Affordable tiny house kits for senior citizens to downsize safely

Jan 27, 2022

When the children grow up and move out, the retirees feel the need for a smaller space and simpler living. Downsizing is a smart move because you do not have to deal with extra stuff, but you also get a smaller and cozier place to lead a happy life. The big home might be spacious, but maintenance becomes a hassle for senior citizens. However, downsizing can be a complicated task considering you have to decide on your lifestyle, secure finances, and then buy and sell the house. The entire process can get simpler if you buy tiny home kits for sale. BOSS gets you customized affordable tiny house kits that minimize your risks while downsizing. Here are a few things you need to know about the tiny house shell before purchasing one.

Home loan scheme 

The DIY cabin kits come with a home loan. Although the tiny homes are pretty affordable than traditional houses, opt for BOSS Home Loan if you have the financial crunch. The home loan requires you to clear a few eligibility criteria with some paperwork. However, right after the eligibility is cleared, you can get the home loan sanctioned within a few minutes to make the purchase.

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Comfortable and safe living for senior citizens 

The tiny home kits for sale have ASTM-certified steel roofs and doors to ensure optimal protection for senior citizens. The vinyl cladding provides great insulation keeping heat away and maintaining an ideal temperature inside the tiny homes. The galvanized ribbed steel walls at the exterior surface provide security to prevent intruders from breaking into the home. In addition, the homes have pre-installed plumbing and electrical systems that make living easier, comfortable, and more sustainable.

Customize your own home 

Want to customize your tiny house shell to make your space smaller and downsize living? BOSS tiny homes come at 16’ x 40’ and 24’ x 80’ sizes yet can get customized as per your specifications. Go for larger sizes for more space or choose smaller, compact units to downsize. BOSS ensures you get customized tiny homes that have a unique layout, shape, size, interior finishing, and colors. The exclusive tiny homes come on wheels, or you can order the home installed on a foundation as well.

It’s time to be your own BOSS after retirement 

The retirees who are looking to downsize their living would prefer customized, affordable tiny house kits that are durable, strong, and weatherproof. BOSS tiny home kits arrive with a 3-year warranty and get assembled in 3 days with the help of two laborers. The kits arrive with a DIY installation guide and are completely hassle-free. DIY cabin kits are one of the easiest ways to seek seclusion and lead a peaceful retired life without interference from the outer world. The tiny home on wheels gives retirees the liberty to venture outside without leaving a comfortable home. Be your own BOSS after retirement, and downsize living makes live clutter-free, compact and comfortable.

Wrapping up 

Are you planning to enjoy your retired life with your partner in a compact tiny home that’s spacious and comfortable? Get a custom-made tiny apartment of your choice. Then, connect with our experts for a free consultation. Request a quote now.

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