It is time to set up your own cabin space on your yard by using the BOSS Shell Plus kit

Do you wish to fabricate a personal cabin, a space to unwind, stay secluded and spend some time during the weekends?

Do you wish to fabricate a personal cabin, a space to unwind, stay secluded and spend some time during the weekends? Were you looking for a separate space during this pandemic? There were a lot of people who approached BOSS for a tiny cabin solution. Buying a ready-made cabin can be an expensive affair. But it can be less expensive and easier for you to build your own cabin. 

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It’s even better if you have a yard of your own. BOSS Tiny House manufactures modern tiny house kits for various purposes. We have launched the Shell Plus kits that make DIY cabin building easier. We have a wide range of DIY cabin kits, and we customize a solution for you. A minimalistic home isn’t an extravagance retreat; it’s for the individuals who need extra space and has a restricted financial plan.

So, BOSS is the answer to all your tiny house requirements. Our Shell Plus is a DIY transformable kit; it comes with a 3 years warranty. BOSS kits are reasonable and are available in two different sizes. The 8.5’x 20′ size is for those looking for small cabin space and is available for $9,995. The greater size of $12,995 is for those who are looking for a bigger tiny house shell. You can pick your cabin space as per your prerequisites. Besides building a cabin, you can likewise assemble spaces like ADU, home workplaces, play space, in-law suite, and customization choices. BOSS in the USA are the leaders in manufacturing and designing affordable tiny house kits.  

The Shell Plus unit has pre-installed electrical and plumbing fitting. When you build a cabin using our kits, it’s ideal for living. The roof is vaulted and high. There are pre-cut frames and casings for consistent installation. A protected rooftop, the outside wall made of steel, and the inside walls are made of delicate vinyl and are protected. The windows and entryways have secure locks. 

It is not difficult to assemble a cabin; you can utilize somebody to construct your own in just 3 days. So, two people assembling a cabin using the Shell Plus kit can be the best thing. In case you feel that you can’t construct it all alone, at that point, recruit a specialist contractual worker in your locality. 

BOSS has launched the BOSS Tiny House Loan that you can apply for, and it gets approved in minutes. We check and do a confirmation, and if you are qualified for it you get the loan. We offer a simple financing answer for our customers, and there is sufficient adaptability. In case you have a strict spending plan and need to fabricate a tiny cabin, you can examine your necessities with our specialists. We love it when our clients are fulfilled and have a minimalistic arrangement within the spending plan. 

BOSS manufactures tiny home kits for sale that are ideal for assembling on a trailer and foundation. Please discuss your requirements with us; we would offer you the kit that matches your requirements—request for a quote.

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It is time to have your own tiny cabin – Build it yourself with the Shell Plus kit

Having your own cabin could be an extraordinary method to disconnect yourself during this pandemic.

Having your own cabin could be an extraordinary method to disconnect yourself during this pandemic. It is even better if you have a yard; it is simpler to assemble your tiny cabin and stay there as long as you wish. In these difficult occasions where the financial, social, and wellbeing circumstances are so testing, it isn’t beneficial to lease/rent a space. 

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Additionally, this COVID-19 pandemic is why many people are looking for separate spaces. Sometimes, property holders could deny giving you that. BOSS, Tiny House has an answer for your necessities, even in such difficult stretches. We are the biggest producer of easy to assemble and affordable DIY cabin kits

All you need is a certain amount of investment, and you can have your small cabin prepared by investing in DIY tiny house kits. It additionally doesn’t make a difference if your necessity is dire, yet you lack the funds. BOSS Tiny House Loan is the good news for you. In a circumstance like this, we have likewise gotten greater adaptability in our financing method. Thus, we ask each of the individuals who intend to assemble a cabin to come and consult with us about your prerequisites. 

We care for our customers; we realize that your prerequisite is basic and you should have a small cabin when you need it. Please apply for the loan and it takes even less than 5 minutes to complete the approval process. A ton of customers expresses gratitude toward us for this financing choice. 

Is it true that you are searching for prefab cabin kits? We have dispatched the Shell Plus that is available in two sizes, 8.5’x 20′ and 8.5’x26′; you need to shell out $9,995 for the more modest one and $12,995 for the larger one. This unit is reasonable, accompanies a 3-years warranty, and is simpler to install. It’s a DIY transformable unit. 

Do you realize that building your cabin is so simple and hassle-free? It requires just 3 days for two individuals to complete the installation. You can do it all alone without spending a lot of money. In any case, if you don’t have the opportunity or can’t bear to do it all alone, hire a local contractor. 

This Shell Plus pack accompanies plumbing and electrical supplies, and this is an additional preference. The Shell Plus is ideal for setting up tiny house kits on wheels and a foundation. The inside highlights a high and vaulted roof, pre-cut frames for the simple establishment, a rooftop protected, the outside wall is made of steel, and the inside wall is made of soft vinyl and is protected. The doors and windows have a secure locking system. 

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BOSS offers Shell Plus kits available to be purchased and set up your tiny beautiful cabin in your yard now. Call us for the best tiny house kits. It would be ideal if you talk about your necessities with our specialists and request a kit.

Why you should choose to install ADU kit from BOSS to have an additional space within your property

What would you do to require more space inside your home?

What would you do to require more space inside your home? Rather than paying hefty rents, you can consider trying out an innovative yet cost-effective solution.  A lot of people are greatly concerned about the budget–the best solution is to build your own tiny house and make your dreams come true. BOSS in the USA is one of the biggest manufacturers of tiny home kits. We manufacture various types of tiny home kits, which also include ADU kits. This is your store for affordable tiny house kits.

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BOSS Tiny House fabricates and plans different kinds of minimalistic tiny house kits. We are specialists in offering customized kits, and we can provide units according to your necessities. All you require is to consult with BOSS experts about your needs. We guarantee that you can fabricate a minimalistic living space with our ADU kit. If you have a yard and wish to have a bigger space, it’s best to invest in an accessory dwelling kit. BOSS has dispatched the Shell Plus unit to satisfy a wide range of minimalistic home necessities. It’s the most reasonable pack that allows an easy and quick installation. 

You can utilize the yard space to fabricate an ADU and make enough space. It requires just 3 days for 2 individuals to gather the unit. We are likewise offering 3 years limited warranty on this DIY transformable pack. 

You can install our kits DIY, but you can also hire a contractor working in your vicinity for a perfect installation. The Shell Plus kit is ideal for installing on the trailer unit and the foundation. 

The advantage of the Shell Plus is that it accompanies plumbing and electrical frameworks pre-installed, saving work expenses and time. The inside is extensive, with a master room, kitchen, dining space, a restroom, an extra room, and a discretionary space. The rooftop and the walls are all around protected; the entryways and windows have secure locks. 

Are you worried that you need additional space and do not have a budget to invest in a tiny house kit? We have presented the BOSS Tiny House Loan, which takes under 5 minutes to get approved. We do verification to check the eligibility and offer you the financing. We provide this chance for an ever-increasing number of customers; we accept that every individual who wishes to have an ADU unit. 

A lot of customers have requested ADU kits and post-installation, they are amazed with our kit. We are getting more and more orders, and an ever-increasing number of individuals are searching for this reasonable choice. It is an option in contrast to conventional structures. Are you searching for an ADU unit? Talk to our BOSS specialists for a meeting, and we have an answer for you. Please visit our website for more information, request a quote.

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Take your home office with you to other locations by investing in a tiny house on trailer kit

As the world battles against COVID-19, a lot of things have changed and working from home is one of them. It is also a harsh stage for some, not having a steady pay, and the economy is upside down in most countries.

As the world battles against COVID-19, a lot of things have changed and working from home is one of them. It is also a harsh stage for some, not having a steady pay, and the economy is upside down in most countries.

Because of this pandemic, individuals in the USA choose to continue working from home. You probably won’t be open to working from inside your condo since you require a professional atmosphere, harmony, and your very own set up. BOSS in California, USA is committed to offering the best worth and reasonable DIY tiny house kits available to be purchased.

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At the point when the cost of properties has seen an impressive ascent, it’s essentially difficult to lease a greater loft or anything cozier than your cutting-edge living space. Here is an answer for you where you don’t need to contribute an extensive sum and fabricate your workspace inside your property premises. Build a tiny house yourself and enjoy working from home.

In the event that you have a yard, you can assemble your workspace by putting resources into minimalistic living space units available to be purchased. BOSS has come up with a modern and inventive Shell Plus pack to assemble a home office, a lodge, an ADU, an in-law suite, and a play region for youngsters etc. Presently we have such countless customers inspired by our tiny home kit.

We illuminate customers about the new Shell Plus unit and how worthwhile it is. The unit is a simple to-install DIY transformable kit. It requires just three days to introduce when two individuals are completing the installation. It is among the most affordable tiny house kits on wheels so you can take your home office along with you.

This tiny house on trailer kit comes with pre-installed plumbing and electrical fittings. You don’t need to employ some other contractual worker to get plumbing and electricals done. You can complete the installation by yourself but you can hire paid contractors for the installation as well.

The Shell Plus pack accompanies pre-cut walls and frames for quicker establishment, protected and insulated outside wall made of metal, steel rooftop that is protected, and snow-load tried, inside walls covered with vinyl, vaulted roof, secure entryways, and windows. These are appropriate for a home office; you can likewise introduce an extra space. On the whole, it’s an agreeable space for 3-4 individuals working inside.  

BOSS has also helped numerous new entrepreneurs fulfill their dream of owning a tiny home. The Shell Plus unit is accessible in two sizes: 8.5” x 26′ and 8.5” x 20′. Also, the Shell Plus kit comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Are you also planning to build a tiny house for any specific purpose? Get in touch with our consultants for a discussion. Talk to BOSS for a minimalistic solution, you can view our website to know more about various kits. Request for a quote.

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Assembling an attachment to your existing property – Use the BOSS Shell Plus kit and fulfill your dreams

When you have kids at home and your house is not big enough, you feel that an extra space or a bigger property could help.

When you have kids at home and your house is not big enough, you feel that an extra space or a bigger property could help. There are many like you, and when you are a parent, you mostly feel the lack of space. Many can’t rent a new house or set up a whole new property due to this economic infrastructure. So, what could be the solution to it? Living in an apartment is even more challenging because it has nothing to do apart from renting a new apartment, but it’s a boon living in a house.

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BOSS manufacturers tiny home kits:

People in the USA can use the yard space to have an extended space within the budget. Yes, if you guessed it, we are talking about tiny homes, which is a very popular solution to solving space issues. Many manufacturers are offering tiny homes; it’s your task to find the best one in your locality. If you get down to market research, you would find BOSS, one of the most popular tiny home kits manufacturers in the USA. We manufacture various types of tiny home kits for sale to help you build cabins, ADU, in-law suite, home office space, play area, studio, and more. 

The DIY friendly Shell Plus kit:

In this blog, we would be discussing investing in ADU kits, accessory dwelling units. It’s a relief for those who require an extension to their existing home and have a yard. BOSS has the very modern and improved Shell Plus kit that can help you build your ADU in just 3 days if 2 people are assembling it. BOSS ADU kits are mainly DIY friendly; thus, you do not require investing in hiring contractors. We have many clients who have already invested in our kits and are extremely satisfied with our kits. The Shell Plus kit is extremely affordable and has perfect durability.  

The two different sizes of the Shell Plus kit:

BOSS Shell Plus is a DIY transformable kit; we are offering a 3 years warranty as well. There is a built-on-site option, and the instructions given are very easy and clear for simple installation. The Shell Plus kit is available in two different sizes, 8.5″ x 20’’available at $9,995 and 8.5″ x 26″ for $12,995. In case you wish to have a space of your own or want to set up a play area for your kids, you can also invest in our DIY cabin kits. A cabin is all you need to attach in your yard to enjoy some free time in a cozy ambience. If you are not comfortable installing it by yourself, you can hire contractors for the installation.

Request for a quote:

BOSS tiny house kits are shipped in wooden crates to ensure it is protected from damage and breakage. BOSS can make your dreams come true and fulfill your dreams. Call the BOSS experts, browse through our website, and request a quote.

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Jasmine brought back her mom to her place by building an in-law suite

BOSS has assisted numerous families in coming together and many have benefited during this pandemic.

BOSS has assisted numerous families in coming together and many have benefited during this pandemic. We feel that family members should come together and enjoy staying together. Jasmine, who needed to bring back her mom after her dad’s demise, is one of our successful testimonials. She understood that it was getting hard for the more aged mother to lead a daily existence alone.

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She wanted to purchase another house, but her financial plan did not allow her to move. The rent was high, so she looked for other options. She was living in a smaller home, yet there was a yard space that could be utilized. Her closest companion recommended constructing a minimalistic home. 

Now Jasmine wanted to research the internet for various options. She was looking for companies offering tiny home kits in USA, and she found BOSS Tiny House. She got in touch with BOSS and wanted to have a consultation with our experts. We proposed her to construct an in-law suite in the yard, which would be the most practical arrangement. We are offering affordable tiny house kits in USA and other parts of the USA. 

Jasmine wanted to invest in the Shell Plus kit; it’s a DIY kit that is entirely moderate and we are offering a three-year guarantee on the tiny house shell kit. Jasmine could undoubtedly introduce this pack in her yard, so she promptly consented to contribute. Understanding that she doesn’t have adequate assets, we offered her our financing choice, the BOSS Tiny House Loan. Considering and checking every financial document, she qualified for the advance, and now Jasmine could take the unit and pay us in installments. We are offering this advantage to our clients, and this has caused numerous to possess a minimalistic home at the correct time.

Jasmine and her husband needed just three days to introduce the unit; they were stunned to find the measure of room, the inside, the outside, which is so ideal for living. This mind-blowing minimalistic home shell unit is accessible in two unique sizes: 8.5×20″ accessible for $9,995 and 8.5×26″, accessible for $12,995. Shell Plus has some incredible highlights, which include: 

  • The spacious interior is fit for living
  • The steel exterior walls are protected and tough
  • The kit can be installed in just 3 days
  • The kits come with plumbing and electricals pre-installed
  • The kit can be assembled in a trailer and foundation

The interior of the tiny house shell kit is superb; the roof is tall and vaulted and the rooftop is introduced simply after it has breezed through the snow-load assessment. It has pre-cut casings and walls for simple installation. The walls are covered with vinyl; the entryways are made of steel and have deadbolt bolts, and the windows are twofold paned and lockable. Jasmine and her family were satisfied with the highlights and the security this pack advertised along these lines. The inside merits living; space can oblige a full-size room, an eating region with a full-size kitchen, a washroom, an implicit utility room, and space or extra room. The Shell Plus kit includes plumbing and electrical system installation. 

Many of our customers offer positive reviews, and we also customize kits according to your requirement. To know more about BOSS, please refer to our website to know more about shell kits. The transportation is done in wooden boxes to guarantee that the unit arrives at your doorstep in excellent condition. Request us for a quote. 

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