ADUs offer ample flexibility – The benefits of have a customized ADU in your backyard

Jun 07, 2023

Are you looking for an age-friendly structure? An ADU is suitable for people of all ages. The housing needs keep changing fast over time. The use of an ADU can be adapted for different income levels, household types and employment scenarios and other situations.

The younger people can have entry-level housing picks and anyone can plan to expand their families. Now you can have modern accessory dwelling units that are created with universal design features like zero-step doorways and entrance, bathrooms, and hallways. It is possible to create an accessible space for people with mobility differences. Accessory dwelling units have a lot to offer because the scope is vivid. You can even rent out your ADU space and earn some money. This affordable housing option can help to generate income so that homeowners can cover mortgage payments.

Do you have plans to sell off your property?

An ADU can increase the resale value of your property. Most homeowners are interested in ADU home kits and are ready to invest in similar structures. The amount you invest in establishing an ADU is smaller compared to the benefits of owning one.

BOSS has partnered with CustomFin

Do you wish to own an ADU house kit without paying upfront? BOSS has collaborated with CustomFin to offer exciting financing plans. You can access more than 300 lenders offering flexible payment plans. The interest rates are also low, starting from 3.99%.


BOSS and its faith in sustainability

BOSS uses insulated and durable steel panels that are made with LGS Framing. LGS is a material that is sustainable and does not produce any waste. It is lighter, strong, and superior, so it offers seismic stability and strength to the foundation. BOSS structures are sustainable. We have teamed up with renowned plastic manufacturers to use 35% of recycled plastic while manufacturing panels. Using recycled plastic improves the fire resistance properties of the panels. The panels have a higher level of insulation, so we can reduce the carbon footprint. BOSS homes use less energy and are environment-friendly.

BOSS ships kits or prefab structures directly to your site

Invest in ADU home kits from BOSS Tiny House and get rid of space worries. We are a California, US-based company that offers solutions for more than 20 years.  We manufacture affordable tiny house kits and shells. Our prefab structures, kits, or shells are shipped within 4 to 6 weeks. BOSS tiny homes are available at factory-direct prices.

BOSS manufactures affordable ADUs

Are you planning to have an ADU within your budget but do not know whom to trust? BOSS will help you to get started on your dream ADU project today. We specialize in designing spectacular, customized dwelling units in California. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of ADU home kits. An ADU can be your backyard abode, in-law suite, guest house or casita.  

Final words

A tiny house could be the solution to a space crunch, an investment opportunity, or a scope to live off the grid. BOSS Tiny House manufactures high quality backyard spaces. The systems are shipped directly to your site, reducing the total project time and cost.

Check out our website, view our portfolio and our reviews to learn more. Book a free consultation to start your project.








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