Attach an ADU to your property or assemble a standalone structure

Mar 19, 2021

An accessory dwelling unit or ADU is a residential building occupying the same lot as the primary house. A property that has an ADU attached would fall under separate zoning rules. These units are generally attached, but you can also build standalone units. But an ADU uses energy and water connections of the primary building. 

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The construction and property market is soaring high. Hence, it can be an expensive affair to get a bigger home. The rents are getting higher, so there needs to be a solution. How about investing in tiny house kits? It’s a relief to those who do not have adequate space inside their house and wish to expand. You can now build your own tiny house and attach it to your existing brick and mortar house. Tiny homes are a very popular space-solving solution. Tiny houses are a budget option for those with limited income, but many others care about hard-earned money these days. 

Simple installation and get 3 years warranty

BOSS in the USA is one of the most renowned manufacturers of tiny home kits. We are a part of the tiny house movement; hence we offer affordable tiny house kits. We have a huge client base and our team is constantly striving to offer you a customized solution.      

 Now it’s easier to set up your ADU with BOSS’s ADU kits. We have shells to make your task faster and hassle-free. BOSS promotes DIY building, and it takes only 3 days for 2 people to assemble the unit. The kit is ideal for a trailer installation; you can also set it up on the foundation. This DIY transformable Shell Plus kit is suitable for building a cabin, studio, home office, ADU, play space for kids, and more. BOSS offers a 3 years warranty on the Shell Plus kit. 

Now assemble larger ADUs

You can now attach a larger size ADU to your existing home. Yes, BOSS is manufacturing shells of sizes 16’x 40′ and 24′ x 80′. Ours is built on-site systems, but in case you cannot install it yourself, hire a contractor. The Shell Plus premium kit relieves you from all hassle as it also comes with pre-installed plumbing and electrical fittings. The shell is spacious; there is a large room, a kitchen and dining area, a restroom, a storeroom, and an optional loft. The interior has a vaulted ceiling; the external walls are made of steel and are insulated. The interior walls are coated with soft-vinyl and have ample insulation. The doors and windows have a secure locking system. 

Considering all the factors

While a lot of people build ADUs for their family members, some do it for rental income. Whether setting up an ADU is a sound investment or not entirely depends on the landlord and several factors, including local zoning laws, ongoing maintenance costs, upfront costs, tax consequences, rental and housing market activity. 

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BOSS manufactures advanced ADU kits which are shipped in wooden crates so that it reaches your doorstep safely. Discuss your project with us, share your requirements with us via consultation, and offer you a solution. Please visit our website for more information, request a quote.

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