All About Tiny House Kits: Most Frequent Concerns in 2024

May 28, 2024

Although the tiny house movement can be traced back to the early 90s, its popularity has gained a new paradigm in the last few years. With the far-sighted millennials evolving with their purchasing power, they are looking forward to buy affordable tiny house kits for their properties. Tiny houses meet the requirements of this generation while also contributing to affordability, sustainability, durability, and customization options.

The rising sales graph shows how people are choosing to trust the tiny house kits for additional spaces in their properties. Most people are giving the time-consuming, expensive, and messy traditional construction method a miss and embracing the easy-to-install and sustainable home kits. In this blog, we have taken into ourselves to answer the most relevant concerns among tiny house kit purchasers. Take a look to find answers to your queries.


Frequently asked questions about tiny house kits:

Can I install a tiny house in California?

Tiny houses are cited as legal in most places in California. However, the structure needs to adhere to certain regulations to get the required approval. BOSS tiny houses meet the California building code and also come with a permit package. Besides, these structures come installed with ADA-compliant doors, which is a standard requirement under the Americans with Disability Act. 

What are the certifications required for tiny house approvals in California?

The approvals needed for installing an affordable tiny house kit in California are complicated, as the structure needs to adhere to several standards set by the Department of Building and Safety. BOSS tiny houses are designed with all relevant documentation in place and getting all the required certifications. These house kits come with a permit package that includes FM approval certification, custom site and foundation plan, Title 24 energy certification, and engineer-approved structural blueprint. 

What is the required time for a tiny house installation?

The tiny house is delivered in kits with interlocking weatherproof panels that are easy to install and handle. A normal 144 to 170-sqft tiny house would take around three days to assemble with two people working. This time-effective installation makes them a convenient and popular choice and effectively replaces the traditional construction solution for additional spaces or for space extension. 

How are tiny houses cheaper than traditional buildings?

When we compare the expenses of building a house traditionally and installing a prefab structure, we can see the significant difference between the two. Traditional construction takes longer, needs more workers, and is subjected to more wastage with on-site damage due to weather and other elements. On the other hand, prefab structures are made in the factory with lower wastage and take little time to install, saving time and money. 

Are tiny houses durable and have a long life?

BOSS tiny houses are manufactured from commercial-grade materials that are weatherproof and extremely durable to endure heavy rainfall,  snowfall, and storms without collapsing. These structures are built to resist wind and storm damage and are designed to offer enhanced insulation and comfort.

Why buy tiny house kits from BOSS?

BOSS is a reliable and trustworthy tiny house manufacturer in California. They bring affordable tiny house kits and offer easy financing options with their tie-up with CustomFin. BOSS tiny houses also come with a permit package and meet the California building codes. BOSS also offers installation services and customization options for the structures.

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