Jamie built a multipurpose ADU on his backyard with BOSS’ shell plus kit

BOSS’ latest contribution to the tiny house movement is the super sturdy, robust and transformable shell plus kits.

BOSS’ latest contribution to the tiny house movement is the super sturdy, robust and transformable shell plus kits. These small house kits for sale are changing lives one day at a time. We are shipping our kits in hardy wooden crates so that it reaches our customers in one piece, without any damage from transit.

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Recently, we shipped our shell plus kit to Jamie who is a single dad to two adult boys. Jamie is an interior designer and it was his dream to someday start his own business. However, having kids early put a setback to his plans, but once his kids become adults and started taking care of themselves, he wanted to relive his dream. But, he did not just want a home office. He wanted to build a completely private space for himself, which he can use as an extended living area and also his office. He wanted to leave the primary house to his sons to give them their privacy, and he really liked the concept of ADU or accessory dwelling unit.

ADU is like an extended living area in the primary property lot and the unit can be designed as anything. So, he chose our 8.5’x26’ sized affordable tiny house kits as he wanted the place to be spacious and also he has a big backyard.

Once he received the shipment, he and his elder son took about 3 days to assemble all the parts together. He was really glad that our kit came with all the panels and walls that were pre-cut. So, installing and assembling the tiny house seemed like a puzzle. He wrote back to us saying that the DIY project was fun for him and he would recommend it to his friends as well.

The main aspect of our shell plus kit that Jamie liked was the environment-friendliness of our kit. Our panels, walls and ceiling of the kit are well-insulated, which means that Jamie does not have to worry about high energy bills. One heater is good enough to give comfort during the colder seasons. We have also carried out a snow load test on the kit’s ceiling to ensure that the ceiling can withstand the load of the snow and other weather elements.

As for the interior of the ADU, Jamie wanted to show off his interior designing skills. He kept the design minimal, but unique. The office space was quaint and it was designed differently than the rest of the tiny house. He wanted to create that distinction. He wanted to show off his skills, and hence, went all out when it came to decorating the interior and exterior walls of the tiny house ADU.

Jamie wanted the ADU to be portable and he told us that he had an unused trailer lying in his house. Our team helped him with the idea of using that trailer and assembling the parts on it so that his ADU would become on wheels.

Even though he calls it ADU, he plans to use it as a home, home office and maybe even a space to chill with his friends while his kids take care of the main house.

For similar plans, you can check out our tiny home kits for sale. Request us for a quote. 


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Tiny House Play Space For The Working Adult To Unwind And Relax

Do not allow work pressure to get over you. Create a relaxation space for yourself where you can rejuvenate and forget about the stresses of the day.

Do not allow work pressure to get over you. Create a relaxation space for yourself where you can rejuvenate and forget about the stresses of the day. At BOSS, we provide tiny house shells for sale that can help you build a play space within 3 days or maximum 4, if you like to take the building process slow.

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Yes even adults can have their kind of play space, a corner to enjoy some entertainment, unwind and relax. The play space can be a man or woman cave, or if you are married, it can be you and your spouse’s hideout where you will be away from the kids and all the pressures of life. If you have been feeling a bit of lost love with your spouse, a DIY play space building project might be just the thing you two need to reconnect and have fun.

BOSS shell plus kit is delivered in a wooden crate. When you open the crate, you will find that the panels and frames are already pre-cut. We have done this for you so that installing and assembling the parts together will not be a problem. You can think of it like solving a jigsaw puzzle and it is so much fun doing it alone or with someone.

The shell plus kits come with pre-cut frames, the exterior and interior walls, ceiling and panels of our shell plus product is insulated. So, building an environment-friendly relaxation space is possible and it is also possible to save on your energy bills. With our shell plus kit, your play space will have a comfortable temperature and there’s no need to spend extra on installing heating or cooling systems.

As for the doors and windows, our kit comes with lockable windows and doors so that you are safe inside. You can also build your play space on the foundation in your backyard or on wheels by using a new or used trailer.  Last, but not the least, our kit comes with plumbing and electrical packages. You just have to tell us where your supply line will be placed and we will personalize the kit for you.

To put it simply, our shell plus kit will give you the structure that you need to create a play space within 3 days if two people are installing it. Once you have got all the parts together and built the play space, the next step is to decorate the space. You can decorate it your way and include a small dinette area, a small kitchen and a functional bathroom. If you plan to sleep over sometimes, you can even roll in a bed, but remember it will take up space. We would suggest a sofa-cum-bed if you are not planning to use the play space as a living area, but just somewhere to chill. Make sure to leave space to bring in your foosball table, PlayStation, a big wall-mounted TV to watch games and a mini-fridge filled with cold beverages.

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If you are looking to build a spacious play space, we would suggest that you get our 8.5’x26’ shell plus kit. However, if there is not enough space in your backyard, you can opt for our 8.5’x20’ shell plus kit, this one is slightly smaller.

At BOSS, we not just provide tiny house shell kit, but also creative design ideas. So, do not hesitate to reach out and discuss your play space project. Request us for a quote.

Jose built a tiny backyard cabin with BOSS DIY shell plus kit

Jose was always interested in cabin living, but he wasn’t prepared to say farewell to household conveniences.

Jose was always interested in cabin living, but he wasn’t prepared to say farewell to household conveniences. He came up with the next best alternative – building a cabin in his backyard.

Married with two kids, Jose craved for some alone time with his friends and away from the cacophony. He also longed to spend alone time with his wife, but did not wish to be too far away from the kids. This is when he contacted BOSS to ask about our .

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We listed out all the benefits that Jose will enjoy if he opted for our shell plus tiny house kits to fulfil his cabin dreams. Some of those benefits that convinced him were:

  • DIY approach: Our shell plus kits can be built with a DIY approach and it does not need professional help. The panels and walls in the kit already come pre-cut for easy installation. It is like solving a puzzle and fitting the right pieces together. Jose took 3 days to build his backyard cabin and it was a project that he and his wife did together, which helped them come out of their domestic lives and try something different.

Insulation: Cabin living wouldn’t be about ditching the state-of-the-art household living, but it will still be cabin living and we made sure of that. Our shell plus kits are fully insulated and this means no extra cooling or heating expenses. Jose was very happy to hear that the panels and walls of our shell plus kit are adequately insulated as that meant environment-friendly living.

Electrical and plumbing lines: Our shell plus kits come with complete plumbing and electrical lines. Jose told us where the supply line should be and we customized it to his needs. All the outputs were as per his wishes and he was very happy that he did not have to engage additional plumber or electrician for setting up his cabin.

These were some of the standout features that made Jose trust us with this dream backyard cabin project. The other factors were 3-year limited warranty and total support throughout the planning and buildout process.

From among our two variants of tiny home kits, Jose opted for the larger one, which is 8.5’x26’ as he wanted his cabin to be roomy with a functional bathroom, small kitchen and dinette area and also a bedroom. He designed the cabin using rustic design ideas and was extremely happy that our shell plus kit provided a large ceiling that accommodated two or three individuals who are tall.

So, if you also wish to build a backyard cabin or maybe an accessory dwelling unit, home office or home studio, you can reach out to us. At BOSS, we offer as much help and support as desired. We can even provide you with liveable ideas to transform your tiny house into a beautiful space that is personal and functional.

Reach out to us today to have a look at our shell plus kits. 

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Heather’s interior design consultancy firm is now a reality – All thanks to BOSS’ DIY shell plus kit

Not everyone is cut out for the 9 to 5 desk job, not everyone likes to have a boss or travel to the office daily.

Not everyone is cut out for the 9 to 5 desk job, not everyone likes to have a boss or travel to the office daily. One fine example is Heather, a lady who was passionate about starting her own studio. 

Heather was going to be made partner in a well-known interior design firm in New York, but she thought that she had enough. She wanted to come back to California and start a design firm of her own. Unfortunately, however, fancy her job position was, the pay wasn’t enough to rent out a high-end office space and start her business. But, she had already turned in her resignation and there was no turning back. 

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Once back home in California, she started searching for office spaces to rent. She hit a dead end every time she liked a property, either due to the high monthly rental or because of the distance from her home. When she was on the verge of giving up, her friend suggested BOSS. We were extremely happy to get a call from her and walked her through our tiny house shell plus kit.

Our shell plus product comes in two sizes and she chose the 8.5’x26’ variant over the 8.5’x20’ one as she wanted a spacious office. She told us that she was particularly happy about how environment-friendly our shell plus kits were. If you are wondering why, it is because our kit comes with insulated panels and walls. So, when the exterior and the interior walls and panels are insulated, you can save on energy bills. The insulated walls will keep you comfortable throughout the year. 

Heather was a bit concerned about the robustness of the roof before she committed to buy a tiny house shell from us, but we assured her that the roof of our shell plus kit has gone through rigorous testing. We have put it through the snow load test to make sure that the roof is strong enough to handle adverse weather conditions. Our tests have revealed that the roof can withstand 30 lbs/sq ft of snow. 

Another interesting fact about our DIY shell plus kit is the high ceiling. Very few tiny house providers can offer you that. The high ceiling can accommodate two to three tall people and as she plans to hire some associates to work under her, this arrangement seemed perfect to her. 

So, Heather went through our tiny house shell for sale and ordered herself a kit, which we shipped out to her immediately in a wooden crate. The shell plus kit arrived in one piece and as she opened the crate, she found that the frames and panels were already pre-cut. We do this so that the installation process becomes hassle-free. 

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Heather took 3 days to assemble our tiny house shell plus kit and she made use of her creativity to breathe life into her workspace, which has a small dinette area, a dedicated space to entertain her clients and a fully functional bathroom. As she is an interior designer and this space was going to be her workplace, she designed it beautifully so that clients will be impressed with what she has done. Heather also mentioned to the BOSS professionals exactly where she needed the electrical and plumbing supply line, and we customized it for her. 

If you also want to create something like Heather, contact BOSS. 


The tiny house solution: ADU or accessory dwelling units as extended living space

An additional unit in your backyard or garage can solve all your space problems.

An additional unit in your backyard or garage can solve all your space problems. The unit in your backyard that can be used as additional living family quarters is known as accessory dwelling units or ADU and it is of much utility. This unit is going to be independent of the main house or primary dwelling unit. This means that whoever will be living in the ADU will be enjoying total freedom and independence whilst being closely attached to the main house and the residents.

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An ADU can be a great option if your children have become adults and planning to move back home. The ADU unit can be used as a spare room since adult children want their space and independence, and wish to be away from the prying eyes of their parents. Moreover, the ADU can be used to house your ageing in-laws or parents. It can even be used as a guest room if the primary house is running out of rooms when guests come and plan to stay back for a night or a few days.

To put it simply, building an ADU can be the perfect solution to having an extended living space and BOSS’ tiny house shell plus kits are what you need. Our tiny house kits for sale are wholly transformable and you do not need to hire outside help to assemble the panels and walls. You can build an ADU yourself using our shell plus kit. Once you have placed an order, we will ship out the kit in a wooden crate and it will reach you at the earliest without any damage during transit.

Our shell plus kit comes with pre-cut walls, panels and frames, which ensures easy installation and assembly. You simply have to fit the pre-cut panels with each other and your structure will be ready. Our shell plus kit can be assembled and installed on foundation or if you want to make the ADU portable, you can make use of a trailer so that the ADU can be on wheels. You can use an unused or old trailer that you have lying around or we might be able to help you with trailer suppliers who will be right for you.

Moreover, we understand that your primary purpose of building an ADU in your backyard is to save money and our shell plus kit guarantees savings throughout its lifecycle. First, our shell plus kit is priced affordably and you can save money by not having to hire professional help for building the ADU. There are two sizes available, one is 8.5’ x 20’ which is priced at $9995 and the other slightly bigger 8.5’ x 26 and costs $12995. Second, the interior and exterior walls, ceilings and panels of our shell plus kit are well-insulated. Thanks to the insulation, the inside temperature of your ADU will always be comfortable. The roof is sturdy and is snow load tested. The kit is available with so many types of living facilities; we are also offering ready plumbing and electrical installation.

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So, if you are thinking of extending your living space, check out BOSS’ DIY tiny house kits. Our shell plus kits are robust, sturdy and underwent several tests to ensure that they can withstand harsh weather conditions.

For more information or to place your order, contact BOSS. We will be glad to guide you through the buildout process. 


Myra has her yoga studio as she invested in the BOSS Shell Plus kit and built it herself

Her dream has come true. Myra is now satisfied with her own yoga space, something she wanted to have for years.

Her dream has come true. Myra is now satisfied with her own yoga space, something she wanted to have for years. She was worried when she was looking for an extra space because she could not afford it when she heard the high prices. Instead of giving up her dream she kept on looking for a solution until she found BOSS Tiny House. She reached our office to share her dreams and how much she could afford to make it come true. We as a team assure our customers that anyone who needs a tiny house can have a tiny house within their budget. BOSS designs various types of DIY tiny house kits but recently we have come up with our latest Shell Plus kit.


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Myra called her friend to help her in building her tiny house; it took her just 3 days to complete the process. Installation is very simple, does not require any special experience but if you do not care to install yourself pay a little more and hire a contractor to do it for you. Myra lives in an apartment and she thought of using her yard to set up her own yoga space. This kit is very well-suited for foundation and trailer and with this transformable DIY kit; you can build cabins, play space, ADUs, and workspace. Myra would be practicing alone and probably she could bring her little daughter with her so she did not require a very big space, she chose to invest $9995 for the 8.5’x20’ but the Shell Plus kit is also available in a bigger size 8.5’x26’ which costs $12995.

The Shell Plus comes with outstanding features which include a steel roof which is insulated and also snow load tested successfully, the ceiling is vaulted with proper insulation, the interior walls are vinyl coated, soft textured and well insulated. The windows are lockable and double-paned; the doors are made of steel and have deadbolt locks. The exterior wall is made of steel and galvanized, we offer pre-cut frames for easy installation. Myra was so happy and satisfied to discover such amazing features and the amount of security. We are also offering a 3 years limited warranty on Shell Plus.

The Kit also offers amazing livable ideas, it has a king-size bedroom, a spacious dining area, a nice kitchen space, a bathroom that is big enough, an additional loft, an in-built utility room. Myra was relieved that this Shell Plus comes with an electrical and plumbing facility, it’s almost ready to use. Our Shell Plus kit is customizable and has reached a new level in terms of quality and affordability. BOSS is renowned for offering the most modern DIY tiny house kits.

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If you refer to our website, you can take a look at the Shell Plus kit in a detailed manner, see the front view, side view, back and the rooftop view, you can also take a look at the interior. We as a team, work towards designing DIY transformable kits. Come to BOSS when looking for tiny house kits for sale. Request us for a quote, we send it to you within a day.