Beauty business now on wheels – How to use the tiny house on trailer kit for your business

Jul 27, 2021

The beauty business has been hit hard by the pandemic. If you want to change the game, then you need to go to the customers rather than wait for them to come to you. Whether you are selling products or services, investing in a tiny house on trailer kit is a smart move to activate your business. To buy affordable tiny house kits, you need to connect with BOSS professionals to customize the mobile kits and reach out to your customers. In the current cut-throat competition, it’s important to stay ahead and that’s why investing your money in DIY cabin kits is considered a good business investment.

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It’s more affordable 

Operating your business in a shop on wheels is far more affordable than leasing a commercial space. The rent of the commercial space would be enormous and that’s why finding a better alternative is essential. You can buy affordable tiny house kits that come on wheels and get customized as per your specifications. The tiny cabins come with a toilet, sink, air conditioning, lighting, heating, gas fireplace and all other essential amenities you would need. The electrical and plumbing systems are pre-installed and the maintenance is minimal. The porcelain toilet, mirror cabinet, soft textured interior walls and 3-shelved shower stalls ensure an elegant and sophisticated ambiance. The professionals at BOSS customizes the DIY cabin kits to ensure they serve your business purpose without hassles.

Strong, robust, but easy to assemble 

Although the tiny house on trailer kit might look elegant and compact, but they are spacious and extremely sturdy. The DIY kits come with a user-friendly manual and need only 2 people for assistance in setting up the tiny mobile kit. The kit gets assembled within 3 days and comes with a 3-year warranty. The deluxe flooring, steel walls with vinyl siding and a strong steel door ensure good insulation and durability. BOSS has a team of the most experienced engineers to customize the cabins for increased safety and security. The steel used in tiny home kits is ASTM-certified and available with upgraded features and various design choices. The galvanized ribbed steel ensures strong exterior walls, while the vinyl cladding provides a durable interior. The insulated panels are fire-retardant and meet international quality standards.

Build a personal connection

A mobile shop helps you travel from coast to coast. Adopting a mobile strategy is more effective as you can reach out to a wider audience and sell your products and services more effectively. The customized tiny home is like a van equipped with a consultation space that’s stocked with beauty and hair treatments. Elline Surianello, the CEO of New York City-based LeMetric, says that you need to go to the market rather than wait for the market to come to you. Her mobile beauty studio gave her incredible flexibility and helped her business rake huge profits. The trailer kits come in 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’ sizes. However, at BOSS, you can customize and get a bigger and more spacious trailer van.

Time to take an informed decision 

Decide by checking out the range of tiny house kits available at BOSS. Although we design innovative and customized kits, your dreams and specific requirements inspire our ideas. Our engineers offer a free consultation session to help you make an informed decision. Then, request a quote from our experts. Get connected now.
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