Affordable and Sustainable: Downsizing with Tiny House Kits On Wheels:

Mar 07, 2022

Normal-sized homes have a reputation for accumulating clutter over time. Between escalating housing prices and demands, the dream of living in a large home nestled by the countryside is slowly changing. As a direct response to the rising awareness about sustainability, tiny living has become the way of the future. Millennials and minimalists with a taste of enjoying the finer things in life are downsizing and opting to live tiny. 

If you are looking for an aesthetic shift, keep reading to know more about the benefits of living in tiny house kits.  

Pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems 

The tiny house kits are lightweight and durable. The homes come in sizes 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’ and are spacious enough for two to five people. However, if you want a bigger or smaller unit, you can ask the experts for customization. The experts at BOSS offer customization to help you achieve the best tiny house kits. Each kit comes with a three year warranty. You can opt for a unique layout, color, size, shape, and design. Our experts suggest innovative solutions to maximize space and functionality.

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Easy to Install

Decluttering might sound overwhelming. However, having fewer possessions will lead to less stress and less financial strain. Investing in tiny home kits might be a great start for individuals aiming to live a de-cluttered, economic, and holistic life with a personal touch. The tiny house kit on wheels requires three days and two people for complete installation. Additionally, the DIY step-by-step manual makes the process less time-consuming and more convenient.

Secure and Versatile Living units 

Living tiny requires some creativity. You can decide to live close to nature, in your backyard or by a beach. The tiny home kits come with ASTM-certified steel doors and double-pane lockable windows. This ensures security when you are outside exploring the surroundings. Tiny homes have vinyl cladding that offers heat insulation and maintains optimal temperatures during your stay. You can opt for add-on features and customizable options to enjoy the simplicity of living in a small space. Experts at BOSS suggest innovative solutions to enhance your experience. In addition, the homes are resistant to wind, fire, and heat to provide security against weather extremities.

Apply For a Home Loan

Whether you opt for a stationary or tiny house kit on wheels, you can apply for a BOSS Tiny House Loan. The process takes hardly a few minutes and allows you to buy the dream tiny home. Once the paperwork is complete and you meet the eligibility criteria, our professionals sanction the loan right away. You can then schedule a consultation to discuss the requirements, design, and customization choices.

Wrapping up

If you’re planning to shift to a smaller footprint, lead a clutter-free and sustainable lifestyle, choose BOSS today. Our experts offer a free consultation and assist you towards the ideal solution. Ask for a no-obligation quote.
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