Advantages of tiny home kits for upscaling hospitality business

Nov 10, 2021

According to the recorded data in, the market size of the hospitality business (including hotels and motels) in the USA was valued at approximately 210.74 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. The expected forecast of the market size is 133 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. Therefore, the tiny home kits have a potential market in the following years for mitigating the construction of traditional houses to accommodate guests/tourists during their visit to a foreign country or for the migrants. 

Tiny home kits are a set of complete DIY kit factory-made homes made of ASTM certified steel structure for greater durability. Investing in the tiny house kits available on foundations and on wheels will be advantageous for upscaling the hospitality business. These kits are installed on-site by following the step-by-step instruction videos and manuals. Two individuals can assemble the tiny house diy kits in three days. 

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A tiny home can upscale the hospitality business as they do not require any permit for construction and can be moved at any time. These houses are eco-friendly solutions that allow continuing business while reducing carbon footprint in the environment.

Easy diy installation

The DIY tiny house kits come with all the necessary materials which will allow the individuals to assemble the kits following the assembly instructions. This will reduce the problems for appointing contractors and waiting for them to complete the set ups. 

Eco-friendly construction

The tiny home is designed using the latest technology which makes the construction eco-friendly. built with ASTM-certified steel which makes the roof durable and is snow load tested of 30 lbs/sq ft. Interiors built with soft-textured vinyl-coated insulated walls make the structure durable. The vinyl-coated layers facilitate proper ventilation of air and keep the interiors insulated.

Pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities

Installation of electrical and plumbing facilities are important criteria for the businesses running in the hospitality sector for providing all the facilities to the guests who book the place during their stay. The kits offered by BOSS provide pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities which make it easier for the business owners to organize the necessities required for the guests during their stay. Other features of the kits include an option for add-on storage, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and lockable double pane windows.

Final words

It can be concluded that the tiny home kits will be capable of meeting the continuous requirements of the rapid growth of the hospitality business. A tiny house kit can be set up in three days by two people which allows the investors and the owners to save their time and hectic procedures of long-term constructions. The eco-friendly feature of the tiny house reduces the carbon footprint in the environment while providing a comfortable and soothing experience for the tourists. BOSS Tiny House kits come with pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities that will allow the tourists to use wi-fi, charge their electronic devices and gadgets while spending their leisure time. This will further be able to reduce the problems associated with space problems and help in providing accommodations and increase the chances of generating a high income from the hospitality sector.

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