Barry built a DIY playhouse for kids before the Christmas

Dec 20, 2019

Barry  owns an up-and-coming event management company in California. He often has to travel to arrange and manage parties and events in various parts of the country. He stays away from home for about 20 days each month and that means less time for his beautiful wife and two adorable kids. Now, Barry loves his cozy home and did not want to move into a bigger home. But, he did want his kids out of the house – for some peace! When his kids play and the neighborhood kids also join in, the house becomes extremely chaotic and his wife is unable to manage it all alone. Instead of reaching out to contractors, he wanted a DIY approach in building his kids a playhouse in the backyard. He liked BOSS’ transformable DIY tiny house shell kit and immediately placed an order.

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Let us give you a little brief about our shell kit and why it was super easy to turn a tiny home builder and also make his kids and wife help him through the project. So, Brian got our 8.5’ X 26’ foundation shell kit. Our shells come equipped with lockable double-pane windows, insulated wall panels, galvanized exterior wall surface, insulated steel roof, soft-textured vinyl coated insulated interior wall surface, vaulted insulated high ceiling and deadbolt locks steel door. To ensure that installation is easy, our shell kit comes with pre-cut walls and frames. Our shell kit is even complete with all electrical and plumbing fixtures. So, our shell kit already provides a readymade structure and all Brian had to do was assemble the part with the help of his adorable tiny house builders. We shipped him the shell kit in wooden creates and it took him 3 days to assemble the whole thing.

Once the structure was ready, Brian wasted no time in decorating the idyllic playhouse for his kids and their friends. He kept enough space for a washroom complete with a bathtub so that if the kids got dirt on them while playing, they could be washed in the playhouse before entering the main house. The rest of the space had racks filled with board games and card games, he plugged in an Xbox and also a TV video game so that all kids can play together. For the seating arrangement, he chose squishy cushions and bean bags.

Since it is a playhouse solely for his small kids of the age of 4 and 6, he did not install a kitchen or even a proper bedroom. He hopes to renovate the tiny playhouse in the future when his kids grow up. Brian says his kids were the best tiny home builders and he had the time of his life building them a playhouse.

So, if you want to extend your living space and build a separate space in the backyard, reach out to BOSS. Our tiny house shell plus DIY kit is available at affordable rates.

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