Affordable tiny house kits – An ideal alternative for assisted living

Jun 17, 2022

As an adult child sending parents to assisted living facilities is a heart-breaking choice. Financial struggles, the inability to care for loved ones, and illnesses are a few things that cause these hardships. In addition, the aging parent needs constant care, and challenges related to personal hygiene, preparing meals, and memory loss can become a cause of concern. While parents living alone isn’t a choice, assisted living also has many unseen drawbacks. Give back the love and care to your aged parents by getting the best tiny house kits. The high-quality customized, affordable tiny house kits are built on a foundation right next to your space or over the backyard. You can choose tiny house kits on wheels or get them built on a foundation based on your convenience and preference. BOSS Tiny House is the perfect choice for making everyone happy as the ideal alternative to assisted living.


No need to build from scratch – Opt for DIY tiny homes

The stick-built tiny homes are expensive, and the installation is time-consuming as they are developed from scratch. The stick-built homes are a complete no-no as they have a slow conventional installation that’s overpriced, and the wooden structures are not durable. Instead, consider installing the best tiny house kits from BOSS. The high-quality tiny homes from BOSS offer a DIY installation that’s quick, affordable, and durable. BOSS home kits come with a user-friendly installation guide and take three days to install with the aid of 2 laborers. The DIY tiny homes come with a 5-year warranty and are highly durable with steel roofs and walls. BOSS’s affordable tiny house kits are a long-term solution for your aged parents to live life comfortably.

Choose homes that meet international building codes 

You will find many offers for cost-effective tiny house kits on wheels, but choose FM-approved and CA-certified quality ones. The 2″ walls of BOSS tiny homes exceed Title 24 certification and are ideal energy-efficient choices to offer great insulation in the summer and winter months. BOSS tiny homes are engineered to last long and meet the California Building Codes. On the other hand, stick-built homes are not energy efficient, having 4″ walls to meet the Title 24 certification. In addition, stick-built homes don’t offer good insulation as wooden structures tend to attract moisture and have weak insulating properties. Instead, choose BOSS tiny homes arriving with pre-installed plumbing and electrical systems. The customized BOSS home kits are available at standard sizes, but you can order larger or smaller based on requirements.

Tiny homes are not expensive 

BOSS, Built on Site System technology, provides quality housing at 30% of the cost of other alternative housing solutions. On top of that, BOSS homes are attached to CustomFin to offer potential buyers flexible financial solutions for payment. You don’t have to make a one-time settlement. Instead, take help from moneylenders offering interests as low as 3.99% to purchase BOSS homes. There are more than 300 lenders available to offer you ideal payment solutions.

On the other hand, the stick-built alternative is an expensive choice and definitely not worthy as the wooden structures rot, mold, and are not fire-resistant. BOSS homes have Class A one-hour fire-grade resistance. In addition, the BOSS homes never mold or attract moisture, and the durable steel roofs and walls offer impeccable PIR insulation.

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