Affordable Tiny House Kits: A Complete Guide

Apr 15, 2022

Tiny living is a social trend towards tiny houses. Given the rising real estate prices, consciousness about sustainability, and the need for affordable housing, individuals tend to choose smaller living areas. A minimal lifestyle combines well with tiny philosophy. Today more than 37% of average Americans opt for minimalism and tiny living for many reasons. Some find downsizing as a way to reduce distractions and focus on themselves. Others feel the need to live mindfully and simplify their otherwise hectic schedules. This new-age lifestyle is also a greener way to live with eco-friendly options that make an impact. 

If you are looking to build your own tiny house, check out the durable, custom-made, and affordable tiny house kits from BOSS. 


Customizable Units With Upgradable Features

Color palette, layout, and designs play a vital role when designing a home. The place you live must reflect your personality. BOSS experts offer a wide range of customization options to create a unit that suits your preference. You can choose from different colors, layouts, sizes, designs, and styles. Our experts suggest innovative solutions to maximize functionality and offer a space-savvy unit. Whether you choose tiny house kits on wheels or build one on a foundation, the presence of feature upgrades widens the scope of future customizations. The tiny house kits, although lightweight, are resistant to heat, sound, and fire. Moreover, the rigid structures provide ambient protection during harsh weather.

Built-On-Site System With Pre-Installed Amenities 

The best tiny house kits come in sizes 16′ x 40′ and 24’x 80′. However, you can choose a smaller or larger unit according to your preference. Each kit includes insulated interiors, high vaulted ceilings, a kitchen, bathroom, dining space, double-paned windows, basic amenities, and ASTM-certified steel structures. In addition, the pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities help create a sustainable and multi-use living unit. If you want to travel anytime, anywhere you want, opt for the tiny house kits on wheels. The mobile kits are lightweight and have a smaller yet equally functional floor plan. 

BOSS kits have a 3-year warranty and include a step-by-step manual. With the help of the built-on-site feature, two laborers can complete the entire installation in three days. You can place an order online or schedule a consultation with our experts to find the best tiny house kit according to your requirement.

Apply for BOSS Home Loan

Whether you are a student, an artist, or a retiree, a tiny home allows you to live comfortably and safely. If you need some financial assistance in getting the tiny home of your choice, apply for the BOSS Home Loan. The home loan allows you to live a lifestyle filled with mindfulness and freedom. 

Wrapping Up 

Create your personalized abode with the best tiny house kits from BOSS. Reach out to our experts for detailed information and free consultations. Dial (323) 380-4304 or visit 

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