Advantages of Investing in the Best Tiny House Kits from BOSS

Mar 22, 2024

Are you planning to utilize your backyard for an additional space? Elevate that ignored part of the property and use it for multiple activities by installing a tiny house kit. Tiny houses are versatile structures that can be designed to serve several purposes. Whether you want to home-school your children, build a work-from-home setup, start a business, run a cloud kitchen, etc., tiny house kits are the one solution to look out for. However, when choosing these versatile structures, nothing can beat the excellence of BOSS tiny houses. BOSS brings the best tiny house kits that meet the California building codes and come with a permit package. 

Check out the advantages if you have decided on BOSS for your backyard space upgrade.


Highlighting the beneficial features of BOSS tiny houses

Commercial-grade built quality: BOSS tiny house kits are manufactured from commercial-grade materials to ensure quality and durability. The walls are made from 3” thick weatherproof interlocking panels offering B17 insulation. The roofs are made from 5” thick steel panels, offering R38 insulation and a 30 lbs/sqft snow endurance. The superior construction of BOSS tiny houses ensures that these structures can endure extreme weather and offer comfort and insulation in changing conditions. 

Ensured safety features: When it comes to ensuring safe tiny homes, BOSS incorporates features that prioritize the safety and comfort of the inhabitants. They use FM-approved class 1 fire-resistant materials for the construction to ensure fire safety. The houses are also built to meet the California building codes and come with an FM-approval certificate. 

Layout possibilities: Since tiny houses can have versatile uses, BOSS allows the flexibility to design as per requirement. The customization option and the open room layout offer a plethora of design and usability features to meet the requirements. As an owner of the tiny house, you get the liberty to use the space to accommodate your ailing parents, create a workspace, start a business idea, etc. 

Design Convenience: BOSS also meets the ADA standards, ensuring better accessibility for people with special physical features. They use ADA-compliant doors for easy transport to the structure and double-glazed windows for added insulation and protection. This convenience is particularly important to ally with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements and remain relevant for everyone.

Sustainability and Warranty: When we mention BOSS tiny houses as the best tiny house kits in the market, we certainly agree that these structures meet all the requirements of the 21st century. While this century is about making environmentally conscious decisions, BOSS has incorporated around 35% recycled content in its construction material, making it a sustainable option. Besides, the structures are built to last and have a 3-year manufacturer warranty on all models. 

Affordability and payment flexibility: Last but not least, affordability is a serious concern when buying tiny house kits. BOSS tiny house kits are a cost-effective solution compared to traditionally built houses. Moreover, BOSS has designed flexible payment options through its alliance with CustomFin. So, buy your tiny house kit today and pay with easy installments over a period of time.

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You must take advantage of BOSS tiny houses’ surprising and practical benefits. Besides, BOSS makes it easier for you by offering a permit package with the house kits for your convenience. You can also book a BOSS installer for installation assistance and enjoy your additional space. Design your own best tiny house kits with BOSS.








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