All you need to know before building a DIY cabin using cabin kits

Aug 03, 2020

Do you wish to build a cabin, a space to relax, and live during the weekends? Also, during this pandemic, you would have a safe space to isolate yourself. If you are looking for readymade cabins, you might not be satisfied; instead, you can build your cabin. Do you have a yard? If yes, it would be very useful because you would be making your cabin. You can either choose to build on foundation or on a trailer to take it along. These days renting space could be very expensive, and to stay isolated for safety and privacy, a cabin is apt. 

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Interested in something affordable, then BOSS Tiny House is your solution. Everyone is aware of the recent economic scenario, its better to have a cabin within budget. A tiny house is not a luxury retreat, its for those who need additional space and have a limited budget. We manufacture various types of customized DIY cabin kits. 

There is good news for all our clients, a little investment would be worth, but in case if you have a crunch of funds, we have a solution for you. We care to stand beside you during times of crisis, and we try to ensure that all get a tiny house when they need it. This is why we have the BOSS Tiny House Loan that you can apply for approval in minutes. We check and do a verification, and if you are eligible for it, half of your worries are gone. We offer an easy financing solution to our clients, and there is ample flexibility. If you have a tight budget and need to build a cabin, you can discuss your requirements with our experts. We love it when all our customers are satisfied and have a tiny house solution within budget. 

If you are looking for modern prefab cabin kits, you can explore the Shell Plus kit. This fantastic kit comes with a 3 years warranty, it’s very affordable and is very easy to assemble. This is an innovative DIY transformable kit that is available online and in two different sizes. The measuring 8.5’x 20’ is available for $9,995, and the slightly bigger one is for $12,995. You can choose your cabin space according to your requirements. Apart from a classy or a vintage cabin, you can also build spaces like ADU, home offices, play space, in-law suite, and customization options. 

 It is easy to build a cabin; you can use someone to build your own in only 3 days. If you can do it yourself, you would save money and take pride in building a cabin all by yourself. But if you feel that you cannot build it on your own, then hire an expert contractor. 

The Shell Plus kit has pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities. The cabin is fit for living. The ceiling is vaulted and high. There are pre-cut frames for seamless installation, an insulated roof, the exterior wall made of steel, and the interior wall made of soft vinyl insulated. The windows and doors have secure locks.

BOSS designs cabin kits for sale, build one in your yard. Please discuss your requirements with our team and request a quote.

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