Assembling an attachment to your existing property – Use the BOSS Shell Plus kit and fulfill your dreams

Jan 10, 2021

When you have kids at home and your house is not big enough, you feel that an extra space or a bigger property could help. There are many like you, and when you are a parent, you mostly feel the lack of space. Many can’t rent a new house or set up a whole new property due to this economic infrastructure. So, what could be the solution to it? Living in an apartment is even more challenging because it has nothing to do apart from renting a new apartment, but it’s a boon living in a house.

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BOSS manufacturers tiny home kits:

People in the USA can use the yard space to have an extended space within the budget. Yes, if you guessed it, we are talking about tiny homes, which is a very popular solution to solving space issues. Many manufacturers are offering tiny homes; it’s your task to find the best one in your locality. If you get down to market research, you would find BOSS, one of the most popular tiny home kits manufacturers in the USA. We manufacture various types of tiny home kits for sale to help you build cabins, ADU, in-law suite, home office space, play area, studio, and more. 

The DIY friendly Shell Plus kit:

In this blog, we would be discussing investing in ADU kits, accessory dwelling units. It’s a relief for those who require an extension to their existing home and have a yard. BOSS has the very modern and improved Shell Plus kit that can help you build your ADU in just 3 days if 2 people are assembling it. BOSS ADU kits are mainly DIY friendly; thus, you do not require investing in hiring contractors. We have many clients who have already invested in our kits and are extremely satisfied with our kits. The Shell Plus kit is extremely affordable and has perfect durability.  

The two different sizes of the Shell Plus kit:

BOSS Shell Plus is a DIY transformable kit; we are offering a 3 years warranty as well. There is a built-on-site option, and the instructions given are very easy and clear for simple installation. The Shell Plus kit is available in two different sizes, 8.5″ x 20’’available at $9,995 and 8.5″ x 26″ for $12,995. In case you wish to have a space of your own or want to set up a play area for your kids, you can also invest in our DIY cabin kits. A cabin is all you need to attach in your yard to enjoy some free time in a cozy ambience. If you are not comfortable installing it by yourself, you can hire contractors for the installation.

Request for a quote:

BOSS tiny house kits are shipped in wooden crates to ensure it is protected from damage and breakage. BOSS can make your dreams come true and fulfill your dreams. Call the BOSS experts, browse through our website, and request a quote.

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