kids to play outdoors all the time. So, this year she was thinking of having a separate play space for their kids. She had her work inside the house to not have alone the office set up outside the house. She also asked suggestions from her friends; some suggested she move into a bigger home. But she did not have that big budget. She just started getting back to work again after a few years. 

But most of them told her to look for tiny homes; this is considered an affordable solution in the USA. Tiny homes are extremely popular in the West, and their popularity is increasing everyday. Space is such a constraint, and property prices have soared up very high. Tiny homes are a DIY solution that can help you have a decent amount of space within your budget. 

Affordable DIY tiny house kits:

Now, Diana was convinced that she found us after she researched and asked people to recommend a popular tiny house kit manufacturer. BOSS in the USA manufactures 

DIY tiny house kits that are easy to install. It’s been over a year that we have launched the Shell Plus kit. This kit is easy to install and takes only 3 days for 2 people to complete the installation. Our kits are ideal for building cabins, play space for kids, home offices, in-law suits, etc. The Shell Plus kit is ideal for building tiny house kits on wheels and a foundation. 

The two varying sizes of tiny homes:

Diana and her friend decided to assemble this DIY kit. They completed the installation on time and saved both time and money. But, if you are reluctant to install the kit yourself, you can hire contractors to do it yourself. The Shell Plus kit’s two different sizes are 8.5″ x 20’’available at $9,995, and 8.5″ x 26″ for $12,995. The Shell Plus kits come with plumbing and electrical  systems pre-installed. The interior is also very spacious; it has a vaulted ceiling, a master room, a bathroom, kitchen, dining space, and an optional loft. 

Do you have similar plans like Diana?

We have a huge client base, most of our clients are satisfied with our tiny home kits. You can visit our website to study and get more information. Choose BOSS tiny home kits; we manufacture quality products that ensure long-term use with complete safety. The kits are shipped very carefully in wooden crates so that it reaches your place in proper condition. Make your tiny house dreams come true by investing in BOSS kits; request a quote.

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